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I’m 72 with COPD – so self-isolating & socially distancing – and started doing this blog – along with morning exercises & flat cleaning, afternoon Tai Chi, and intermittent TV, reading & puzzle books, and social media promoting Mutual Aid etc and castigating the Tories – as a way of staying sane!

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6th June

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5th June

When I was at Halliwick Hospital in 1971 recovering from my “breakdown” and the psychiatric abuse of ECT, a group of us used to sneak out to the local pub and chat over a pint or two, before sneaking back munching our Polo mints, pretending to be stone-cold sober in order to get our nightly dose of hydrochlor-something and blessed sleep (the night nurse was a co-conspirator, pretending she wasn’t aware of our transgressions!).
In those days hospitals had little in the way of counselling, just the first tentative attempts at group therapy – where we were supposed to reveal all in front of a bunch of people we hardly knew, with 2 or 3 nurses watching on (and no doubt reporting back). Oh, and about 5 minutes once a fortnight with our Savile Row suited consultant psychiatrist, who kept on looking at his watch, keen to race back in his latest model Maserati to his far more important Harley Street patients.
So really the only healing going on was our pub sessions, which as each evening progressed were full of supportive non-judgemental chats, deep revelations never before spoken about, and hilarious piss-takes of the so-called mental health professionals.
That experience I’ve carried through to this day – I’ve always found talking with friend & peers, and counsellors who have themselves experienced trauma and mental health problems, groups like Newcastle’s Recovery College Collective @RecoveryCoCo and Facebook Surviving electroshock – International support group for ECT survivors – is worth twice as much as a dozen degrees in theoretical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, or whatever mental healing wonder cure is making the big bucks today



4th June

I really hate it when Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail change their format “because of customer demand” – when I for one am a customer who’s NEVER demanded the change.   They do sometimes, but not always, have the option of sticking with the old format – but before too long there’s a notification that the old fashioned ways will no longer be supported, with no updates, opening it up to hackers and trolls.

It usually takes me weeks to adjust, and I often never find out how to do things which used to be easy.  Occasionally there is an on-line tutorial, but invariably this is written by a computer geek whose mastery of language is limited to obscure terminology, and who obviously has nothing but scorn for lesser non-technical mortals.  When I was selling computers back in the 1980s, I’d sit with the customer’s decision-makers explaining our systems multiple benefits in simple but flowery English, while our and their tech whizz-kids settled somewhere in the depths of our premises muttering about megabytes and RAMs to their heart’s content – the language barrier even bigger than our physical separation.

And while I’m at it, another bugbear is the way computer tools are supposedly designed to help, but do the opposite.  For instance, the last few days on Twitter, I’ve been refusing to “Move On” – and sharing articles about Dominic Cummings many and varied past misdemeanours, usually with the hashtag #DominicCummings.  But when I start to type that in, the supposedly helpful window gives me various options – which always start with #dominiccummingsisalegend, together with various mis-spellings, such as #DominicCumnings or #DominicCummmings.  Now if I was a conspiracy theorist, I might conclude that someone was paying Twitter to avoid #DominicCummings ever trending.  Surely not!?!?!


3rd June

I’ve just read about an appalling experience a Facebook friend had in her local hospital – and yes, NHS staff are doing a fantastic job in incredibly difficult circumstances, but let’s not pretend they are all saints!

As a mental health survivor, I’m used to encountering stigma, and getting a lesser service.  But a few years back when I encountered rudeness on the ward at the RVI, left sitting for hours with staff standing around chatting but no-one taking any notice of me, or telling me what was happening – I plucked up the courage and asked to speak to the person’s manager as I wanted to make a complaint, and then asked for the PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) leaflet. 

This caused a ripple around the ward, whispering and sly looks, a couple of nurses scurrying about (they later admitted they didn’t have any leaflets and needed to search a couple of other wards), until before too long a hospital manager and fairly senior doctor came and sat with me, full of apology and concern for my condition, taking great pains to explain why there’d been a hold-up, and what I could expect.

But I didn’t leave it there.  When I got home, still angry but much calmer, I wrote a draft complaint in my word processor, made a lot of alterations making it more factual, politer and more conciliatory – and sent it as an email to my local PALS detailing my complaint.  They promised to investigate, and pass on my concerns to the relevant bigwigs of relevant departments, and asked whether I wanted it to be a formal complaint – which in this case I did.  As a result, I not only got an apology, but also thanks for pointing out procedures which weren’t working and helping cause changes in the way things would be done in future.

Some months later I had a slightly less concerning experience at the Freeman, but went through the same procedure.

The net result is that on my hospital record is the fact that I’m a bit of a trouble-maker, I won’t put up with being treated like dirt and – what they are really scared of – they know if a repeat happens, I might well go public or even sue.  And – I can’t prove it – but ever since I’ve had staff treat me with kid gloves, doctors and consultants go out of their way to explain my treatments, and make sure I’m happy with it.

There’s a national characteristic which used to cause self-deprecating titters, of the British as a nation of grumblers who never complained.  Don’t put up with it, complain as loudly as necessary and buck the trend – and so hopefully improve things for people who come after. 

2nd June

It’s not much good if someone you care about asks “Do I look fat in this?” and being too honest for your or their own good you reply “Yes you do” – which results in them getting depressed, and their usual response to depression is reaching for comfort food.

Nor does it really help if someone you care about asks “Do I look fat in this?” and being overly concerned about hurting their feelings you reply “Of course not, you look great” if that confirmation means they continue a diet of fatty foods, exacerbating a heart condition.

Some people have the knack of reaching a happy medium, somehow managing to give the bad news in a way that no-one could either avoid it, or take offence.  Personally, as one of the “too honest” brigade, I can only listen to their disarming charm in envy and awe.

Such a pity would-be dictators like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump always surround themselves with boot-licking, sycophantic, fawning, kow-towing, toadying (you get the picture!) yes-men feeding their already bloated egos, protecting their ears from the least whiff of criticism.

We could do with some middle-course charming truth-to-power merchants at the moment, or I fear thousands upon thousands more people will die.

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1st June

Nowadays so many people are walking a tight-rope, trying to balance between anxiety about getting infected by Covid-19 and passing it on to those most cared about, and the accumulative frustration of isolation and lockdown. Whatever method you’ve used in the past to maintain good mental health, now’s the time to bring it out of the cupboard, dust it down, and share a variety of tips with friends.
One thing I try to post every Mental Health Day is my Wall of Self-Worth idea. This involves collecting together things like your birth certificate, family tree, birth chart, political campaigns you’ve been part of, membership of voluntary organisations, perhaps your CV, exam/sports certificates, any thank-yous from charities, photos of good times, nice things written about you by friends – a combination of unique identity, achievements you’re proud of & happy memories – whatever makes you feel good about yourself. And it’s there it is my bedroom – I can’t avoid seeing it every morning & evening, and it never fails to give me a lift.
I do appreciate the Wall is probably over the top for many, especially people who share accommodation – but hopefully it will trigger other similar ideas. It really is important to “remember the good times” right now.

31st May

I got my dreaded letter from the hospital (it’s for my pre-op, for a minor but vital 7 monthly stent change operation), and though I shoved it in the bottom of my in-tray for a couple of days, it refused to dematerialise.
So, I am invited to “an outpatient appointment” at Clinic H Freeman Hospital on Friday 5th June at 13.30 – but then scribbled after the time it says “(Telephone Assessment)”!
Which on the one hand didn’t fill me with confidence, a hand-written note contradicting the printed text (but I guess the NHS is broke) – on the other hand, I’m really glad, as it means one less visit to the hospital with all its inherent dangers. Though how they propose to measure me, weigh me, take a urine sample, 5 or 6 lots of blood, two swabs, and an ECG over the phone (when mine is very un-smart) is beyond me – oh the wonders of modern technology!
And, I’m not brilliant over the phone, liable to forget the very reason I made the call – so I am going to have to write a list of points to raise and NOT LOSE IT (I think blu-tak to my computer might work)!!!
1 I usually go by bus to the hospital, just 3 or 4 stops – but I think I’ll ask for hospital transport to & from my operation, so I can be sure it’s disinfected – no, I need to check that too.
2 To ask – is it a Freeman hospital requirement that all staff & visitors wear the minimal protection of a mask at all times?
3 There’s the question of an overnight stay. On the one hand, I have sometimes been very naughty and lied, said a friend will stay overnight so I can be discharged the same day – but I’ve found that if I do stay in the ward overnight not moving at all, whatever pain tends to go away much quicker (1 or 2 weeks, instead of my worst case of 5 months!) – so I guess I’ll need assurances that though it’ll be a non-covid ward, all staff will be aware that I’m at severe risk because of COPD, and treat me with extreme care & caution.
4 I did have suspected coronavirus, and because my test was late, my negative could have been a false negative – while I’m there will they be able to test whether I’ve had it?
That’s all I can think of at the moment. And I guess my operation will be a week or a 2 max after my pre-op.
If anyone reading this can think of anything obvious I might have missed, please do let me know.
Ps There must be thousands of people all over the world going through the same anxieties, many with far more major operations needed, thinking – do I put it off, or will that mean I’m stuck in hospital in the middle of the chaos of a 2nd wave, can I trust the hospital, do they have enough PPE in non-covid wards etc etc etc



30th May

A selection of songs posted at Twitter #SongsForDominic 
If you go down to Barney today,
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to Barney today,
Dom is testing his eyes.
He drove his car for 60 miles,
Spreading the bug whilst giving out smiles.
That was the day that Cummings spread the virus.
By Luke John Emmett @LukeJohnEmmett
Go on now go
Walk out the door
Take Boris with you
We just don’t trust you anymore
I’ll tell you one more thing
Before you walk out that door
No ones’ Behind You Now
Via Chris J Keelty @ChrisKeelty
I’ve been driving in my car
Durham’s really not that far
Drove all the way from Primrose Hill
Didn’t get stopped by the Old Bill
Mary wrote an alibi
Just in case she had to lie
But I don’t really care
I’m spreading Covid everywhere
Alexander Stevens @YesImTalkin2YOU
My eyes have seen the glory of the Castle called Barnard
As I sped across the country like it was my own back yard;
I made the rules for everyone but following them was hard
So I went driving on.
Tory Tory Hallelujah! x3
I just went driving on.
BY JulianG @julian_1873
So now GO walk out the door,
Get out of Durham you aren’t welcome any more.
Weren’t you the one who used our castle for your eyes,
It didn’t crumble but our Grannies could have died.
Andrea @andreasuth17


29th May

The very idea of Game of Thrones disgusts me, I detest Downton Abbey, and Pride and Prejudice fills me with outrage. Which I thought was a pretty good opening sentence to get people’s attention, but is not without reason.
Game of Thrones is yet another attempt to promote the notion that a few elite superheroes decide world politics – from the pharaohs through kings and queens and emperors, students of history are stuffed full of facts about their lives, encouraged to dissect their character – and so diverted from considering the part played by countless slave and peasant revolts, in our country the Levellers and Chartists, Women’s Suffrage & Liberation, the general & miners strikes, anti-Vietnam & Iraq war campaigns – mass movements, not all successful, but which to some extent challenged the very basis of elitist power and wealth – and so threaten those who pay for history to be written.
Downton Abbey was written by a self-confessed royalist snob, and follows a long line of TV series & films designed to bolster the continuing class system, where everyone knows their place, and all’s right with the world. Again what is important is omission – the dramas tending to built around a few bad apples (watch how Dominic Cummings will be portrayed as just an aberration), or minor flaws in the system, with nary a mention that for instance in the early twentieth century the sexual abuse and rape of both servants and wives was commonplace, and wealth so lauded was not some God given right, but the direct result of industrial servitude, the innumerable deaths of children in mines, factories, chimneys, millions living in filthy slums, their lives miserable and short.
Pride & Prejudice has been heavily promoted as an inspirational classic, bringing yearnings for a time when honour and chivalry ruled the day, to become the favourite book in umpteen polls. But Jane Austen’s work was published in 1813, yet somehow failed to mention
– at that time about a million people were receiving some kind of parish poor relief in Britain, and many more were refused any, and died of starvation
– the French Revolution which so terrified the English aristocracy was not long passed, and Britain was involved in a series of wars to carve the world into spheres of influence; a year before the Elgin Marbles had been exhibited in London, exemplifying the pillage of empire for which the British Museum remains so proud to this day
– that in 1805 the slave trade was abolished, but the Slavery Abolition Act wasn’t until 1833, and undoubtedly slave ownership would have played a large part in assessing what each desirable propertied class suitor was worth
I detest these examples of TV and literature because they are propaganda tools, perverting the minds of young people to yearn for a past which never existed, corrupted into settling for a present which exploits them, and to feel they have little power to effect a future which some superheroes will write – when history is so often built by the powerless refusing to accept distorted ruling class myths, and joining with others to rebel and revolt, and throw off their chains.

28th May

My daily exercise videos is led be an Australian (or possibly New Zealander, I’m not very good at accents) who every now and again says something like “You’re doing a great job guys” –  which of course is nonsense, because he can’t see us, so for all he knows we could be using it as light entertainment while lounging around stuffing our faces with cream cakes.

In many of my past jobs – after the first few months of enthusiastically learning the ropes – I could often be seen pouring over a computer screen, but others in the office could never be sure whether I was writing letters to clients and toting up the departmental statistics –  or  writing an article for a mental health campaign and preparing that evening’s astrology course hand-outs, in other words, avoiding work, shirking, skiving off.  And because I was almost always reasonably up to date with what my bosses required, and made some efforts to not be caught out, I must confess I had little or no guilt.

At primary school, I genuinely wanted to be there (much preferring it to being at home, where I was always on tenterhooks trying to dodge being bullied), and was quite ready – in a class of my peers and a teacher I’d learned to trust – to volunteer as a guinea pig for any new task, and laugh along with everyone if I made a hash of it.  But secondary school was a different matter – my main interest in life was girls, and they were single-sex schools, so naturally I bunked off whenever I could.

And my work experience – in teenage cleaning, washing-up, shop and photograph assistant, painting and factory labourer jobs – primed me for the ideas of alienation and wage slavery I later met reading Marxist tomes.  

Much later in my yuppie years, I was a salesman – but of a niche type.  I sold computers for a small company which I knew wouldn’t try to fleece customers, and products I used every day – but I knew my limitations: I had to trust the company, believe in the product, and have only potential customers in government, health & local authority who somehow found my laid back approach reassuring – and I was prepared to work hard for a decent basic plus commission which help feed my family, and pay the cult guru his exorbitant fees – but I’d still be doing esoteric work whenever I could in office time.

Since I’ve retired, it’s been a very different story.  Despite the fact that no-one is watching me, and my absence might go completely unnoticed, I regularly spend 6 or 7 hours on my desktop, assisting in making a number of video, writing left & green songs, sharing and concocting posts which expose the corruption & hypocrisy of the powers-that-be on Facebook & Twitter, hoping that my small efforts help towards some fairer and more just socialist society, which may possibly happen despite global warming long after I’m gone!  I don’t need to be told, it’s what I want to do, it’s what I love doing – and if and when it isn’t, I’ll stop.

Meanwhile, I keep moving along with my exercise video, consciously adopting the mindset of my primary school years, doing my very best, as if trying to earn the personal praise of the video man who recorded it 6 months back, but actually content with self-satisfaction at my efforts.

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27th May

If you see any more Tory commentators posting – “Oh the left are running a witchhunt against Dominic Cummings, and they want a second wave of Covid-19 to get him sacked” (I’ve already seen 2 like that on Twitter) – can you pass on my personal message:
I’ve read that there has never been a pandemic without a second wave, but I definitely do not want one.
I’m 72, with COPD, at severe risk, I’ll need a non-coronavirus related operation next month, and I want to live – but Tory herd immunity policy, then Boris Johnson’s incompetence over lack of PPE, stopping test & trace, and late lockdown, followed by Dominic Cummings thinking he’s above the law and press conference lies giving people excuses to break the rules, are all making my chances of survival slimmer.
And I’m betting there are thousands of people all over the UK living with just the same anxiety and fears.
No I don’t want a second wave – and I don’t want Dominic Cummings continuing making policy in No. 10 making our lives less safe

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26th May

What struck me most about Dominic Cummings defence of the indefensible was his smug sense of entitlement, a rule maker forced into a PR exercise, but totally convinced rules didn’t apply to him.  Having been brought up in a mixed-class family, it’s something I can smell a mile off.

My mother was a Geordie born into the slums of Shieldfield, and never lost her lack of self-worth, vainly trying to compensate by name-dropping and boasting of her children’s achievements however petty.  My father was educated in prep and public school, his ancestors (and mine!) including a factory owner who undoubtedly exploited child labour, and a Colonel in the Indian Army at the heart of the rape and pillage enacted throughout the British Empire.   And although my father’s voting record as a left-wing MP – before he was sucked into government – was exemplary, he had no trouble fitting into the parliamentary world of being above the law. 

The Hampstead home I was brought up in was paid for by inherited wealth, including shares in South America railways – which were built using slave labour.  And there’s no better example of entitlement than the ending of slavery – an act univerally praised by establishment historians, who rarely mention that it was the slavers who received huge sums in compensation for being deprived of their “property”, while the slaves and their ancestors who’d suffered the deadly Atlantic crossing, and years of degradation, inhuman punishment and forced labour didn’t get a penny for their decades of suffering.  But then is it surprising – since Parliament at that time was packed with slave owning MPs and Lords whose self-interest overrode all finer feelings – with as far as I know not a single slave or ex-slave entitled to speak in the debate or vote.

I remember when well below legal pub drinking age, I was treated to trips to parliament and gleefully supped pints in House of Commons bars where UK laws didn’t apply, bought for me by the likes of Robert Maxwell and other MPs my father publicly shunned, but happily rubbed shoulders with between debates.  And the atmosphere of racism and sexism in those bars and throughout the Westminster palace was overwhelming.

In my late teens I came to the conclusion that while Parliament was in charge, there would be little change in the class system.  With the extraordinary exception of 1945, governments have done little more than tinker to satisfy manufactured media outrage, no laws have ever affected by one iota the balance of wealth and power – a few crumbles thrown to workers, women, ethnic minorities, the poor, homeless, disabled & mentally ill, the disenfranchised.  But always with care that the best sounding laws are little enforced, the inspectors shackled by small print, huge sums thrown at catching benefit cheats, while the very few cases brought against £million tax avoiding fraudsters are so often dropped because they are “too complex”.

And although I’ve flirted with membership of parties like Labour & Greens which focus on Parliamentary democracy to right the wrongs, I’ve never been entirely convinced.  I still believe that real change will only come from the likes of workers and Shop Stewards (helped by Trade Unions whose leaders haven’t been corrupted by the promise of honours), from organisations like People’s Assembly Against Poverty & Stop the War, WASPi & Stand Up to Racism, Disabled People Against Cuts & Extinction Rebellion building mass movements of pressure from the bottom up. 

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25th May

About 20 years ago when I felt in dire need of some counselling, I came across a new scheme – I think NHS run which would pay for “talking therapies”.  I applied, and as a long-standing mental health survivor and locally well-known activist, I was quickly accepted, and sent a list of “approved” counsellors, all of them boasting of various professional qualifications.  So I emailed 2 or 3 initially, giving a brief synopsis of my three main areas – dysfunctional family background, ECT & psychiatric abuse, and cult membership.   Which was probably a mistake, as I then got a series of refusals, each time emailing a new prospective counsellor – until turned down for the 8th time, the general view being my problems were too complicated – and I gave up with the scheme in disgust.

Instead, I tried other avenues – and at one time was seeing 3 counsellors simultaneously – a trainee (who was hopeless, having forgotten everything I’d told him, including my name, at the 2nd & 3rd sessions) via my doctor, a NECA counsellor (having somewhat exaggerated my addiction to alcohol, I was so desperate to talk & talk), and a lovely woman from Someone Cares who’d experienced childhood abuse and knew exactly what I was talking about.

Also around the same period I was a guinea pig for two separate students doing counselling courses at Northumbria University (or was it Newcastle College?) and who needed to notch up the practice hours – and their warmth and empathy was worth ten times the forensic analysis of some cold professional with umpteen letters after their name

And for a year, I approached practitioners of at least twenty sorts of alternative therapies – including acupuncture, herbalism, shiatsu, aromatherapy, voice-movement therapy, yoga, kinesiology, massage, flower remedies – and, because I was unemployed and broke, supported the barter economy by exchanging sessions with my birth chart readings – meeting lots of lovely people, before settling on the 3 which seemed to do me most good.

I remembered this when someone recently remarked that I seemed much more outward going (in spirit if not in isolated person!) than when she first met me ten-ish years ago.  And it’s true that I seem to have regained some of the enthusiasm and humour of my teens and 20s – but it’s also true, as everyone who’s experienced abuse, PTSD, grief knows, that the struggle to continue, to come to terms with, to rise above and learn from, is never-ending – and hopefully the realisation that you are very likely a much better person not despite but because of it all.



24th May

I’ve just joined the EXTINCTION REBELLION POETRY GROUP, shared my “Bees are buzzing” & “We can do a lot about global warming” lyrics & links to YouTube – and saw a challenge, to write a poem about locusts.  So here’s my attempt:

The locusts consumed every plant in their path,

Leaving the land, soil, rainforest bare,

An insatiable greed for economic growth and profiteering

Leaving behind poverty, disease, starvation.

When capitalist governments decided to emulate nature

Did they have to choose such a destructive role model?



23rd May

How I learnt that challenging authority pays

During my final primary school year, a special event that afternoon was announced by our lovely form teacher Mrs Gbedimar (I’m sure not the correct spelling – she was Miss Harvey before marrying an Indian man, which my parents assured me was a Good Thing, in contradiction to the current of disapproval which swept the school) –  we were going to be honoured by a cricket lesson overseen by our illustrious headteacher.

For some unknown reason Mr Bradford, a man held in much awe & fear, chose me to be one of the umpires – but although my older brother had dragged me along to Lords on a couple of occasions to keep him company, the rule keepers had not been my main focus.  After I’d survived the 1st over without mishap, and was feeling confident, I was told to go to square leg, and wandered off to where I thought someone with square legs might stand – only to receive a tirade of scornful derision for having committed the cardinal sin of confusing square with off, the headteacher’s feigned ire provoking the predictable titters among my fellow classmates, with me stuttering an apology while a vivid hot, red blush filling my downcast face.

A couple of weeks later, we had another “treat”, Mr Bradford teaching us paragraphs – and overcoming my trepidation, I did quite well, and had lost my fear when approaching the homework that evening of a self-chosen paragraph.  Overcome it to the extent of being brave – or some might think foolhardy – enough to write a paragraph about “My Headteacher” in which I implied he was not a very nice man and a bit of a bully.

The next morning before we handed our paragraphs in, I showed my effort to a couple of friends, and instead of praise for my cheekiness, got the feedback of horror – I went into a cold sweat, and instead of sensibly giving an excuse of “the cat ate it”, scratched a few ink lines over the worst insults, which emphasised rather than hid them, and handed it over.

The next day, after roll-call, the headteacher marched in, called me to the front of the class, and waving my exercise book in front of my face, demanded angrily “What is this!?”   And instead of giving the defence of “Well it’s true isn’t it – you are a bully!” – I muttered something about having spilt my ink bottle over the essay – so obviously a lie, it just compounded my sin – and I was sent to spend the rest of the day in utter shame in the year below.

Having kept my head down all morning, and begun to enjoy sitting at the back of a class of boys and girls who all seemed to regard me with awe, I was quite relaxed approaching the afternoon sessions of art – and daubed the paper with browns and greens in much more free a style than I’ve managed since, with a large tree taking shape.  Towards the end of the school day, the teacher looked through our work and – obviously not having got the message that my disgrace was supposed to be hammered home all day –  held my painting up saying that was exactly how a tree should be painted, raising my kudos even more! 

So – I had been supposed to get the message that being cheeky and defiant towards my elders and betters brings the most shaming and dire consequences, but instead I’d learnt that it gave me one of my most enjoyable ever school days – which may explain why I’ve been getting into trouble with figures of authority ever since!


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22nd May

I think I first seriously considered the saying “Expect nothing, anticipate everything” while a member of the Emin cult.  The guru was an Encyclopaedia Britannica salesman and prolific plagiarist, so it’s probably much more ancient, and although  I spent years shedding most of the cult gobbledigook, it’s one of the few concepts I still find useful.

Given my age & health, I had few expectation of what I’d be doing in 2020 – how much worse for someone who’d been accepted for a job, only for the company to be now laying off staff or going bankrupt; or for people who’d arranged their marriage or civil partnership ceremony which had to be cancelled; key workers whose jobs were only made bearable by an annual spring vacation; or thousands of bereaved people around the world who’d never contemplated their loved ones not living forever.

I’m not naturally pessimistic, and so much affected by the shock which have peppered my life and completely thrown me – my father dying, learning my mother had been raped as a child and its massive implications for my family’s psychology, the revelations about ECT after-effects I’d suffered for decades, and recognising the Emin (which I’d committed 19 years of my life to) was a cult with the prime object of enriching its guru, being just a few!

Some years ago I did an exercise – which *TRIGGER WARNING* I absolutely do NOT recommend to anyone who is feeling at all depressed!!!  It is to imagine all the worst possible things which could go wrong – you’re diagnosed with an incurable disease, involved in an accident and lose your sight, hearing, 3 limbs, all the people you care about decide they hate you, an asteroid hits the planet – the idea is to give your imagination free rein, and list pages of these dire but highly unlikely possibles – and then settle with the fact that they are possible, and there is a huge part of our lives over which we have absolutely no control.   And then after doing the exercise have pre-planned doing something you really, really enjoy!!

Then comes the point of the exercise – whatever then does happen, however bad it seems, is just a pinprick compared to what you’ve already imagined – and hopefully you’ve consciously built some coping mechanisms for shock, and will be able to handle the griefs that come, without being completely incapacitated. 

(Note for astrologer:  For the past and next few days Venus has been hovering around 20 degrees Gemini, now joined by Mercury, both square Neptune in Pisces, which always tends to bring false expectations and disappointment)


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21st May

At the start of self-isolation, I realised I needed to do some regular exercise to compensate for much missed open air walks – and after a lot of searching, found a 15 minute Completely Seated Workout For Seniors which suits my level of health and fitness, and 9 weeks later I’m still managing to do it every morning, much helped by an encouraging video.  And every afternoon I do 10 minutes of Tai Chi, my own compilation of moves to a CD given by my teacher, which has the added advantage of requiring focus out of my 7th floor window on the sky or distant objects, in contrast to far too much computer screen & TV viewing.

I don’t have a huge amount of trouble with adopting new habits, which crucially I’ve persuaded myself are sensible – but whether that is just age, strength of character, or as astrologers might have worked out, helped by having a strong Saturn in my chart (which I have) is debatable.  

And that might surprise those who knew me when I was younger, when as far as I can remember, my habits were either very addictive – such as compulsive smoking – or involved a rush of pleasure chemicals, such as food, sex, alcohol, cannabis (although not necessarily in that order).  For instance, I had little problem living in a tip, whereas now, although my desk and table might be a little cluttered for some people’s liking – everything present is there for a reason, and dust is rarely allowed to settle.

I do think it is important for older people to remember their adolescents every now and again, in the hope that it generates some generational tolerance.  Personally, I find it difficult to blame any teenager for almost any sort of anti-social behaviour (although drawing the line at murder, rape, and other forms of violence and sexual abuse), when I know they are subject to utterly confusing and overpowering hormonal peaks and troughs, and as far as I know there isn’t yet a single education system around the world which provides at primary school level an adequate pre-warning and preparation for completely unavoidable changes in their lives in the near future.  But if you do know one, please correct me.


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "WHO DO YOU TRUST? M The National Union of Teachers and the British Medical Association both say it's not safe to open schools. Boris, leader with the worst death rate in Europe, says it's safe to reopen schools"

20th May

One problem of living alone is too large portion sizes – ie for anyone not part of a 2.37 humans + .5dogs & .3cats or whatever is the average nowadays – which was bad enough when I was living in London, but far worse in Newcastle.  I remember when buying my first fish & chips being astonished at being given what I was used to, times three (with the assumption I’d just love mushy peas!).

I was born in 1948 when there was still rationing, and my brain is hard-wired with the idea of not wasting a morsel.  And at primary school I endured the shame of the lunchtime slow eaters table – not being allowed to go out to play until I’d finished every scrap of food on my plate, which I regarded as an extreme form of torture!

More recently – as a not-quite-fully-paid-up member of the green community, I’ve been very conscious of waste, the criminal uncaringness of consumer capitalism wiping out species with its dumping of plastic pollution, and rotting leftovers which could have been composted instead forming land-fill mountains so agricultural chemical companies can continue their profiteering.

On Mondays, our childhood dinner would always be cold cuts of the Sunday roast with bubble-and-squeak, and with my comparatively small appetite, I do try to save what I couldn’t eat for heating up in my copper frying-pan which doesn’t need oil (halo sparkling!”).  And I must admit the choice of single person meals from supermarkets is much better than it was.

But occasionally I’m flummoxed.  Some times ago, a friend mentioned bean sprouts as being particularly good for vegetarians – what I rather disparagingly call a super-duper food – and I bought a jar on-line.  It’s quite a big jar, and I read the instructions “Once opened store refrigerated and consume within one day”.

Now, there’s absolutely no way I’m going to eat all of it in two days.  Which means either I ignore the label and chance it, which with my health problems including a hiatus hernia is not a good idea – or much of it ends up in the bin.  Luckily the use by date is 31-12-2023 by which time who knows what will have happened.  Maybe post coronavirus I’ll even be advised by experts not on the Tory government payroll that it’s safe for me to invite a friend in, to share a nourishing stir-fry.


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19th May

My ex-wife used to collect sayings from a variety of cultures, and I’m sure had quite a collection about boredom and idleness, mostly along the lines of “the devil makes work for idle hands”.
In my teenage years I was often bored, especially by school, and progressed from being a sometimes cheeky child, to a mischief-making adolescent – one teacher’s nightmare, sitting at the back of his class whispering just below his ear range a series of jokes and disparaging remarks which had fellow pupils in fits (it’s not, by the way, something I’m advocating – he left a term or so later, and I’ll never know if I was part of his loss of teaching inspiration, and it was a contributory factor in me being expelled about the same time!).
And I don’t seem to have lost that trait – which can make people like me ticking time-bombs in these times of forced idleness.
I do try to inject some humour every now and again to lift myself and others, which is great when with a group of people – but can be really dodgy in a Facebook group, especially if like me your humour ranges from the slapstick and absurd, through heavy sarcasm and irony to very dark indeed. It’s almost impossible to judge the audience, and the potential for upsetting people already having a hard time is huge. But I think the alternative of complete censorship of every joke for fear of offence is worse – so what I try to do is have some sensitivity, perhaps with my phrasing, try to take away some of the sting – and be very ready to say sorry, profusely, if (or rather when!) I’ve overstepped the mark.
And every so often I tend to propose some ridiculous theory, playing devil’s advocate, or allow my passion for politics free rein and come on far too strong presenting an outlandish concept as gospel. I’m not as bad as I used to be, much more in control – but as the weeks of isolation progress, I fear my boredom may get under my guard – if so, please take this as an apology in advance!

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, text that says "Can you imagine the sheer level of audacity it'd take to demand people to returning to work and school after you'd willingly allowed the virus to spread in pursuit of 'herd immunity and caused the prolonged lockdown in the first place? WR"

18th May

Earlier this morning, I posted in the Facebook group of ex-Liverpool University students who’d been part of the occupation of the Senate House in 1970, which was a big thing for me – and I’ve already had some nice comments in response. I’d been very active in the run-up to the sit-in (co-opted that year to be Chair of the Socialist Society, and leaflet writer), not so much during, but again afterwards (eg. prosecutor of the University authorities in a mock trial which made the local newspaper, and twisted a naive quote from me!).
10 years ago there was a reunion in Liverpool, focusing around campaigning for the one student who was expelled (another 9 suspended, including Jon Snow) to get an honorary degree, a campaign which succeeded a few years later. But I didn’t go. At the time, I was still having counselling over my dysfunctional family background, ECT and cult membership, and still pretty raw, and I had a falling out over an email group which I suspect was me looking for excuses not to attend.
I simply couldn’t cope with the idea of meeting so many people I’d not only not recognise – which probably most people my age experience to some extent – but quite possibly even when reminded of names and times we’d spent together, still have no recollection whatsoever – all because of the ECT I had in 1971, making the previous few years the most forgotten. And while I can handle the chagrin with one or two people, large gatherings are just too much (at my 40th birthday late on I sat and wept, exhausted by the strain of bluffing & putting on a brave face).
And then a really nice woman who was also a member of the group messaged me, and I had to admit to her that I hadn’t the faintest idea who she was, only to be told we’d had a relationship while students lasting some weeks! I was incredibly embarrassed, tried to explain about ECT, but wasn’t sure how much she believed me. Anyway, that decided me, and I’m not even sure if I made my apologies, but I stayed at home.
Not long after that a series of photos of the event was posted – and I came across one which had 5 or 6 (I can’t find it now) lovely women chatting, helpfully listing their names, and I realised I’d had a relationship with every one of them! (That, by the way, is not a boast – one of my greatest youthful fears was that I was psychologically incapable of sustaining any sort of male-female partnership, about 2 months being my absolute limit – until my marriage of 8 years from 1976 eased my troubled mind).
So I’m so glad I didn’t go – I would have loved to have sat down for a few hours with any of the people there and chewed the fat, especially women I’d got close to – but I know I simply couldn’t have handled the emotional and mental turmoil of meeting them all at once.
Why am I writing this – I guess for anyone who is offered ECT for whatever mental health issues psychiatrists this week have decided it magically cures – please be aware of what they are not telling you – 50 years later you could still be learning to cope with a series of chronic after-effects that drastically changed your memory, powers of concentration and personality for the worse.

No photo description available.

17th May

Although perfectly entitled by the dictionary definition to call myself a feminist, I respect those women who think the term should be reserved for their gender, for fear it be taken over by those with less fervour and personal commitment – and am usually content to call myself a supporter of feminism.
I can remember conversations with my mother, who was thinking of returning to work, trying to persuade her to aim higher, giving credit to her experience managing a household of six (while also politically active) being transferable to the job market. And I was undoubtedly more feminist than almost all my youthful girlfriends, perhaps because my temperament really disliked telling anyone what to do – being happier told by prospective dates I’m “not macho enough”, than accused of dominance or any male chauvinist piggery!
Almost all – with one notable exception, a fervent member of Women’s Liberation who during our fairly brief relationship made me question everything I did and thought in relation to women – including all aspects of chivalry such as opening doors, standing up on a bus, which my upbringing had made subconscious. It was tough – not least when she dumped me for a more macho man, before telling us both she was coming out as a lesbian – but I’m glad of the experience!
I’ve been fortunate in being able to support a number of women’s aid groups in the North East from my mother’s legacy, but I can’t pretend to have shed all aspects of male superiority propaganda. Spending seven formative years in an all boy’s secondary school was not without its affects – my pleadings to go to the local mixed school falling on deaf ears of parents who thought potential academic achievement was more important than gender propaganda. And I have to keep a constant watch on it continuing to pollute my mind.
The current cabinet has a large majority who went to all boy schools. And judging by their behaviour, a majority of those are convinced a higher status by class and gender is their birthright. A few may pay lip-service to equality, before following their public school cronies through the lobby. Don’t expect any party without a majority of women from top to bottom, assisted by proudly feminist supporting men, to make any fundamental changes to umpteen laws which still discriminate against women.


16th May

When I’m feeling particularly lock-down adventurous, I make a foray to a BBC or right-wing commentator Twitter page, and leave a few comments and links, before retreating to await the explosions. And besides some agreements, antagonistic comments aren’t slow in coming, but invariably disappointing – almost never reasoned disagreement worth debating, just a variety of insults ripe for blocking, ranging from the ever-so-clever ‘have you taken your meds yet?” to the blunt “Your f*^*ing stupid”, with no clue as to why they might think that.
Being called stupoid is water off a duck’s back, as I’m fortunate in rarely doubted my intellectual ability, exams I could be bothered to pass came easy, and 3 or 4 times older adults after some brief conversation at interview or social occasion have said to me “You’re obviously very intelligent.” Which after I’ve got over the inevitable preening and smug desire to boast, often left me with the question – if I’m so intelligent, how come I so often do totally idiotic things, pretty much every week? Such as tripping over my feet because my head’s in the clouds, yet again ordering a flat-pack having refused to learn that I’ll have to swallow my my pride and ring my practical friend for help (something I sorely miss in isolation), hide letters I can’t deal with in the bottom of my in-trays in the hope they’ll miraculously resolve & disappear!
What I eventually worked out was there are different types of intelligence, and the grid I like best is the four – inspirational, practical, intellectual, feeling – linking to the classification fire, earth, air, water which scientists so love to hate.
Putting it loosely, inspirational would be very much in the here and now, in touch with the zeitgeist, and with a spiritual awareness
Practical is obviously down to earth, good at DIY and budgeting, lives in the real world of the possible
Intellectual likes its mind to roam freely, and has an ease with logic and philosophical discussion
Feeling is blessed with empathy for all living things, knowing well the cycles of joy and pain.
I’ve met scores of people over the years who’ve been repeatedly told by a parent or teacher “You’re stupid” until they believed it completely. And I’ve done my best, not always with success, to convince them they simply have a different form of intelligence – which is less valued in the UK, where intellectual snobbery is rife, evidence such a paltry sum compared to say Germany paid for apprenticeship courses as against classics.
In 1972/3 I worked in a hospital for people with learning disabilities (they were stigmatised with far worse names then), whose self-esteem had been trampled on. Yet this was not long after I’d had ECT and an absolute mess – and what amazed me was, so many of the patients I was supposed to help look after, had an incredibly acute feeling intelligence, and the experience for me of being with them was a daily healing and confirmation from them of the best of myself.
Similarly, so many people who’ve suffered trauma have their lives devalued, attempts to open up on social media bringing judgement and scorn. Such a pity that so much intelligence of value has been lost over the centuries. A society which refuses to learn from the formative experiences of its citizens surely stands in contradiction to the idea of humans being the most


May 15th

My heart goes out to people who suffer the slightest symptoms of obsessive- compulsive disorder (OCD) in these difficult times. Their hands are likely to be incredibly raw from incessant washing, and bills for gloves and other protective equipment soaring. Although conversely they might be the people who are most safe.
As someone who’s classified at severe risk, I’ve tried to keep abreast of COVID-19 advice, for instance reading a number of article on how long the virus can survive of different surfaces like paper & plastic – but unfortunately they didn’t agree, so I’ve made up my own procedures, to a large extent based on unscientific hope.
So, when the mail arrives, I take it to the surface next to my kitchen sink, open everything and separate what I want from rubbish & recycling, the latter dumped in a corner for processing in 2 or 3 days, any urgent letters read and filed in my bottom in-tray. Then I wash my hands & the kitchen surface.
On Wednesdays when my carer does my washing in the launderette at the top of the flats, I leave all the clothes and bedding, nice and clean and dry, in their bags until Saturday morning for sorting.
Similarly, deliveries of food get unpacked and mostly put at the back of the fridge, freezer or cupboards – although often milk I’ll need that day and try to remember to only handle with a tissue which is then discarded.
Unfortunately “try to remember” is a key phrase – as I’m not only 72 but also had ECT many years back, my short-term memory is not particularly reliable, and although, because of knowing that, I have had days when I’ve washed my hands after touching pretty well anything, I’ve also had days when I’ve realised far too late that I could have spread the virus all over my flat!
Not only that, I’ve read that droplets of COVID-19 can stay in the air far longer than first thought – so potentially a delivery person or carer could have coughed or sneezed in the corridor outside my flat, and whenever I’ve opened the door, the dreaded lurgy wafted in …
So I’ve basically decided that unless I consciously tried to develop OCD – which is just not me – I’ll just settle with doing my best, knowing it’s not 100% safe, which might be why I have (or have not?!) already had coronavirus, or may get it. And trust to fate, karma, or the gods – none of which, despite being an astrologer, I particularly believe in, more likely to use such trite or philosophical concepts as “life is full of contradictions” and the song “what’s the use of worrying” to laugh at myself and ease my troubled mind!

Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'So this week we have learned that the Conservatives CLEARLY value the economy more than the safety of: Low Paid workers (2) Their Children Teachers and school staff. (4) families of the above. The virus is still not under control, so their shameful attempts to try and get people back to work when THEY KNOW it isn't safe should be seen for what it is... MONEY DRIVEN MURDEROUS INTENT! Wear and Be page FINN'

May 14th

In my 72 years, I’ve known many lovely people who’ve killed themselves – and always the self-searching questions, did I do something wrong, could I have done more, was it partly my fault? And probably many family friends of people who’ve died of coronavirus will be beset by doubts of, was I careful enough, did I infect them, was it partly my fault?
In both cases they are impossible questions, there will never be any proof, no-one can ever know – so beating oneself up becomes a useless exercise for all but consenting masochists. But the danger is that the anger and depression stages of grief merge, the anger turns inwards compounding the depression, and a grieving person becomes inconsolably wracked by guilt.
What I found helped when grieving for my suicide friends, was having a target to blame – and for those I knew best it wasn’t hard to find fault and blame:
– The family member or partner, priest or psychiatrist who abused them
– The education system which allowed unchecked bullying to erode their self-worth
– The government which used divide and rule to stigmatise and alienate them
And with coronavirus, I would plead with the bereaved, for your own health and mental well-being, aim your anger outwards to where the blame belongs:
– It was the Tory government which spent 10 years under-funding, dismantling, privatising the NHs so that it could hardly cope with usual levels of ill health let alone a pandemic
– It was the Tory government which ignored and suppressed warnings from the Cygnus Exercise, that there was not enough PPE, that the NHS could not cope with a pandemic
– It was the Tory government which issued advice leading to untested people being moved to care homes which became death traps, in order to avoid too many newspaper headlines of “Hospital Overwhelmed”
– It was the Tory government which chose to advocate a herd immunity policy justifying lack of action (a policy many think still holds today)
– It was the Tory government which chose to follow its own hand-picked political appointees on the SAGE committee, rather than WHO guidance of world leading experts
– It was the Tory government which chose to ignore the example of countries around the world which adopted policies seen to be working in taking control of virus spread
– It was the Tory government which chose to stop testing and tracing, just as the WHO was advising “Test, Test, Test” and “Test, trace, isolate”
– It was the Tory government which always did too little too late, such as allow large gatherings in Liverpool & Cheltenham, until the virus spread was out of control
– It was the Tory government which chose to allow people from coronavirus hotspots all over the world to fly into the UK with no attempt at testing them, let alone quarantine
– It was the Tory government which chose not to give testing and other health contracts to the NHS or small businesses with expertise, but to Tory-donating companies which had been convicted of corruption, incompetence and fraud multiple times, ensuring that there was the vast sums of money were wasted on the wrong equipment, and very little worked
– It was the Tory government which chose to relax restrictions in chaotic fashion, forcing desperately indebted & hungry people to risk infection on crowded public transport, in order to be able to use those transgressors as a scapegoat
– It was the Tory government which kept massaging the statistics, ensuring that all subsequent policy decisions were made on a wish and a prayer rather than hard evidence
Don’t blame yourself, the spread of coronavirus in the UK is not your fault – look at Germany, Korea, and especially New Zealand for what could have been done – blame our greedy, hypocritical, callous, government, and never vote Tory again


Donald Trump gets more support for re-election bid!Image

Tories are wringing their hands and asking “How will we pay for this pandemic” – and of course coming up with the answer of yet more austerity, a pay freeze for public sector workers, including the “key workers” only last week they were happy to be seen clapping!
When the bankers were in trouble, they found a Magic Money Tree of £800 billion to bail them out, no problem, so pandemic costs so far of £300 billion should be no trouble.
Here are a few suggestions:
Cancel Trident
Cancel HS2
(that’s £311billion saved already!)
Close all off-shore tax loopholes
One-off wealth tax plus on-going super-tax of the rich
Green New Deal with massive retraining programme to end unemployment and boost the economy


Tory COVID-19 strategy (and then get their media chums to blame the Public, NHS, Immigrants, Gypsies …)


13th May

Right-wing commentators are all over social media plugging the lie that there is absolutely no evidence that children can spread coronavirus – despite massive evidence that there are human beings (which the last time I checked children are also) can carry the virus but display no symptoms, and a whole lot of articles like this:

New Studies Add to Evidence that Children May Transmit the Coronavirus

I’m not a fan of any US president, but this did make me chuckle!Image

12th May

When I saw the film Pollyanna about 25 years ago, I must admit I wept copiously, but my mind dismissed it as superficial and trite, with cloying religious sentimentality. At that time I was going through a rough patch, of trying to come to terms with three aspects of my past which a number of counsellors said were altogether too complex for them to contemplate taking me on! And while struggling for understanding, I did have a tendency to self-pity, and enjoyed wallowing in my woe.
But since then, I’ve occasionally been reminded of the film, and even found myself using its main premise – that however dire a situation, there is always something about it to be glad of. And after a number of false starts and giving up, managed to put together examples from those three traumatic and formative experiences …
I’m glad I was born into a family affected by sexual abuse and bullied throughout my early childhood, because having experienced such childhood trauma has given me a store of empathy and understanding for people who have or are suffering, often enabling me to be with, and sometimes find words to help.
I’m glad I was given ECT making my short-term memory totally unreliable, because it allows me to approach each situation afresh, with childlike wonder, often able to see solutions to problems I’d never otherwise have thought of.
I’m glad I was a member of a cult for 19 years, because it allows me to spot cultish behaviour a mile off, such as currently the band of Boris Johnson trolls, to write with authority about their mindless servility, and not waste too much time trying to convince totally closed minds.
Well, anyone who knows me well will have guessed what comes next!
I challenge you to share at least one real, credible, even inspiring statement about the current situation, with a beginning such as
“I’m glad I’ve spent weeks in lockdown/isolation because …”
Ps. Please don’t beat yourself up if you’re totally stumped – just leave it, let your subconscious contemplate, and maybe something will come – and if it doesn’t, the timing’s not right, do something else which makes you feel good!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'The next time you hear a celebrity saying, "we'll get through this together, send them your electric bill, with a thank you note.'

11th May

15th March I started self-isolating
8th April I got my NHS letter saying I was extremely vulnerable and should self-isolate
8th May I got my first text saying I should self-isolate, giving a whole list of rules if I live with someone else, and now get automated texts every day, none of which add anything to what I already know and just create anxiety, but I’m even more anxious to send STOP in case the next one has crucial information (perhaps even doing the impossible and clarifying Boris Johnson’s auto-cued, Hollywood style, Dominic Cumming’s written speech which after 3 days of coaching by experts and umpteen mirror practises oozed Churchillian sincerity, with fine rhetorical words as clear as mud)


10th May

I posted on a disability site my experience of isolation, shielding, test confusion, and got a selection of comments, including these four:
“I got a letter telling me I’m not in shielding list even though I’ve got COPD asthma and a diabetic on steroids and fostair 200/6 inhaler and salbutamol – confusing”
“I had a letter from my consultant at the beginning of April telling me I was vulnerable to covid and to isolate for 12 weeks. I then had a letter on Monday from my GP telling me I wasn’t severely vulnerable and I could go outside for my daily exercise etc. I spoke to my GP who basically said the letter he’s sent was an admin error and I was vulnerable. Good job I checked”.
“My perfectly healthy wife got a call from the shielding helpline saying she had been added to the list. Neither of us have had a letter or text. I called our GPs and they said it didn’t come from them, so we have no idea why she was on the list.”
“I had a letter from my GP a few weeks ago but got the government text only yesterday.” (just like my own experience – it was only after I’d been told by NHS111 I might have coronavirus, I started getting official texts to shield because I’m vulnerable!)
If these are at all typical (and they are very like scores of accounts I’ve seen over the last few weeks), the Government has still not got a grip. I write “Government”, because if anyone feels inclined to blame doctors, hospitals, the NHS instead – may I remind you that the Tories have spent the last 10 years chronically underfunding, dismantling and privatising our National Health service, ensuring it could not possibly cope with a pandemic, and instead of giving a massive funding boost for the NHS to take control, choosing to outsource a whole lot of anti-pandemic measures to Tory Party donating companies which have been convicted of umpteen failures and frauds.
Over the last couple of days, No 10 leaked to the media that Boris Johnson would ease lockdown measures on Monday (which newspapers splashed, causing lots of people to jump the gun over the bank holiday), then briefing that the lockdown would continue at least until the end of May.
If they were trying to create maximum confusion, they could hardly do a better job. And because of that yet more people will die, and the Tory Government will have yet more blood on their hands.


9th May

So here’s some good news …
The Sun is shining
Tories finally forced to make airline arrivals self-isolate for 2 weeks
Major city mayors worldwide are planning for a green recovery
My son got accepted as a civil servant near the beginning of lockdown, now doing online induction at home on full pay (lucky sod!)
All over the UK, thousands of volunteers are helping the NHS, Mutual Aid groups, foodbanks every day
Many city dwellers are becoming aware of birdsong for the first time ever
A big boom in cycling is forecast post-lockdown
Yesterday New Zealand had only 1 new confirmed care of COVID-19 and no deaths
I’ve got a yummy veggie sausage and stir fry rice & veg lined up for lunch
First brown bear in 150 years seen in National Park in Spain
After months ignoring them Tories finally ask Public Health Directors to take charge of care home COVID-19 testing
Almost two thirds of people think looking after and improving local parks and green space should be more of a priority after lockdown
Air pollution has fallen by unprecedented levels saving thousands of lives
With meat processing facilities shut down in the USA, there’s been a boom in vegetarian food
In lockdown spring is unfolding before our eyes
Just watered my 11 house plants which have been supplying me with oxygen at minimal cost for up to 30 years
Ps. After the big VE day splurge, and newspapers acting incredibly irresponsibly raising false hopes of an early lockdown end, beware of a feeling reaction, of an all pervading disappointment. Astrologically, Venus in Gemini is almost static, square Neptune in Pisces, and this afternoon and evening both make a T-square with the Moon in Sagittarius – which all speaks of feeling all over the place, can’t cope & depressed (especially women!). So get on the phone/Skype with friends and have a good moan, try spending time with your favourites and whatever makes you feel good.

The fascist in No. 10 who probably celebrated VE day

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8th May

So, I got my text at 5.38.23 this morning which began:
“Your COVID-19 test has come back NEGATIVE. You don’t have the virus at this time…”
But before anyone starts congratulating me for having dodged the dreaded lurgy, may I pose a few alternatives …
1 I imagined the whole thing, or made it up seeking attention – after all, I’ve been a mental health survivor for 59 years, and once met a doctor who told me he’s been specifically told on courses to totally ignore symptoms reported by “mad” people like me because we’re prone to making them up
2 I had hayfever – despite having been taking antihistamine for weeks, and not sneezing any more than usual, or had watery eyes (my usual symptoms)
3 I had flu – despite having this season’s flu vaccine the first day it was available, not having had flu since I started getting them (except the year they got the wrong strain), and not having read anything about this year’s jab being particularly ineffective (If you have read anything, please let me know)
4 I’ve had COVID-19, but my sample for testing arrived too late – because when trying to order a home testing kit from the Government website I got so many responses of “Not Available”, I couldn’t take the test until it was at least 12 hours beyond when they say it needed to be done, i.e. within 5 days of first getting symptoms
5 I’ve had COVID-19, but botched the swab test – which I’ve read up to 50% of people without medical training do, and believe me it ain’t easy, especially trying to see your tonsils in the mirror, having just dropped your mobile phone which has my only torch, and fumbling about between 9pm and 7am when it has to be done and I’m not at my best even when not feeling ill!
6 I’ve had COVID-19, but the testing procedure of my sample was run by Sodexo, G4S or Serco who couldn’t organise the proverbial piss-up, and they botched it.
7 I didn’t have COVID-19, did the test OK, being late didn’t matter, the testing procedure was correct, didn’t have 2 or 3 above but something else entirely different as yet unknown
8 I’ve had COVID-19, but by the time I did the test it had mutated (being a smart virus!) to something which no longer shows up in tests
… and I’d better stop there before my imagination goes into overdrive!!!
Personally I prefer 4 or 5 above – that I’ve had it, only a mild version, but my bloodstream is now brimming with anti-coronavirus antibodies, and have got a false negative test result – either way, I’m going to have to assume a true negative, and carry on shielding until at least 30th June, but more likely for safety until either there’s an antibody test or vaccine widely available, perhaps a year or 18 months …
Meanwhile my two possible May elective and June necessary operations are coming closer – but I’m still able to have a good belly laugh, particularly at my own foibles!


7th May

Here’s another way of whiling away some lockdown time – are there any celebrities born within a week of you? (My apologies to younger Friends who may have a lesser choice).
Here are some of mine:

Elaine Page 5th March 1948 Excellent singer, actress
Eddy Grant 5th March 1948 Singer, songwriter including Baby Come Back & Walking On Sunshine (or so Wikipaedia informs me)
Giles Brandeth 8th March 1948 I do like his humour, not his politics!
Emma Bonino 9th March 1948 Italian politician – great on human rights, but economic liberal (or so it says)
Me 10th March 1948
James Taylor 12th March 1948 Another fine singer, songwriter

You can hopefully find examples by putting into your search engine something like “Celebrities born in 1975” or “April 1983” and scrolling through – although unfortunately most of the sites seem to be American, with lots of film stars, but not many scientists, ecologists, left wing politicians!
I once met a woman who was born on the same day as me – although very different times, and we had no trouble finding a host of characteristics in common. Which would not come as a surprise to anyone interested in astrology.
But please, a word of warning. I’ve always really disliked the fatalistic view of astrology – and if you come across any unsavoury characters, and are inclined to think “Oh my God, I’m doomed” – may I suggest a refresher course in the whole nature .v. nurture debate!?! For instance, someone born on the same day, but different year, as me was Osama Bin Laden born 10th March 1957 – and although I am like him in having pretty strong beliefs, I’ve never felt inclined to go around killing everyone who happens to disagree with me – on the contrary, I dearly love reasoned discussion and debate!!


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6th May

Yesterday Natalie Windsor suggested some breathing exercises and singing might help me – so for today’s update I wrote a little ditty, to the tune of that 1964 classic
“You’ve lost that loving feeling”
(my sincere apologies to the Righteous Brothers!)

I thought I’d been so careful for sure when isolating,
But I may have just let the virus start incubating,
And I’m trying so hard not to show it,
But I’m really not yet through it,
I’ve got that screwy feeling,
I’ve got that bluey feeling,
I’ve got that fluey feeling,
And it’s still going strong, woe, woe woe!

It was either post this – or the saga of registering the home test and taking the swab, which is boxed up awaiting collection (but the memory of that catalogue of errors is still too raw!) – or a diatribe against the purchase of Newcastle United by the Saudi regime (which I’m going to write today, but not post in my over-sensitive state, not yet well enough to counter with detachment or humour any trolls attacks).
Anyway, it seems whatever virus I’ve got hasn’t yet affected my ability to rant, write doggerel or laugh at my own silly jokes!!



Well – I’ve finally managed to book a home testing coronavirus kit – but what a kerfuffle!  It was my 9th try before the Government website said Home Testing kits were available, and I definitely fitted second criteria of over 65 and with coronavirus symptoms.  But when I started answering the form’s questions, they were all about Key Workers, including needing my National Insurance number – but I persevered, got an email to verify that I am me – only to be told they could not verify my identity and I needed to go through a private company called something like Trans Union – but all their questions were for Key Workers – so I was then told if I had problems (they were probably hoping by now that most ill over-65s would have given up in disgust or despair!) – ring an 0300 number, which I did and then had to answer a series of questions and again give the code sent to me – and was promised a kit would be sent to me “hopefully within 24 or 48 hours” – which since their website said I needed to have the test within 5 days of first getting symptoms may well be too late!!!  But I didn’t say that – and so may get a false negative, but have to assume it is a negative and keep isolating and shielding until there’s an antibody test or vaccine readily available …. If that all makes any sense!?!?


4th May

Whatever virus I’ve got – and I’ve tried the website 5 times so far and still tests are “NOT AVAILABLE” – one feature seems to be it fluctuates all the time, so yesterday I went to bed feeling better, my chest more warmish, but woke this morning feeling jaded, chest definitely hot and fairly pronounced sore throat.
But I don’t think I’m “drowsy and confused” having this morning already posted
On Twitter responding to Susanna Reid
“Please do NOT be on your “best behaviour” @GMB – but continue Piers Morgan’s excellent interviews of Tory Government Ministers, not allowing them to get away with the stream of evasions, half-truths and downright Big Lies which most of your media colleagues slavishly lap up”
On Facebook reacting to a Labour Party request for key workers to share their stories (I’m not one, but I’ve generously shared mine anyway!!!)
“I have worked for the NHS, Post Office, and charities supporting vulnerable people, but I’m now 72 & according to an NHS111 doctor may well have COVID-19, but I can’t get a test because the relevant Government website says “NONE AVAILABLE”, and I’m now far more likely to die of coronavirus because Labour HQ traitors (who’ve not yet even been suspended) worked against Jeremy Corbyn for a Tory victory in the 2017/19 general elections, and so promoted yet more NHS under-funding, yet more NHS dismantling, yet more NHS privatisation, and inevitable lack of preparedness for the current pandemic”
Which I think is pretty good going!
Ps. Those interested in astrology might be surprised a Pisces like me is so uncharacteristically fond of blowing his own trumpet – one of my nicknames at primary school was Big Head, and some people do find it irritating and un-British – but my chart does have three planets in a stellium in Leo. That’s my excuse anyway!!!

3rd May

Posted on Facebook:

Many, many thanks for all the lovely, kind messages which are very much appreciated. Not much change overnight, except I sweated a lot, which may or may not be a good sign.
But I realised that yesterday I forgot to ask the doctor about testing, and he didn’t mention it – so I’ve posted to on Twitter, and a slightly longer message on Facebook:
“I filled out the NHS111 form yesterday, doctor rang back in record time – perhaps as I’m in severe risk group – and I may well have coronavirus – but no mention was made of testing & I forgot to ask. Is home testing kit sent automatically, or should I contact NHS111 again?”
Trouble is on Twitter they monitor the site on weekdays 9am – 5:30pm, and the Facebook page hopes to respond “within 7 days” – so I may contact NHS111 again (if I can muster the will and energy).
If someone like me has been told by a doctor on NHS111 that they may well have coronavirus, but is still not being automatically tested, then this lying and criminally negligent – if not “herd immunity” genocidal – Tory government has no chance of getting any control over the spread of the pandemic for weeks to come.

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2nd May

I didn’t feel so good Thursday, Friday was better, but today – achy, hot chest, sore throat – so I filled out the NHS111 form, doctor called in 5 mins (I guess as I’m in the severe risk group) – the upshot is I may well have coronavirus, he said I’m already doing all the right things, to double my steroid dosage, and sit it out hoping that in the next 7 or so days there’s no shortness of breath or lack of oxygen drowsy confusion, in which case get back to them ASAP and I’ll be hospital bound.
Anyway, I’m at the low end of 70s, gave up smoking many years ago, hardly drink, I’m a vegetarian with a good diet, and do regular exercise – so who knows what’ll happen, but I think my chances are pretty good. And I’ve our Housing Officer who calls each weekday, and a cord to pull in case of emergency, a couple of friends who live fairly close, plus I’m a member of the Mutual Aid group – so no lack of help available.

30th April

Every Wednesday I really look forward to my carer coming, my only friendly face-to-face chats in person all week, even though it’s at 6 foot distance. And she’s all masked up, and I have a fairly strict routine, leaving clean washing in the bag until Saturday, unpacking shopping which goes to the back of the freezer, fridge, cupboards – with much scrupulous washing of hands and any surfaces touched in-between to try to ensure nothing passes my guard. On a good day, that is, when my mind is focused.
But on a bad day of mental scattering, I lose concentration, and can’t remember when I touched the scissors, which packet rubbed against clean ones, did I scratch my chin? And then every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I have a long wait of wondering – are my sniffles, lassitude the same as most other days, are aches and pains just more reminders of aging, is my extensive psychosomatic imagination working overtime, or are they the first signs of coronavirus attack?
Anxieties probably being repeated in millions of households all over the world. If you’re unemployed and looking for a career change when this crisis is over, to something bound to be in demand – I think training in counselling (not least grief counselling) is a good option.
Here’s the YouTube link to Newcastle Streetwise’ new Coping with Anxiety video, especially for children and young people
please can you promote this to any young people and families you know
Ps It’s pretty good for anxious adults (aren’t we all?) too

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29th April

I’m a creature of habits with my diet, but occasionally my on-line purchases include some exotic food – no doubt showing my gullibility when faced with dastardly marketing! Last week a friend said he’d usefully spent some lock-down time cleaning out all his kitchen cupboards. And this week I’ve followed suit.
I’m thoroughly ashamed to write (though obviously not ashamed enough or I wouldn’t be sharing this!) that I found at least TWENTY assorted jars, tins, containers with Best Before Ends stretching from 2018 back to 2009!
Mind you, if you’d watched Panorama, you’d have seen a doctor showing PPE they’d been sent, already out-of-date with a Use Before date of 30/11/19, but this was printed on a sticker which concealed the actual Use Before date of 30/11/16 – so someone had been told to fool front-line medical staff dealing with a deadly disease into thinking they would be adequately protected, when they plainly weren’t.
Making me think that not only is there Always Someone Worse Off Than Yourself – there’s also always someone who is more mean-spirited, lying, underhand, useless (substitute whichever adjective you enjoy punishing yourself with!) than yourself!!
28th April
Beware of Boris Johnson cult trolls
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A lot of people, including front-line health workers, have been using the excellent Panorama programme to make justifiable criticisms of the government – and getting trolled!
Here’s one explanation I’ve seen on Twitter from AnitaRose
@a_nitak – which makes particular sense to me as I used to be a member of a cult – that they are members of the Boris Johnson cult, and if you come across them, do not expect any reasoning to work, they are beyond it – all one can do is hope that life experience eventually helps them shed the pernicious nonsense!


27th April

I don’t feel much like blogging – so instead here’s a compilation of some of my recent tweets:

“When will the media, businesses, voters realise that because of Tory incompetence stopping testing, tracing & isolating in mid-March, the UK Government hasn’t the faintest idea of the extent of COVID-19 – so we’ll be one of the last countries able to lift lock-down restrictions safely?”

“BBC & newspaper guidelines:
When there’s bad news of health workers dying, lack of care home PPE – “the government were following scientific advice”
When despite government policy & incompetence there’s good news of … eh … (make it up. Ed)
“It was Boris Johnson what did it”!”

“If you’ve compared the coronavirus-related death rate of the UK with Germany, Korea, New Zealand, and aren’t utterly outraged and determined to never stop asking why, you’re either a Tory, a BBC reporter, psychopathic, or possibly all three.”

“If Boris Johnson – after saying the government will be making decisions with “maximum transparency” – won’t tell us who the members of SAGE are, it’s another bare-faced lie – just waiting to be challenged by a TV or newspaper reporter (who isn’t a spineless invertebrate)”

“Oh please, stop playing the divide-and-rule generation game, so loved by the Tories – who hope their subliminal message of “who cares if a few thousand old people die – it’ll save £millions in pensions & social care” to justify the gross neglect of their herd immunity policy”

“Just heard @bbclaurak on @BBCNews suggesting the Tory government can’t make clear policy decisions since they don’t know what’s going on, because it’s all new, blah di blah.
But, they don’t know what’s going on because of a CONSCIOUS DECISION to ignore WHO advice & stop testing!”

“I hope @FT who seem to have best idea of coronavirus death rate will add victims of domestic violence murder, as initial figures show they’re at double usual rate since lock-down – with the measly Tory’s £16.5m+2m hardly covering funding shortfall let alone vital refuge expansion

“Dear health & care worker,
We’re not going to give you a pay rise,
or enough PPE
but if you die,
we’ll give your family 60 thousand quid
(funeral costs not included)
Boris Johnson
Ps. If your lack of PPE means someone in your family dies instead, you won’t get a penny”

And I’m usually such a mild-mannered person!
Now back to watching favourite episodes of Mrs Marples or Brokenwood Mysteries to calm me down!!!



26th April

I tried to think of an amusing subject for my blog – but all I feel like doing today is ranting!!
According to Channel 4 News, coronavirus policy committee SAGE has more mathematical modellers than health experts, such as the obvious immunology Professor, infection control Doctor, Public Health Director.
But accurate mathematical modelling is impossible without accurate data – which has not been available for testing since the Tory Government stopped doing it in mid-March, and is not available for fatalities since only hospital deaths are accurately counted, care home deaths come later – and doctors have reportedly been told to register some COVID-19 suspected deaths as heart failure, pneumonia, dementia, old age.
So UK policy is being made by the blind leading the blind. No wonder the best estimate is that we have the highest death rate per population. Yet Boris Johnson is still getting opinion polls of a majority thinking he’s doing well.
Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'AN INSIGHT INTO THE WARPED THINKING OF THE UK RIGHT WING. "spending £350 billion to prolong the lives of a few hundred thousand mostly elderly people is irresponsible use of taxpayers' money" "nor is it [The lockdown] worth a 15% drop in GDP" (Toby Young 31/3/2020) In other words, f*ck your elderly relatives, we are losing money... Wear Red Stand and Be page'

25th April

When a few years back I wrote a song “What can we do about global warming?” and proudly shared our Making Waves choir video on Twitter & Facebook, I got a whole lot of lovely comments, but also some negatives – in particular for leaving out any mention of either overpopulation or vegetarian and veganism (a discrepancy I rectified in a later version). Some were very reasonable, along the lines of “Great song, but don’t you think …” – but a few were downright rude, as if I was some fossil fuel executive who’d purposely organised an oil spill!
As it happens I was an omnivore at the time, having tried to go veggie a couple of times, but not much of a foodie, and each time reverted because of already being somewhat anaemic – till managing the third time around as a whole lot more vegetarian meals became available. But to the rudest, I tended to go on the attack, responding to comments by saying I didn’t own a car, and besides two trips to Northern Ireland for work in the early 1980s, I hadn’t been on a plane since 1966 – “What about you!?” – which never got a reply!!!
I was reminded of this by recent exchanges on Twitter, as lefties wrestle with themselves on whether to stay – in a Labour Party yet to make any suspensions of HQ staff who worked to make Labour lose two elections, and with a new leader calling for unity who joined a coup against the last – or go, with plenty of campaigning groups like People’s Assembly and Stop the War, but as yet no comparable, viable, coherent alternative. I think it’s a very difficult decision, not helped by those who’ve already made up their minds calling anyone who disagrees idiots or even traitors!
I’ve met hundreds of people over the years who’ve changed their views, sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly after a traumatic life experience, and I really hate to write anyone off. And I know with myself that any troll-like attack brings out my stubborn side, causes me to entrench – whereas, much as I dislike ever having to admit I’ve made a mistake, a polite recognition that I’m trying my best, a validation of my point of view, with a pointing out of areas of debate, is far more likely to get a positive response and cause me to rethink my stance. On top of which it avoids the slanging matches on the left so beloved by those whose essence is divide and rule.


24th April

This week I was reminded of the idea that troubles come threes, when firstly

  •  Facebook said they were blocking me for 30 days for something I posted in 2018, but when I appealed, didn’t
  • My carer didn’t turn up on her usual Wednesday, and when I phoned, the woman doing admin said someone had forgotten to book her, so she came on Thursday instead
  • Medicine one of my doctors said she’d ordered to be delivered on Tuesday hadn’t arrived, and I phoned the chemist and surgery, to discover the order was sent to a different chemist which doesn’t know all my prescriptions are delivered!

Of course, something else may go wrong which I’ll conveniently forget or assign to the next 3 – but I have logged these 3s a number of times.  Which, although the scientific/mathematical part of my brain finds the idea completely ridiculous, I don’t have a problem with.

In my youth I was proud of being a sceptic, scathing about myths & religious mumbo-jumbo, but a series of traumatic experiences allowed the other side of my brain to have predominance –  so spending 19 years in an esoteric organisation I subconsciously knew was a cult, but needed to shelter from a world I couldn’t otherwise cope in.

I then shed much of my mysticism, and returned to my left-wing roots – but to the astonishment of political & more scientific friends, kept up with astrology (as I have for 45 years, teaching it for more than 15).  And I’m not an astrologer who tries to prove it’s a science – quite content with it being unprovable, my use of natural analogy in interpretations designed to appeal to both sides of the brain.

It used to worry me that the Mind, Body, Spirit exhibitions I used to frequent, and even help with stalls at, left out Feelings – putting that down to the esoteric world suffering from male domination as much as any other.  And I’m not sure I’d want to live in a world where concepts like Love and Kindness were wholly interpreted as being the result of laws of physics and chemistry.

Our favorite coronavirus jokes

23rd April

Where did you learn your love of nature?

I was born next door to a farm, but we moved when I was 2 so don’t remember that, and we moved to a fourth storey flat in London, with no pets or house plants.  However, on Sundays we traipsed across a large park – part manicured, mostly heathland, to a pub at the top of the hill.  And there were outings of Socialist Sunday School, and two summer weeks at Forest School Camps – which, after surviving the initial year of rain and a tent full of creepy-crawlies, I really enjoyed – learning basic survival skills, and just loving being in the open air, appreciating the plants and trees, and being woken by the dawn chorus.

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22nd April

The left has blamed older people for losing the referendum and two elections, at its most extreme deifying the youth vote, and looking forward to a time when the death of all my generation inevitably heralded the socialist nirvana.
More recently the Tory government – with full awareness that coronavirus brings more fatalities among old people – showed its callous disregard for the very voters who kept it in power, by ignoring care homes in even cursory PPE planning or statistical analysis, no doubt assessing that being no longer productive units nor great consumers, we have little value to a capitalist economy.
And while moguls of cosmetic, fashion, plastic surgery industries fuel the media obsession with looking younger, there have been a constant stream of articles, detailing the lack of importance given to grandparents in child care and development, about the invisibility of older people, and most recently pressure on patients beyond a certain age to not expect full treatment, or sign Do Not Resuscitate forms.

So I thought I’d share an article I wrote back in 2000, an attempt to give more respect to both the process of ageing, and being old..

The Older The Better

Ok I might have lost some vigour, the joy of running as fast as I can, the urge to seek new challenges, to test my strength; but also gone is the driving need to prove myself, the anger and frustration of pitting myself against impossible odds, the people unnecessarily upset, the impulsive acts which cost me months of work to put right – I know myself better.

I may not be as flexible as before, less able to bounce back after a fall, taking longer physically to heal; but my patience has grown, and I’m more able to make a stand against surface solutions, my decided ‘no’ carries weight, and I’m much more appreciative of thoroughness and lasting quality not least in the world of nature – I’m more real.

My tongue has perhaps lost a certain speed and ready wit in response, lacking clever knowledge of the current famous and modern technology; but it’s also less likely to talk total nonsense, I’m more accurate in my assessments of people, I can communicate deeply with whoever wants to, and have discovered enough interests so I never need to be bored.

Maybe I can’t so often remember where I’ve put certain things or his name or whether I’ve told her that story before; but I’ve learned to live with my moods. I’m less brittle with unfortunate remarks, I’ve found out who my real friends are, and I’ve built up a stock of favourites – books & films, tunes & reminiscences – sure to light the deepest depression.

It’s possible I’m less able to command attention with my vibrant presence or draw admiring glances; but also I don’t need it so much. I’ve made a fool of myself in public so many times not to mind, my confidence is no longer an act, it’s tested by experience. And I can guarantee a level of conduct within sure limits, my own standards which others can rely on.

Certainly I’ve lost the purity of my innocence and the goal of superlative virtue; but I’m kinder with myself, with less expectation of being impossibly perfect. I’m less self-punishing when intentions don’t happen, and my criticisms of other’s behaviour is tempered by understanding. I’m more able to value special moments within the general, and take things day by day.

Perhaps my body and face are even less like the current ideal of physical beauty, and it takes me just a bit longer to make myself presentable; but then I’ve learned to like the lines on my and other faces, that speak of character, of inner quality earned and also my charm is now a natural expression of me. I live a better balance between objective truth and my subjective needs.

Undeniably my power has diminished, to reach the heights of ecstasy, to reproduce; but so also has my striving to manipulate. I’m less likely to go to pieces in yet another crisis, and more in touch with what is important. I’ve greater knowledge of and control over my worst aspects, and can better manage my ability to influence with foresight of its wider repercussions.

My aims might not be quite so high, to see the world, know everything, write the best-seller, be a billionaire; but neither do I waste time chasing stupid dreams. My success rate with obtainable targets is higher, my range of knowledge is broader, my theories have more substance. And I’m rarely lost for words when meeting an expert in any subject.

I like being older – I’ve a better settled understanding of my family, my life, myself, and I get great satisfaction from reaping the harvest of long-term plans and efforts. I’ve regained a child-like ability to listen with total absorption and every so often I hear what I’m saying and realise that my main objective of being a wise human might just be beginning to happen despite little me.

I’m content with my age, the consciousness it’s brought, and I now have little problem resisting pressures to conform, to be what others want. I’m settled with my uniqueness and eccentricities. I’m much less subject to emotionally disabling shock, grief is a well-known phenomenon and I now know that those worst experiences of my life held for me the greatest learning potential.

My life has been so rich with insight and understanding, not least that sometimes things improve because I’m not there. I don’t think any religion has got it quite right, and I’m neither sure nor anguished whether death is an ending or continuum. I’m doing what I can to resolve unfinished business, so that as my physical body decays, I can weigh up my past and leave life settled with my minute part in the evolution of this wondrous planet.

21st April

More ideas for staying sane and positive as lockdown continues

Coping Calendar small

20th April

Young people will be desperate for love when the coronavirus restrictions relax, which brings its dangers – so here’s a great poster (which I think originates in the Freedom Programme?) – an excellent starting point for discussions about loving and abusive relationships

19th April

During the hacking scandal and for months after, I shared many a posting sniping at Piers Morgan, who somehow managed to escape prosecution for ordering his Daily Mirror reporters to illegally access as many celebrity email accounts as they could – and since then I’ve not been at all surprised at his hobnobbing with some of the most right-wing leaders, delighting in being photographed with his best mate, racist sex abuser Donald Trump.

But this last couple of weeks, I’ve been retweeting interview after interview, as Piers Morgan lays into Ministers, exposing their pathetic lies, asking all the questions the New Labour non-opposition won’t, because of some ridiculous policy decision to chase after Daily Mail readers with its don’t rock the boat myth of ‘national unity’

There’s an ancient saying “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”.  Some people run and hide in a crisis, and others rise to the surface – such as the vital job of holding those in authority to account.  Piers Morgan is still an arrogant *!<&@*+*, and no doubt after this is all over, will revert to his celebrity toadying – but in the meantime, credit where credit is due.

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and suit, possible text that says 'Matt Hancock "we are at war with an invisible killer, and the Tory strategy is to fight it with... ...invisible ventilators, invisible PPE, invisible tests and an invisible Prime Minister Meme+'

18th April

Modern science tends to deride its forebears, dismissing them as alchemists, and ridiculing such concepts as the four elements. But for years I’ve found Fire, Earth, Air and Water – corresponding to the human spirit, body, mind & feelings – to be a useful grid for both study, and guidance on maintaining balance in difficult times. So here are some examples:
Fire – each day look for inspiration – the biography of a life you think extra special, a piece of music which lights you up, an animal which survives against all the odds – or conversely, it could be reading of Tory government incompetence or billionaire’s profiteering from this crisis, and using the friction as a spur to action – to write, campaign, donate (only do remember, too much fire burning out of control inevitably leads to burn out, avoid whatever makes you depressed!)
Earth – do something practical – I’ve a list of household tasks, and morning exercise plus my afternoon Tai Chi routine – but I’ve also used this time alone to do a couple of extra spring cleaning jobs, get out my sewing kit and stitched on an elbow pad, and I’ve a container for collecting plastic cut up for donation to a local school.
Air – keep your mind ticking over – years ago I read that daily puzzle games like hanjie & sudoku, and crosswords, are a great way of postponing dementia – and there are umpteen opportunities for playing scrabble & chess via the internet, learning something new via the Open University or cheaper options – or perhaps the discipline of an (almost!) daily blog, the challenge of finding words to communicate …
Water – what makes you feel good – a favourite book or film, a meal or just some chocolate (!) – or a search for “coronavirus humour/jokes’ – joining the Thursday clap for the NHS & carers, and expressing thanks for the friend or neighbour, postie or delivery driver helping keep you going. But above all, be kind to yourself – even if you’re having a particularly bad time and can’t manage any of the above, give yourself credit for every achievement, like:  Got up, tick; had a shower, tick; got dressed, tick; had breakfast, tick – and with four ticks, you’ve already had a successful day!

Image may contain: 3 people, possible text that says 'Voting for an increased usage of foodbanks Voting for continuous cuts to social welfare that have lead to over 100,000 premature deaths Voting to reduce NHS budget and to block a well deserved pay rise for NHS staff Voting Conservative and then clapping for the NHS'

17th April

Today I’ve been stressed out – rang the doctor after an ache in my kidney area developed (which I thought at first might be my cracked rib) – the fourth doctor at the practice (100% women!), which I don’t mind as they’ve all been very helpful  – and she decided to ring the hospital urology department where I go for my now 7 monthly ops – and they said as I’ve had a previous infection, some bacteria might be left over – so to try one final antibiotic to try to clear them all out – and she then went away to find a chemist which would deliver, I’m hoping this evening but maybe tomorrow – there’s a risk of diarrhoea side-effect, so I’m just hoping my usual constipation cancels it out!  My apologies to anyone reading this – if they think that’s too much information!

Meanwhile doing lots of Facebook & Twitter postings about Tory Matt Hancock incompetence running out of PPE this weekend, and Labour Keir Starmer cover-up, hiding the fact that his main donor is a pro-Israeli Governmemt lobbyist!  What a world


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16th April

A friend in need …
I’ve been having a not-coronavirus-related medical problem causing me constant irritation – not the best state of mind to survive self-isolation! After a telephone consultation 3 weeks ago, one of my doctors prescribed an antibiotic which usually works – but it didn’t, so another doctor prescribed a different one, still no good, nor a third possible remedy – and a fourth finally decided a urine sample was unavoidable, despite the kerfuffle of getting it to the locked surgery (my sincere hope is it shows an infection, or who knows what to do next).
So I phoned my friend Dave – we’ve been going out for a drink (two pints of shandy and a packet of crisps now my limit) together every 5 or 6 weeks for 15 or 20 years, our conversations something I really miss. I told him other friends had also offered and I had a backup plan of my local Mutual Aid group, but he had no hesitation in “accepting the commission” and after a bit of a kerfuffle accessing the stairs (I’d advised wearing a face mask, but still not using the lift – the last thing I’d want is him getting ill while doing me such a service – and I’d cheekily suggested that 14 flights could be his daily exercise!) he’s on his way, and said he’d ring when it’s been delivered. His parting words to me were that he was so happy that I’d rang him, that he could be some help, and not to hesitate if I needed anything else!
There must be millions of acts of kindness, small but vital for people’s survival, going on all over the world, by many a friend indeed.



15th April

Although living in a tower block flat doesn’t help keep me grounded, I’m fortunate in overlooking a small park, on the 7th floor just above tree height, with a bird’s eye view of the changing seasons – and I also have 11 houseplants, 5 in my bedroom and 6 in the living room, which magically keep the air fresh.  I only know what sort 2 are – an orchid and a coffee plant (which I just liked the look of, though I haven’t drunk coffee for ages) – and they have all had to fit into my regime of Saturday watering filling the trays, and a top-up on Wednesdays (except the orchid which gets a double soaking) – and new ones which don’t like it or can’t fit into remaining spaces of light or shade just have to go.  If visitors say plants always die on them – I can honestly reply, that was true for me, but I persevered, experimented with re-arranging, and watering which suited me and them. And some were with me in my last flat and another 10 years here, a couple of real survivors aren’t the prettiest – one very gnarled which almost died a couple of times but somehow got reborn, another tough reeds – but there is no way I’d ever discard them, just the longevity of time together, is something I really value.





14th April

This is a Twitter thread which gives the lie to Tory Ministers saying they have been “straining every sinew” to get ventilators

From FlakMagnet @Flakmagnet1 posted on 13th April

1 So I just want to share my CORPORATE experience on Covid19 with the UK Gov. A thread. I work for a successful medium-sized manufacturing company, which makes moderately clever electrical items. When the UK gov asked for makers of ventilators, we responded.

2 We assigned one person to act as point man, who went online to register us, only to find the website the minister mentioned didn’t exist. 24hrs later there was an online form available, which he filled out. After a week of silence we lost patience and started emailing.

3 None were answered. With a bit of fiddlery, we got phone numbers and started calling. We were passed from pillar to post, no-one taking responsibility.
We then contacted the local (Tory) MP, who took 24 hours and an increasingly “we’ll tell the press” tone before answering

4 That MP put us onto her double-barreled assistant, who sounded very conciliatory and took notes, but then;

5 We were then offered *VENTILATORS*- actual, functioning, certified, save-lives, VENTILATORS by a far eastern supplier who KNEW the UK was in deep, deep trouble.
We immediately offered these onto the MP and our govt. Contacts.

6 This was their response.

7 That was about the time the Dyson/ JCB horseshit story about ventilators broke, and I *personally* think that was proof enough, at that time, that Herd Immunity remained the strategy, just with maximal culling. There isn’t a corporate view, AFAIK. We’re a business.
8 We’ve heard NOTHING since. Not a squeak. Not even “no thanks”.
The offer of ventilators has passed, and I guess they are now going to a more enlightened country.

9 Since furloughing, we’re running the 3D printers in the labs flat out making visor parts. I’m doing the same at home.
But a whole factory & supply chain has been ignored.
With the stories of ventilator manufacturers getting contracts cancelled, I am not surprised.

10 So next time you hear “straining every sinew” and “Herculean efforts”, you can take it from me, they’re lying.
I don’t know if they’re incompetent, or murderous, or both, but they’re utterly, utterly dishonest.



12th April

As the world copes with coronavirus in various states of lockdown, some people are also contending with after-affects of extreme weather events, as climate change piles one crisis on another
8 April Cyclone Harold batters Fiji, flattening homes and flooding towns
7 April Firefighters continue to battle Chernobyl fire
2 April Heavy rain brings flooding to Spain’s eastern Castellon province
19 March Flooding in northern Iraq stirs fears of landslides
15 March Torrential downpours cause landslides in Kashmir
13 March Storms bring widespread floods to Egypt, killing 5
9 March Australia prepares for more wet weather as rain breaks records
5 March Deadly floods and landslides hit southeastern Brazil

11th April

Today Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced a plan for getting vital PPE equipment to hospitals
What he didn’t say is why didn’t the Tories failed to put together a plan
– in 2016 after the warning of the pandemic Cygnus Exercise
– in January when it was obvious COVID-19 was coming here
– in February after first UK cases confirmed
– in March when repeatedly warned not enough PPE
Criminal negligence!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Sxn lost £68 million last THE year, and they're in danger of going bust if these losses continue. Their hacks have been saying it costs less than a coffee, and begging people to buy it. So why not do your bit to help improve the standard of UK journalism, and buy yourself that coffee!'

Physical distancing NOT social distancing
Just seen an article by Dr Helen Jarvis, an academic at Newcastle University where she asks everyone – and especially the Government, to please stop talking about “social distancing” – when what is actually needed is physical distancing at 6 foot apart, but as much social connectedness as possible.
A spokesperson from WHO HQ in Geneva observed that colleagues are:
““practising physical distancing as one measure to stop COVID-19 transmission: (we) use the phrase physical distancing instead of social distancing to highlight that essential distancing to prevent the virus from transferring to one another doesn’t mean that socially we have to disconnect from our loved ones (and responsibilities toward wider communities). We’re changing to say physical distance and that’s on purpose because we want people to remain connected”.

10th April

Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream ..

When the BBC sycophantically shows ministers joining the #ClapForTheNHS and tweeting in praise of doctors & nurses, but “forgets” to mention these same Tory ministers voted umpteen times to chronically underfund the NHS, called for junior doctors to be sacked when they went on strike, dismantled nurses’ bursaries, and actually cheered when a minimal nurses pay rise was voted down

When bosses of a care home (which presumably is supposed to care about people!) sack a care worker who missed an appointment because she was in hospital with COVID-19, and put off the appeal so she’d have no salary for months

When the new Labour leader calls for for loyalty and unity, and then appoints as Shadow Ministers

Jess Phillips – who said she’d stab the previous Labour leader “in the front”

Liz Kendall – who repeatedly told Jeremy Corbyn to “Go now”!

Wes Streeting – who constantly briefed to undermine Jeremy Corbyn

Stephen Kinnock – one of the architects of the 2016 coup

thus rewarding the most disloyal MPs who constantly fostered disunity

 When NHS managers who are supposed to be interested in Health threaten to sack nurses and doctors who dare to complain about the lack of PPE, which is putting the lives of themselves and everyone they contact at greater  risk, more interested in obeying government orders to look good than the welfare of staff and patents

When reading about Tory ministers urging Windrush & other immigrant health workers to return or come out of retirement, while the Home Office slips out a memo stating that however much they risk their lives to save others during the pandemic will in no way alter their immigration status as non-skilled and not worthy of UK citizenship

Hypocrites the lot of them!


9th April

Isolation days so easily run into one another – so here are more ways of making each April day special, perhaps by artistic commemoration or study.  It’s by no means of comprehensive – a mish-mash of UN calendar, a couple of left birthdays, some astrology & religion – and my apologies if I’ve left out your favourite!

9 Apr  Paul Robeson US black activist & singer born 1898

9 Apr  Maundy Thursday – Christian

9 Apr  First day of Passover – Jewish

10 Apr  60 years since US Senate passed Civil Rights Bill

10 Apr  172 years since UK Chartists presented petition to Parliament

10 Apr  World Homeopathy Awareness week

10 Apr  Good Friday – Christian

11 Apr  Mercury in Aries

11 Apr  Mercury sextile Saturn

11 Apr  101 years since International Labour Organisation founded

11 Apr  World Parkinson’s Day

11 Apr  Holy Saturday – Christian

12 Apr  Easter Sunday – Christian

12 Apr  International Day of Human Space Flight  

13 Apr  Easter Monday – Christian

14 Apr  Sun square Pluto

14 Apr  Moon last quarter

14 Apr  World Chagas Disease Day [WHO]

15 Apr  Sun square Jupiter

16 Apr  Last day of Passover – Jewish

17  Apr Bat Appreciation day

17 Apr  World Haemophilia Day

17 Apr  Orthodox Good Friday

18 Apr  Mercury sextile Venus

18 Apr  74 years since International Court of Justice opened in The Hague

18 Apr  Orthodox Holy Saturday

19 Apr  Mercury sextile Mars

19 Apr  Sun in Taurus

19 Apr  Orthodox Easter

20 Apr  Orthodox Easter Monday

20 Apr  Chinese Language Day (Chinese)

21 Apr  Sun square Saturn

21  Apr World Fish Migration Day

21 Apr  World Creativity and Innovation Day

21 Apr  Yom HaShoah – Jewish

22 Apr  International Mother Earth Day 

22 Apr  Stephen Lawrence Day

23 Apr  New Moon

23 Apr  World Book and Copyright Day  – UNESCO)

23 Apr  English Language Day 

23 Apr  Spanish Language Day (Spanish)

23 Apr  International Girls in ICT Day [ITU]

23 Apr  St George’s Day  

23 Apr  Shakespeare Day

24 Apr  International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace 

24 Apr  Ramadan start – Muslim

25 Apr  Mercury square Pluto

25 Apr  Pluto retrograde

25 Apr  International Delegate’s Day 

25 Apr  World Malaria Day [WHO]

26 Apr  Mercury square Jupiter

26 Apr  Sun conjunct Uranus

26 Apr  International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

26 Apr  World Intellectual Property Day [WIPO]

27 Apr  Mercury in Taurus

27 Apr Mary Wollstonecraft “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” born 1794 

27 Apr  World Tapir Day

27 Apr  International Hyena Day

28 Apr  Mercury square Saturn

28 Apr  Workers Memorial Day

28 Apr  World Day for Safety and Health at Work

29 Apr  Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare

29 Apr  Yom HaAtzmaut – Jewish

30 Apr  Moon first quarter

30 Apr  International Jazz DayUNESCO 


8th April

One problem of self-isolation and lockdown is inevitable boredom, how one day seems to merge into the much the same next – which at 72 I don’t have a huge problem with – but still remember my teens when my constant cry was “I’m BORED!!!”. 

So any way of differentiating days has got to be a good thing, so ..

Part 1

For instance, in my esoteric cult days, I learnt that each day of the week has a significance, built into their English and/or French names:

Monday or Lundi – Moon day, have a child-like approach, home & mother, and have a good moan!

Tuesday or Mardi – Mars day, energetic exercises, a doing day 

Wednesday or Mercredi – Mercury day, a time for communication 

Thursday or Jeudi – Jupiter day, expansive, study & higher learning

Friday or Vendredi – Venus day, expression of good feeling, what you like (whether good for you or not!)

Saturday – Saturn day, self-discipline doing what needs doing

Sunday – of course Sun day, just be yourself, share the best of you 

Whether this has any real significance you can try to prove or disprove for yourself – unless of course you’ve got a whole lot of better things to do?!?!

Government Health warning – if you value your health, do NOT follow the example of the Health Secretary (or Prime Minister)!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

7 April

Even though he died long before I was born, I probably inherited the need to justify my daily existence from my Church of England rector grandfather – and although I’m scathing about the hypocrisy of “don’t what I say, do what I do”, I can’t help feeling guilty about my own self-judged ‘laziness’, while recommending other people to be kind to themselves!

Anyway, whether moved by guilt or self-discipline, anxiety or principles – here’s how I’ve been earning my atheist halo today:

Up at 5.30, relaxed with some hanjie before donating to a couple of local women’s charities (having read that calls for help from domestic violence victims – stuck in isolation with their abusers – have already shot up)

Shower, skin emollient & dress, light breakfast (grapes & tomatoes substituting for my usual much missed banana!)

Responded with my cheeriest voice to the daily tannoy call from our housing officer, and just managed a shouted “thank you” to the postie before she disappeared into the tower block depths

Ritual of placing parcels next to sink, separating & tearing recyclable cardboard (ready for my carer to take downstairs tomorrow on the way to the shops), putting everything else where I won’t touch it for a couple of days, before scrupulously washing hands

Worked through my emails, replied then consigned to relevant folders, and on to Facebook (my page, Tories Out & environment groups) and Twitter (my page, and groups I’ve collated of Left, Green & Claimants) – especially looking for scathing or uplifting stories (such as video compilations of PM stand-in Dominic Raab who thinks foodbank users have a”cash-flow” problem, or searching under “coronavirus jokes”) worthy of sharing across media – with due acknowledgement

Then my daily “Core Workout” – the gentlest sit-down exercise video I could find, least likely to pull aging muscles or break brittle bones!

And a fairly desultory wipe around my living room with a damp cloth, enough to tick my “house cleaning exercise” box.

So, I think I’ve earned my lunch, a fry-up of yesterday’s rather delicious vegetable stew remains –  stock, garlic & herbs, potato, broccholi, carrot, onion, tomato & cauliflower, plus a few crutons, left-over beans and almost my last handful of quorn mince

And I can happily spend the afternoon (punctuated by 5 minutes Tai Chi)) & evening slouched in front of the telly, totally guilt -free!

Until tomorrow …

No photo description available.

“The second coming of Christ just happened in Finland and only some healthcare bureaucrats noticed.”
Tweet from Enzo Rossi @enzoreds

6th April

People demanding we “keep politics out of the coronavirus crisis” may not be aware that they’re parroting #DominicCullings aka Cummings, who was forced to sack his eugenics advisor before adopting the herd immunity strategy, putting his politics at the heart of this Tory Government’s COVID-19 chaos

Image may contain: one or more people


5th April

Things I’m missing, balanced (almost!) by some positives …

  1.  Foods like bananas, raisins & quorn really difficult to get hold of
  2.  I wish I could scratch my nose and face (I’ve got psoriasis & eczema) without feeling anxious or guilty!

As against

A. Got more email contact with the few family members I’m not estranged from in one month than a normal year (which is mostly my fault!!)

B. Happy to find there are others of my generation not ashamed to admit that, although we listened to Cream & Jimi Hendrix in our youth, in self isolation much prefer Motown & ABBA!

How about you?

(Ps.  If you can’t think of a single positive thing, may I suggest viewing a film like “Pollyanna”!!!)?



4th April

Oh – I had a real panic this morning!
I dropped my mobile phone – nothing broken, so I put it together again, but there was a blank screen – put it on charge, but nothing came.
Then, to make matters worse, I thought I’d alter my Facebook security – but when I asked for alternative ways to be contacted (rather than getting a text)
… they sent me a list of passages 4 of which I’d supposedly written over the last 3 months – but I’ve had ECT, my short-term memory is rubbish, only 1 sounded at all like me, so I guessed and chose the wrong ones!
… then they sent me names of random Facebooks friends for me to contact, who’d visit and send me a security code – and for only one of the 5 did I have a mobile number or email address!
So I was locked me out of my Facebook account, and composing a Twitter thread to send them, stressing that I’ve got COPD in self-isolation, on the severe risk list and shielding, and Facebook will be one of my life-lines, for food, for volunteers to run vital errands in the next 14 weeks, possibly 18 months …
But just before I sent it, I thought I’d try again – and remembered that when I taken it for repairs, the electronics guy had looked at me with pity mixed with disdain, and held down a key until the light had miraculously appeared – he wasn’t a magician (and hadn’t charge me a penny!), and that worked for me too!!!
Oh, whew!!!!!!!
Meanwhile I’d been watching my anxiety levels fluctuating wildly, angry at my own ineptitude (most of my family were great at intellectual conversation but practical duffers!), and frustrated at being so dependent on something I don’t fully understand – but remarkably calm for all that.
I guess I’m just going to have to be very, very careful from now on – and trust to luck (he wrote, then crossed fingers and toes!!)

3rd April

I got a sobering letter from my landlord, Your Homes Newcastle this morning, that one of the residents in my tower block was taken to hospital and died of COVID-19 (and they are increasing all cleaning and safety measures here).

Do take this seriously – keep washing your hands, don’t go out unless absolutely necessary and keep 6 feet or more apart.

Stay safe!



2nd April

I’ve pinned a notice to my front door
(not very well written, but it’s the thought that counts –
and I’m in a tower block so reasonably protected from fraudsters!)
My huge thanks to all you
postal , shop & delivery people
medical & care workers,
volunteers a& council staff
who allow vulnerable people like me
To socially isolate and stay safe.
You really are life savers!


Posted by a farmer in Ireland

1st April

For some of us, adapting to social isolation is reasonably smooth & easy – but for people stuck in or trying to get out of a violent relationship, the abuse, the delays, the lack of support can be absolute hell.
Here is a message from a friend:

“Let’s talk about isolation for those suffering domestic violence.
Priti Patel made an announcement today that those suffering need to get out of that situation.
Reduced funding, lack of refuge beds, societal judgement on everyone needing to stay put, police indifference, the taboo that is domestic violence is so unseen, unheard and unfelt by society in general.
This Tuesday was meant to be my final hearing, which I have waited for and worked towards for 2 whole years. Due to this lockdown I have to wait another 6 months. Whilst we suffer.
We will have an online hearing on Wednesday for 1 hour to confirm that we will wait six months. Great. More money spent, more time to wait, handing over my girls every week because I have no choice even in these times.
I am angry.
Why should judges be safe at home self-isolating when children are still being handed over due to court orders? When families have waited years for truth to be heard? When domestic abuse victims have nowhere to turn?
I usually run when I feel this angry, but I have nowhere to take this today.”

No photo description available.

31st March

For anyone wanting to get some exercise at home, and perhaps learn a new skill , I’d highly recommend Tai Chi – which is good for mental health, calming the mind, and physical health, your muscles and particularly strengthening lungs – so important to help them combat a respiratory virus.  There are many different forms of Tai Chi, and you might need to look around before finding one that suits you (none of them are quite like what the classes I went to!)  Anyway, here are 3 I found by searching “Tai Chi for beginners” 

8 Tai Chi breathing exercises

10 different Tai Chi moves

A more comprehensive introduction and guide to each Tai Chi move

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Someone just made the observation, “With Prince Charles and Johnson both having the virus it turns out you can get tested if you have an underlying wealth condition…..”
Tweet from 27 MarRajan Naidu@KangarooCaught·
Renaming things to feel more productive
Sitting – “Armchair yoga”
Watching telly – “Sitcom studies”
Eating toast – “Carb testing”
Whatsapping – “Thumb workout”
Scrolling – “Digital espionage”
Staring blankly – “Mind reboot”
Hand washing – “Virus-busting”
Staying in – “Heroic hibernation”
Tweet via VeryBritishProblems @SoVeryBritish

30th March

No symptoms yet – but I spoke to my doctor (and thanked profusely her & the receptionist for continuing their risky life-saving work!) who checked my file to say I should be on the severe risk list, so if I don’t get a Government letter this week, she’ll make sure I’m added to it.  And although I’m a lot better off than many, with a wonderful carer coming weekly (so far!), many generous offers of help from friends, and joined my local Mutual Aid group – after 2 weeks total lockdown, just knowing that removes much anxiety about access to food.

If you’re illness or disability is borderline, do check with your doctor …

No photo description available.

29th March

“I’m seeing 2 hashtags. One says #BooForBoris.  And the other one says #ClapForBoris.   Apparently they’re both happening at 8pm on Sunday.  Boo him if you like, but wishing Gonorrhoea on him – particularly while he’s battling #COVID19 – is a bit harsh”  Tweet from Rachael Swindon @Rachael_Swindon

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'It's for your own good. You have to stop touching your face.'

28 March

Idea for a mental health check-in

“How’s everyone holding up?
💚Green heart I’m doing great
💙Blue heart I’m okay
💛Yellow heart I’m okay-ish
💜Purple Heart Things are tough
🧡Orange heart I’m struggling
Red heart I’m having a hard time & wouldn’t mind if someone reached out to me
🖤Black heart I’m in a really dark place
PLEASE remember you’re not alone.”
Via Shippo @Aldousmarx


…  and now for some good news!!


27th March

The Boris Johnson step-by-step guide to turning a coronavirus crisis into a disaster
1  While other countries prepared for the worst, tear up previous government’s emergency plans, and take two months off dithering before taking any action
2  While other countries are promoting the message of washing not shaking hands, have the PM publicly boast about shaking hands with everyone in a coronavirus hospital
3  Promote the policy of developing herd immunity, and when its exposed as pseudo-science, deny such a policy ever existing
4  While other countries are massively increasing testing and tracing, stop doing it – so that it is impossible to develop a coherent plan and thenceforth all policy decisions are reactions to emergencies
5  Make sure even front-line staff in COVID-19 wards don’t have adequate protective gear so that more go sick and the most ill get even less care
6  While other countries are ordering vast numbers of ventilators, wait until they’ve all gone, before ordering more for delivery some months ahead, from a company which has never made them before, but whose owner is a big Tory donor (rather than a tried and tested manufacturer who offered to start delivering NOW, but isn’t a Tory donor)
7  Make sure NHS staff feel devalued by forcing them to continue paying exorbitant parking charges, until – like all policies – forced to change by a massive public petition expressing outrage
8  While news programme are full of videos of huge supermarket queues and empty shelves, tell everyone it’s all under control and telling people DON’T PANIC!
9  While other countries are following a policy of openness and transparency which gets excellent public responses, consistently lie about the number of deaths, e.g. telling doctors to record them as “pneumonia” – knowing that within hours whistle-blowers will expose the deception, thus giving more credibility to wild social media rumours than official government figures
10  Aim initial rescue package at saving businesses not lives, while making sure every official pronouncement is full of mixed messages, and then blame the public for not following advice
11  Continuing allowing in passengers from countries from the worst outbreaks, without any testing let alone quarantine
12  Make sure millions of people, many of whom are already in debt, have absolutely no income, and to apply for benefits from a DWP whose staff have spent years perfecting ways of refusing people minimal help
13  Support the clapping of NHS staff while finally providing protective equipment which is below WHO standard
14  Shed crocodile tears at the virus putting most at risk the elderly people who elected you, while gleefully calculating the huge saving in pensions and care costs
15  In government videos advise social distancing (sometimes of one metre apart, other times two) – while in other videos show ministers standing & sitting much closer to other people
16  Wait until large companies have laid-off thousands of workers before responding to massive media & public pressure, putting together a policy which helps stop workers being laid off
17  Finally come up with a policy to help self-employed people, but make sure thousands will not be able to access it – and don’t make it available for 3 months by which time many will be bankrupt
18  Keep telling the public the UK has the best medical experts in the world, while basing policy on neo-liberal economic & political advisors who are most interested in pleasing billionaire and off-shore hedge fund Tory donors
19  Keep telling us how wonderful the UK health system, police and as a last resort army are, the best in the world – having spent ten years depleting and demoralising with under-funding all three, reducing them to minimal staffing levels, with no slack to respond to any crisis – even one which was constantly forecast as being imminent, not if but when
20 ….  (you are welcome to add your own!)

26th March

Breaking the death taboo
There is something very touching, observing an elephant pouring over another’s bones, standing or moving to and fro for as long as it takes, their sensitive trunk sifting and smelling, perhaps remembering decades of companionship and togetherness. But with the advent of ivory hunters, many elephants faced mass slaughter of gentle giants, giving survivors no time to grieve, entirely focused on immediate survival. Little is known what toll that takes, but carers of orphaned elephants show them facing a host of problems, growing up in herds bereft of elders, centuries of knowledge lost, examples of living to copy and learn from no longer there.
I can’t remember either parents talking about friends lost in the Second World War. Had they learnt nothing from their parents inability to cope with the WWI & subsequent pandemic death toll, again grief suppressed or allowed to morph into jingoistic displays of heroism – which contradicted adages of It Never Happening Again, foreshortening the memory of a life into a brief spell of militarism? But perhaps there was just too much, too many friends and loved ones dying in a short space of time, emotions flooding raw minds – and far safer to develop a stiff upper lip, than begin the long process of separating out each and every life and giving it and feelings for it the respect due. And subsequent generations suffered huge psychological damage as a result.
The coronavirus crisis may not last long, but the effects will be felt for decades to come. Every human culture has some form of funeral & wake which focus the grieving process, where outpourings of emotions are allowed, and struggles won and achievements celebrated. But with mass gatherings of necessity banned, individuals may be unable to begin, unable to express their feelings while stuck with others also facing their own fear, the grieving process cut short, postponed perhaps for months, suppressed while simmering and seething in troubled minds.
Perhaps this time around so many victims being elderly and vulnerable will make it marginally easier, coming to terms with them dying having already begun at least in subconscious form. But that will be balanced by even more years of memories to grieve, to experience anger and loss, longer close experience of lives to assess and reassess.
Perhaps the loss of so many elders will lead to a greater value for so much experience and wisdom desperate for an audience – but where leaders of a worldwide economic culture built on competition, corruption, greed are already more interested in celebrating the savings in pensions and care costs, a massive groundswell of disgust would be needed for real change.
I only hope as part of the rebuilding process, resources all over the world are poured into training more grief counsellors, and those already experienced and qualified are gearing up for gruelling decades of empathetic turmoil. Grief suppressed doesn’t go away, grief postponed seeps out in ways least expected, at times least wanted. Without some planned response, hundreds of thousands of people may not even know they need help, soldiering on in robotic fashion until yet another morass of stifled feeling surfaces, with untold effects in every corner of society.

25th March

Last night I got two text messages:
GOV.UK CORONAVIRUS ALERT  New rules in force now: you must stay at home … etc
GOV.UK ALERT CORONAVIRUS  New rules in force now: you must stay at home … etc
with everything else the same, the second very soon after the first – and I couldn’t work out why.
Then I realised, pretty well every Boris Johnson press briefing has been followed by a lot of criticism, for being unclear, full of mixed messages.
The civil servant who sent out the first text must have realised, it was far too clear – and in order to be on track she/he had better create some confusion, however minor, or risk losing their job!
No photo description available.

This is a SCAM – do NOT respond!

24th March

I’ve seen umpteen TV programmes, stretching back years, of worldwide medical experts warning that the question of a viral pandemic is not IF but WHEN.
So citizens of every administration which gets elected on a platform of caring about voters – which they all say they do – might reasonably expect they would have some emergency plans which covered all the predictable basics, ready to put in effect.
And it seems the UK does have such plans, but for some unaccountable reason, this government decided it knew best and would totally ignore them.
So we now have scenarios like
  • front-line medical staff without proper protective equipment
  • NHS staff having to travel on packed public transport
  • self-employed people forced to go foraging
  • homeless people left out in the cold
all treated as though they were some weird outcome rather than totally foreseeable.
Unfortunately we have a leader who is far more interested in popularity than governing – the worst possible for a crisis.  So every decision Boris Johnson’s government takes has come reluctantly, too little, too late.
I can imagine Dominic Cummings and his minions glued to their screens – watching for whichever mass social media scrutiny and outrage at official dithering gets the most likes and shares, and tweaking policy accordingly – like a bunch of headless chickens, panic reacting to each new emergency their inaction inevitably helped to create.
Undoubtedly, more people will die than needed to – not just the old & vulnerable which the eugenics cultists at No. 10 have written off – but most unforgivably front-line NHS staff who are battling away to save lives and risking their own with inadequate protection, inadequate equipment, inadequate support.
I only hope the outrage lasts long after this crisis is over – and is enough to get rid of this pack of greedy, callous, incompetent Tories – and replace them before the next predicted crisis looms.

No 10 denies claim Dominic Cummings argued to ‘let old people die’

23rd March

Long before my social isolation, 19 years membership of an esoteric cult made me very wary of gurus promoting positive thinking as a universal panacea.
But I also find that sharing yet another story of Tory government failure & corruption can make my outlook too negative, becoming liable to join Boris Johnson in blaming the public (those who actually believed his criminal advice of a few days ago, of shaking every hand etc!) and adopting the mindset that everyone is as greedy, callous and incompetent as those in power.
I do now try to balance my postings, looking out for stories like
– the Cuban doctors flying to Italy putting their lives at extreme risk
– the NHS hospital staff using precious leisure time to raise money for their nearest foodbank
– the Mutual Aid groups of volunteers, ready to do shopping & run errands for elderly & vulnerable people, springing up all over the country
So when I see pictures of crowded trains & empty shelves. I don’t condemn all humanity – knowing from my personal experience in this crisis, that it is bringing out the best in most people, and proving that the socialist mantra of “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need” is not just some pipe dream, but the only sensible way of humans being together.

Image may contain: text

22nd March

One thing I’ll miss these next months is my regular visits to the barber for a good trim. I could just let it grow – as I did when 50 or so, an aging hippie phase, with & without pony-tail (before a drastic No. 2 cut reversal!) – but do now prefer it reasonably short.

In my mid teens, when barbers offered little else but “short, back & sides”, I used to do my Saturday morning jobs, then lock myself in the bathroom, spending hours snipping away at my mane of golden hair with a pair of nail scissors, a shampoo and bath, dressing in beatnik mode and strutting my stuff at the local coffee-bar, peacock-like in shy flamboyance, testosterone peaking, hoping some reasonably caring, intelligent young lady would allow me to fall in love with her, and reciprocate, without getting too close (an impossible ask!).

But this time round I’ve bought a hair-cutting device via E-Bay (which, just my luck, will probably turn out to be a fraudulent far eastern sweat-shop copy which explodes when turned on!) – but, this is probably very sexist, like most men I’m not very good at reading instructions, so I’m putting off my first attempt …

Although I’m at the stage in life where feeling good far outweighs looking good, I realised one thing stopping me was the fear of making a compete hash of it and laughed at. Until it dawned on me that no-one is going to know how I look for months and months! Which opens up loads of possibilities, of experimentation.

So next time you look at my profile photo, I can’t guarantee its accuracy – you never know, I might be sporting a quiff, taper fade or even a mohawk – while learning a new skill as a sure way of slowing down the aging process

21st March

To all the brilliant volunteers mustering around – please do appreciate that every time you do some shopping or run an errand for an elderly and vulnerable person, we are less likely to have to venture out into the world, we are less likely to catch COVID-19, we are less likely to die.

Some of us will be overwhelmed by anxiety, and we may forget to thank you enough – so please, every time you freely share your time and effort, don’t forget to give yourself lots of pats on the back, and in the days and weeks and months ahead remember, you are our superheroes, you really are saving lives!

No photo description available.

20th March

If you’re stuck at home self isolating and need help, you could try grassroots volunteer Mutual Aid groups

Find Your Local Group

18th March

Like millions of virus vulnerable people around the world – over 70 and with COPD – I’m self isolating and socially excluding, staying in my flat & no-one allowed in – and so even more dependent on my lovely, underpaid carer. Unfortunately the office didn’t pass on my message, so this morning we had a rather surreal conversation at 2 metres, then washing ready to go, and a week’s shopping list in hope that the local Co-op wasn’t completely bare shelved – and luckily she did brilliantly, with very acceptable substitutes, so I’m all set up for another week of nurturing a siege mentality (very luckily because there are no local Sainsbury delivery slots for at least 3 weeks, and when I tried to book the last available one, I got a “Generic Error” refusing my card!).
I’m also very fortunate in my semi-sheltered tower block having a housing officer – who tannoyed everyone today to check we’re OK, and letting me know that if needed some volunteers had already come forward to help with tasks (who I may well need, since my carer said, if schools close, she’ll be forced to stop work and manage somehow – and the care company will undoubtedly be forced to prioritise visits on urgent health grounds).
And I actually realised my brief chat over the tannoy and at either end of my flat entrance were my first conversations for some days – and, I’m not very good over the phone, got quite emotional …
But there must be millions who are feeling incredibly anxious, knowing their vulnerability – but just can’t get help, are running out of food and cash and forced into what could be a fatal decision whether to chance a foray outdoors for vital supplies. So if you are fit and well – I think there are local networks springing up all over – do consider giving a hour or two each week to help a neighbour, and perhaps be a life-saver.


Rebecca Long Bailey

A series of articles, speeches & messages supporting RLB for Labour leader

9 Jan 2020  Scottish Young Labour backs RLB

7 Jan 2020  Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey hits out at ‘barrel-scrape’ claims about her past 

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7 Jan 2020  Rebecca Long-Bailey: ‘My faith keeps me going.’

6 Jan 2020  To Win We Must Unite All of Labour’s Heartlands 

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6 Jan 2020  Ian Laverty statement

15 Dec 2019  Burgon backs Rebecca Long-Bailey as next Labour leader

6 Dec 2019  Why public ownership is the only solution to the UK’s broken energy market – by Rebecca Long Bailey 

29 Nov 2019  Rebecca Long-Bailey criticises Tory police cuts after London Bridge attack

15 Nov 2019  BBC Politics Live has already entered meltdown over Labour’s free WiFi policy 

5 Nov 2019  A Green Industrial Revolution isn’t just good ethics – it’s good economics 

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30 Oct 2019  Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution 

24 Oct 2019  Today is a great victory for Orkambi campaigners. Now let’s take on big pharma 

26 Sep 2019  Rebecca Long-Bailey: 21st century democratic public ownership

25 Sep 2019  Rebecca Long Bailey’s green socialist agenda 

25 Sep 2019  Labour’s Green New Deal and an era of public luxury | Michael Walker mee…

24 Sep 2019  Here’s Rebecca Long Bailey giving a rousing speech to Labour Conference 2019 

Image result for rebecca long bailey

5 Sep 2019  Climate report: we need a Green Industrial Revolution   

25 Jun 2019  Rebecca Long-Bailey speaks to The Canary about Labour’s radical plans for the future

5 Jun 2019  Who won PMQs? Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey wins the talent contest

28 Apr 2019  Labour: ‘Dramatic’ action needed on climate change

27 Feb 2019  Outsourcing is a scourge on our society – but workers are now fighting back 

Image result for rebecca long bailey

12 Jan 2019  Our High Streets need help to battle crisis, says Rebecca Long-Bailey Labour MP 

30 Nov 2018  Labour nails the government over the mental health crisis on Question Time 

23 Nov 2018  Rebecca Long-Bailey: Why Labour is calling for a green jobs revolution 

6 Nov 2018  Rebecca Long-Bailey: The Tories are failing the UK on renewable energy  

10 Oct 2018  The Tories have made fracking as easy as building a garden wall | Rebecca Long-Bailey 

Image result for rebecca long bailey despatch box

25 Sep 2018  Rebecca Long Bailey speaking at Labour Party Conference today – 

25 Sep 2018  Climate change is a risk to our existence, and Labour is ready to step up and protect the planet – @RLong_Bailey blogs 

16 Sep 2018  100,000 retail jobs lost in the last three years, Labour analysis reveals  

13 Jun 2018  Opinion: The government is about to cancel a billion-pound energy project in Wales – if this happened in London, there would be uproar 

24 Mar 2018  Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey on why printing our passports in France is “absurd”

21 Feb 2018  Rebecca Long-Bailey: Labour would work with co-ops to change the economy

Image result for rebecca long bailey on BBC Question Time

13 Feb 2018  Labour has issued a warning to the government over its ‘continued failure’ on fuel poverty  

7 Feb 2018  The Tories showed this week they are the party of the bosses, not the workers


16 Jan 2018  Carillion issued 3 profit warnings. So why was it still getting government contracts? 

11 Dec 2017  No more green rhetoric. A sustainable future is vital and possible 

27 Nov 2017  Will the industrial strategy be just another failed Conservative gimmick?  

20 Oct 2017  Here’s Owen Jones interviewing Rebecca Long-Bailey back in 2017, showing her to be a committed socialist, on top of her job, able to explain complex ideas in simple terms

31 Aug 2017  To Increase Britain’s Productivity We Need An Active Government And A Pay Rise For Workers 

11 Jul 2017  Nick Robinson tries to trap Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey live on air. But she’s having none of it [AUDIO] 

27 Jun 2017  Rebecca Long-Bailey on why she fears Tories are quietly axing their energy cap 

2 Jun 2017  We can build a fairer and richer Britain under a Labour government – Long-Bailey’s full speech 

1 Jun 2017  Labour is the true party of workers – that’s why we are investing in the UK’s industrial future 

13 May 2017  Theresa May’s half-baked imitation of Labour’s energy price cap will cost bill payers dearly

8 May 2017  The UK has more billionaires than ever. Under Labour we’ll all be on the rich list | Rebecca Long-Bailey  

5 May 2017  Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey had an absolute stormer savaging the Tories on #BBCQT

30 Apr 2017  Labour’s 20 Point Plan Will Ensure Everyone Has Security And Dignity At Work 

13 Mar 2017  Sack that Marr Show researcher! Long-Bailey was RIGHT about Tory £70 billion tax giveaway 

12 Mar 2017  The Budget Was An Opportunity To Show A Post-Brexit Vision, But It Failed To Deliver 

23 Feb 2017  The Government’s Industrial Strategy Will Make No Difference To Major Threats To British Industry 

14 Nov 2016  Shadow Treasury Minister witnesses the shocking truth about homelessness in Salford  

1 Oct 2016  This takedown of Osborne shows Corbyn’s new shadow cabinet is a proper opposition (VIDEO) 

21 Sep 2016  Rebecca Long-Bailey MP: It’s time to press the reset button on Labour

12 Sep 2016  One year on, Jeremy Corbyn has transformed British politics | Rebecca Long-Bailey 

5 Sep 2016  The Tories Are Prepared To Let Tax Evasion Run Rampant – Only A Corbyn-Led Government Will Tackle Dodgers 

 5 Aug 2016  This year has seen too much despair in politics. We need Jeremy Corbyn’s hope


2020 Climate Emergency

A record of fires, drought, hurricanes, floods – extreme weather events which warn that time is running out

2 Mar  Brazil – Heavy Rain Triggers Deadly Flooding and Landslides in Rio De Janeiro

28 Feb  Iran – Widespread Flooding After Rivers Overflow in Lorestan Province

27 Feb  Ireland – Shannon River Floods After Wet February

27 Feb  Colombia – 8 Dead After Flash Floods and Landslides in Santander and Caldas

27 Feb  UK – More Evacuations in England as Rivers Remain High

25 Feb  Torrential rain floods Jakarta

24 Feb  Tourists stranded in Canary Islands after Saharan sandstorm blows in

22 Feb  Auckland’s longest dry spell on record finally broken

22 Feb  Students dead and missing in flood-swept Indonesian river adventure

21 Feb  Dry February sends California back to drought: ‘This hasn’t happened in 150 years’


17 Feb  Winter rainfall records broken across the southeastern US

16 Feb  Storm Dennis: huge waves and flooded roads in England and Wales – video

12 Feb  Burundi – Floods Destroy Homes and Displace 11,0000

12 Feb  Heavy rain and mudslides kill eight in Bolivia

Bolivia – Floods Hit La Paz and Potosí Departments

9 Feb  Bushfires, cyclone, torrential rain hit Australia’s coasts

9 Feb  Tornado warning issued as Storm Ciara batters UK with ‘100mph winds’

8 Feb  South Africa – Floods Cause Havoc in Johannesburg and Gauteng

8 Feb  Two ‘bomb’ cyclones form at once in one ocean

7 Feb 2020  Peru – Hundreds Affected After Floods Destroy Homes in Cusco Region

6 Feb  New South Wales and Queensland weather: flood warnings as torrential rain hits Sydney and much of east coast

5 Feb  New Zealand floods: first ever red weather warning issued as thousands evacuated

3 Feb Europe: Record heat begins to ease

30 Jan  Malaysia – Floods in Johor Prompt Evacuations

29 Jan  Brazil counts the cost after highest recorded rainfall in 110 years

A flooded street after the Das Velhas River overflowed in Sabara, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

28 Jan Australia in the grip of flash floods and bushfires

28 Jan  Madagascar floods: Fears of hunger and malnourishment

24 Jan  Bushfires, ash rain, dust storms and flash floods: two weeks in apocalyptic Australia

24 Jan  CO2 concentration set for biggest annual rise, fueled by Australian bushfires …

23 Jan  Storm Gloria: 11 dead and five missing as flooding worsens in Spain

23 Jan  Report Details Climate Crisis Impacts on Coral Reefs, Warns of ‘Human Tragedy’

23 Jan  Australia fires reignite as temperatures soar, rain eases

22 Jan  Argentina – Evacuations After Floods in Tucumán Province

22 Jan  Nine dead and four missing as storm Gloria batters Spain

20 Jan  Huge hail batters Canberra as severe thunderstorms hit south-eastern Australia

13 Jan  Heavy rains, snowfall leave dozens dead in Pakistan, Afghanistan

7 Jan  The worst drought in 40 years has turned Bangkok tap water salty

7 Jan  India suffers hottest decade on record

India's five warmest years on record fell in the last 10 years, with 2016 being the hottest [File: Amit Dave/Reuters]

7 Jan  25 Humans, More Than One Billion Animals Dead in Australia Wildfires

6 Jan  Storms cause flooding in southeast Europe, Levant

4 Jan  Indonesia floods: At least 53 dead as record rainfall hits Jakarta

3 Jan  Climate change has brought parts of Zambia to the brink of famine

2 Jan  Australia fires: New South Wales declares week-long emergency

Image result for australian fires

2 Jan  Jakarta floods leave 21 dead and 30,000 homeless

1 Jan  India’s homeless bear brunt of record cold

How air pollution affects children – a series of articles

4 Apr 2019  Children and air pollution

5 Feb 2019  Child health experts warn air pollution is damaging children’s health

5 Feb 2019  UK parents ‘worryingly unaware’ of damage from air pollution

1 Feb 2019  Air pollution’s devastating impact on children’s health

21 Nov 2018  Study uncovers link between air pollution and intellectual disabilities in children

7 Nov 2018  Poor Air Quality Is Actually Linked to Autism, New Study Shows

5 Nov 2018  Air pollution: everything you should know about a public health emergency

5 Nov 2018  Air pollution may cause brain changes, learning problems and depression

1 Nov 2018  Air pollution is impeding our children’s brain development

28 Aug 2018  Air pollution causing major reduction in intelligence, study suggests

11 Jul 2017  What are the health effects of air pollution on children?:

Sep 2016  How air pollution affects your children’s lungs

13 Jun 2016   Air pollution linked to increased mental illness in children

6 July 2011  Air pollution linked to learning and memory problems, depression

2005  What are the effects of air pollution on children’s health and development?


Nigel Farage – skint millionaire, patriotic tax-avoider, privately educated man of the people, anti-Russian Putin admirer, climate change denying environmentalist

21 May 2019  New Video Shows Nigel Farage Courting Fringe Right-Wing Figures At A Private Tea Party Hosted At The Ritz

18 May 2019  Nigel Farage facing investigation by EU authorities over lavish gifts from millionaire tycoon

23 Apr 2019  Proud patriot Farage ‘applied for German passport’ on day after 2016 referendum – and did not deny having one

16 Apr 2019  Nigel Farage, biography focus on climate denial

12 Apr 2019  (I’m Gonna Tell) 500 Lies – Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party manifesto anthem

20 Mar 2019  Leader of Nigel Farage’s party resigns over anti-Islam messages

13 Mar 2019  ‘Skint’ Nigel Farage’s company assets grew almost £400k last year

Image result for MEP outside earnings

25 Feb 2019  Daughter of Putin spokesman works for ally of Nigel Farage

3 Feb 2019  Farage lies on Gibraltar – busted

26 Dec 2018  For Nigel Farage and a Brexit pollster, a world of gamblers and gambling

19 Aug 2018  Doctor shreds Nigel Farage for calling medical association a “disgrace” for Brexit warning

Image result for nigel farage memes

31 Jul 2018  Nigel Farage left speechless after radio caller ‘wipes the floor’ with him live on air

10 Jul 2018  Nigel Farage seventh on list of MEPs’ outside earnings

10 Jul 2018  ‘Skint’ Nigel Farage rakes in up to £790,000 and makes MEP rich list

29 Jun 2018  What do the ‘bad boys’ of Brexit – Nigel Farage and Arron Banks – have to do with Russia and Trump?

Image result for farage and banks

13 Jun 2018  Nigel Farage is a ‘fifth columnist’ Putin cheerleader, says Guy Verhofstadt

6 Apr 2018  Clip of Farage thanking Bannon for Brexit disappears from Breitbart

12 Jan 2018  Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg: The Three Clowns of Brexit Are No Joke

16 Dec 2017  Nigel Farage says his life is ‘miserable’ after Brexit

Image result for nigel farage memes

3 Dec 2017  Nigel Farage criticised for saying he will keep EU pension

24 Nov 2017  Labour MEP takes Farage to task for Soros witchhunt

12 Nov 2017  Nigel Farage accused of lying about ‘affair’ to save Brexit

25 Sep 2017  Nigel Farage Joins the Proxy War for Trump’s Soul

Image result for farage ku klux klan

28 Jul 2017  LBC under pressure to sack Nigel Farage over false on-air statements

2 Jun 2017  Nigel Farage is ‘person of interest’ in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia

23 Apr 2017  Nigel Farage knows all too well that smears and lies take hold if repeated enough times

20 Mar 2017  Nigel Farage under investigation for claiming Sweden was ‘the rape capital of Europe’

28 Feb 2017  The former head of the Ku Klux Klan has backed Nigel Farage for PM

Image result for farage ku klux klan

24 Feb 2017  Nigel Farage admitted he chanted English football songs about the Second World War at his German wife days before his 17-year marriage publicly collapsed

3 Feb 2017  Does Nigel Farage Tell Lies? Yes, Here’s Five Of Them

22 Dec 2016  Hope Not Hate founder attacks Nigel Farage over Brendan Cox remarks

20 Nov 2016  Breitbart: The web that connects Trump and Farage

8 Nov 2016  Nigel Farage says he wants a job working for President Donald Trump

12 Oct 2016  Farage: “I think Marine [Le Pen] wants to fuck me”

10 Oct 2016  Nigel Farage fights Donald Trump’s corner in post-debate spin room

31 Aug 2016  Nigel Farage wants to cut taxes for big firms like Apple – some man of the people!

Image result for nigel farage memes

11 Aug 2016  Nigel Farage boasted about his National Front initials and chanted Nazi song, claims schoolfriend

28 Jul 2016  Farage ‘heading for I’m a Celeb after Big Brother bosses refuse £750,000 pay demand’

30 Jun 2016  Andriukaitis blasts Farage ‘toxic untruths’ and ‘lies’

24 Jun 2016  Nigel Farage disowns Vote Leave ‘£350m for the NHS pledge’ hours after EU referendum result

Image result for farage brexit bus

15 Jun 2016  Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof’s rival EU referendum flotillas clash on the Thames

8 Jun 2016  Farage: sex, lies and Islamophobia

16 May 2016  Nigel Farage wants second referendum if Remain campaign scrapes narrow win

22 Apr 2016  Obama has a ‘grudge’ against Britain because of his Kenyan heritage, says Farage

21 Feb 2016  Farage makes hat-trick of errors in Marr interview

20 Feb 2016  Six lies told by Nigel Farage in Express article

27 Jan 2016  Climate Deniers Farage and Lawson To Debate Nick Clegg on EU Referendum

4 Jan 2016  Have wheels fallen off Farage ‘assassination plot’ story?

25 Aug 2015  Farage confused on immigration

10 Jun 2015  Farage right-hand man Raheem Kassam: ‘We had to lock HQ doors because some people were too embarrassing to be seen’

14 May 2015  Nigel Farage is a ‘snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive’ man, says campaign chief

28 Apr 2015  Nigel Farage: the English are biggest victims of racism because of Scots

21 Apr 2015  Lies, damned lies, and Nigel Farage’s dodgy statistics

9 Apr 2015  Farage’s voting record on fishing ‘makes mockery’ of new election poster

Image result for farage fishing poster

19 Mar 2015  Nigel Farage: what was Ukip  leader doing before politics?

13 Mar 2015  Farage: “People who can afford private healthcare should use it”

19 Feb 2015  Farage’s UKIP are the party of vested interests and tax cheats, not “the little man”

6 Feb 2015  Nigel Farage’s pinstriped image belies modest City career

12 Nov 2014  Film shows Nigel Farage calling for move away from state-funded NHS

Image result for farage  EU attendance

24 Oct 2014  The dog-whistle racism in Nigel Farage’s Independent column is OK because he likes cricket

21 Oct 2014  Jewish fury after Ukip’s Nigel Farage forms a pact with Holocaust deniers to secure funding …

30 Sep 2014  Who is Nigel Farage?

19 May 2014  What would really happen if Nigel Farage had his way?

18 May 2014  Nigel Farage attacked over Romanians ‘slur’

31 Mar 2014  Brilliant Putin is the leader I most admire, says Nigel Farage

Image result for farage & putin

19 Sep 2013  Letter reveals teacher branded Ukip leader Nigel Farage a ‘fascist’

25 Jun 2013  Nigel Farage: Going off shore? UKIP Leader in tax controversy

25 Feb 2010  Ukip’s Nigel Farage tells Van Rompuy: You have the charisma of a damp rag

24 May 2009  Ukip leader boasts of his £2m in expenses

4 Jun 1981 Letter written by a teacher at Dulwich College about N. P. Farage

Lib Dem leaders – hypocrisy, corruption, and a series of scandals spanning 60 years

If you live in a Lib Dem constituency – or where they have a big following – and they try to take the moral high ground, just remind them of their more than unfortunate choice of leaders, with hypocrisy, corruption and a series of scandals spanning 60 years

Jo Swinson – pro austerity Tory-supporter

Vince Cable – Royal Mail privatisation rip-off

Tim Farron – anti-LGBT bigotry

Nick Clegg – student fees liar

Menzies Campbell – expenses scandal

Charles Kennedy – drink problem

Paddy Ashdown – serial adulterer

David Steel – paedophile friend

Jeremy Thorpe – murder suspect

A video exposing the horrific voting record of Jo Swinson   via  Guy Lucas-Bhana‏ @GuyLucasBhana

Cable’s Royal Mail sale was crony capitalism at its worst

Image result for vince cable roya mail photo

Tim Farron: I regret ‘gay sex no sin’ statement

Image result for Tim Farron – anti-LGBT bigotry photo

Nick Clegg’s broken fees pledge defence ‘weak’ says NUS

Image result for Nick Clegg's broken fees pledge photo

Lib Dems swept into scandal as  Sir Ming’s £10,000  bill  for flat is revealed

Charles Kennedy’s alcohol problem was also Britain’s alcohol problem

Wife knew about ‘Paddy Pantsdown’ affair

David Steel suspended from Lib Dems over Cyril Smith revelation

Image result for david steel and cyril smith photo

Jeremy Thorpe scandal: attempted murder case to reopen

Image result for jeremy thorpe murder trial

The Independent Group – promising Change with a funny tinge of hypocrisy & corruption

What do the Independent Group stand for?

Well, they don’t like Jeremy Corbyn!

In just four lines, Jeremy Corbyn blows the lid off the ‘tough choice’ made by Labour’s quitters

Middle of Nowhere

Democracy and the Corrupt Seven (Eight):

Image result for chris leslie MP scandal poster

26 Apr 2019  Activist quits Change UK claiming it is ‘riddled with distrust’

24 April 2019  Second Change UK candidate resigns in 24 hours after ‘crazy black wh***’ remarks emerge

Image result for The Independent Group memes

21 Apr 2019  Neil Davidson, treasurer of Change UK, used tax dodge denounced by minister

There’s a huge question mark over who’s funding the ex Labour and Tory MPs

Why the Independent Group is the antithesis of democracy

Image result for The Independent Group memes

Independent Group endorsed by right-wing Think Tank who want to privatise the NHS

Ex-Labour Independent Group MP ‘attempts to illegally access confidential Labour data’

Here are 8 things that the Blairites didn’t think were important enough to protest about

20 anti-Corbyn MPs just voted AGAINST a pay rise for the UK’s lowest earners to try and damage THEIR OWN party

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

Here’s a list of Labour MPs who missed the vote to withdraw support from Saudi Arabia’s murderous war in Yemen (including Angela Smith Ann Coffey Chris Leslie Gavin Shuker Joan Ryan Luciana Berger Ian Austin)

Labour MP’s Who Abstained on Welfare & Stopping Saudi War Crimes (including Angela Smith Chris Leslie Gavin Shuker Joan Ryan Luciana Berger  Mike Gapes Ann Coffey Ian Austin)

And brief information about their members

Chuka Umunna  @ChukaUmunna

Anti-Corbyn “Labour” MP Chuka Umunna to trouser £451 AN HOUR chairing new Centrist Think Tank

Reserves the right to change his mind (again & again!) about loyalty to a leader, breakaway parties, EU referendum – Owen Jones lays bare Chuka Umunna’s history of careerist flip-flopping

Image result for chuka umunna scandal poster

It Appears Chuka Umunna Is Being Funded By One Of The Tories’ Biggest Donors

If you thought Chuka Umunna’s new centrist think-tank was a joke, you should see his pay cheque

Gavin Shuker  @gavinshuker

Just because Gavin Shuker voted – Against the introduction of same-sex marriage dos not mean he’s homophobic; Against greater regulation for fracking doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about climate change; Against investigations into Iraq war doesn’t mean he likes aar criminal s (please don’t sue me Gavin!) paid MP £20,000 after false homophobia claims

Image result for Gavin Shuker  scandal poster

A Labour MP’s hilarious ‘apology’ to constituents after party members vote to send him packing

Angela Smith – @angelasmithmp  who detests racism (unless she’s very, very funny-tinge tired)

Ash Sarkar takes down a resigning Blairite MP so brutally, a BBC host intervenes

Image result for Angela Smith MP funny tinge

Angela Smith is stuck in the past – we need public ownership of water now | We Own It

Vote of no confidence passed in Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Angela Smith

Angela Smith: Why fracking could be saviour of steel in the UK

Chris Leslie @ChrisLeslieMP

Mr Leslie is married to Nicola Murphy, a former adviser to Gordon Brown who in 2016 set up the centrist campaign group Labour Tomorrow – Chris Leslie, shadow chief secretary to the treasury, claimed £1,922 for cleaning in 2004-05, before losing his Shipley seat at the 2005 election..

Chris Leslie confirms Independent Group will be pro-privatisation, pro-tuition fees, and won’t tax the rich more

Image result for chris leslie MP scandal poster

Chris Leslie is challenged over his by-election hypocrisy on Question Time

A resigned Blairite tries to smooth over the racism row, but gets egg on himself in the process

Blairite Chris Leslie’s shameless attempt to humiliate Corbyn in parliament is the final straw. It’s time to deselect him.

One Blairite MP is now so far right of Labour that he’s literally become Tory propaganda

Mike Gapes – made an all-expenses-paid trip to Saudi while Yemen children bombed

Image result for "mike gapes" MP scandal poster

Here are the 29 Tory MPs who have accepted lavish free trips from the murderous Saudi Arabian regime since 2015

Centrist Labour MP ‘facing legal action’ from Labour member over “gammon” antisemitism accusation

MP who attacked Corbyn for ‘speaking to Hamas’ wrote 2007 article endorsing speaking with Hamas

Ann Coffey @anncoffey_mp Stockport  (ps her husband Peter Saraga revolving door vice-chair of the University of Sussex‘s University Council and a former managing director at Philips Research Labs UK)

Image result for ian austin MP scandal poster

Four Labour MPs who didn’t support Labour’s tax rise for the richest 5% last week

Labour MPs must be held to account over failure to vote on Yemen campaign

Labour rebels show their true – BLUE – colours Luciana Berger @lucianaberger  Liverpool Wavertree  – Parliamentary chair of the Jewish Labour Movement.

Merseyside Police said “there has been no special protection detail for Ms Berger, armed or otherwise”

Anti-Corbyn Labour MPs exposed attending lavish party alongside rabid antisemite

Joan Ryan  @joanryanEnfield Enfield – Claims to be patriotic and law-abiding but

Here is the patriotic and loyal MP (JoanRyanEnfield) having £1m dangled in front of her by an expelled Israeli spy Shai Masot who talked of ‘taking down MPs’

Resigning Blairite Joan Ryan was caught on video ‘lying’ to smear critics of Israel

Image result for Joan ryan MP Israeli spy poster

Joan Ryan linked to data breach – by Joan Ryan

Excl: victim of attempted assault, death threat by Ryan supporter speaks

Exclusive: full, final version of the Ryan no-confidence motion

Image result for "Ann Coffey " MP scandal poster

Anna Soubry   @Anna_Soubry  Broxtowe

Let’s talk about FBPE hero Anna Soubry.

Image result for anna soubry hypocrisy poster

Tory Anna Soubry has already delivered a kiss of death to the new centrist group

Heidi Allen  @heidiallen75   South Cambridgeshire – the Queen of Crocodile tears, who voted 16X to cut benefits then visited foodbanks to cry about the poverty she’d helped create

Spare us your crocodile tears, Heidi Allen. Cuts kill, and the Tories and Blairites are both to blame

Heidi Allen

Tory MP who CRIED at Universal Credit horror stories votes to BLOCK Universal Credit Impact Assessment publication

Tory MP begins nationwide tour to protest horrific effects of policies she literally voted for

Sarah Wollaston @sarahwollaston Totnes – is the nearest @TheIndGroup have to “caring” Conservative – voting against Syria bombing, in 2017 – but don’t forget also voted 12X for the Bedroom tax, and 48X to cut welfare benefits; but 23X to reduce corporation tax, 6X for cutting Capital Gains Tax – a doctor friend of the sick & disabled she is not!

Sarah Wollaston
And let’s not forget Ian Austin  Dudley North- who is famous for

Ian Austin quits Labour over ‘anti-Semitism’.  His own? What about the warmongering? And…


Expenses fiddles


Alleged abusive behaviour