EXPOSED – a catalogue of Tory baloney, cover-ups, deceit, duplicity, fabrication, fakery, falsehoods, hoaxes, hogwash, humbug, lies, myths, red herrings, shams, whoppers

”If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth”

With special thanks to @ToryFibs 

6 Feb 2018  Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski refuses to retract false Twitter claim, despite ridicule

9 Dec 2018  Labour to table Urgent Question re Tory public funds for smears

Secret Scottish-based office led infowars attack on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn

13 Oct 2018  May vowed to reform stop and search – but it’s getting worse for black Britons

11 Oct 2018  Tory MP inadvertently reveals how her own party sneak through tax cuts for the rich

1 Oct 2018  Leaked text messages show LBC colluding with a Tory cabinet minister to make him look good

8 Sep 2018   Jeremy Corbyn has officially condemned Iran more times than 648 other current MPs in the House of Commons. To label him pro-Iran is a wilful & verifiable lie.  (tweet via @Toryfibs)

22 Aug 2018  The architect of the DWP’s most damaging policy just got to rewrite history on the BBC

13 Aug 2018  BBC allow Tory MP to repeatedly lie unchallenged over shocking homelessness figures

19 Jul 2018  Chief whip faces calls to quit after he is accused of lying over critical Brexit vote

13 Jun 2018  Don’t believe Esther McVey. The latest employment statistics are not a success story for the DWP

1 Jun 2018  Anger as Brexiter Nigel Lawson applies for French residency

15 May 2918  63 Windrush migrants could have been wrongly deported, Home Secretary Sajid Javid admits

13 May 2018  Remember Tory promises in 2010 to protect Sure Starts from closure ?  1,000 Sure Start children’s centres may have shut since 2010

Image result for tory sure start poster photo

13 May 2018  People are calling for Theresa May’s resignation after she got it ‘completely wrong’ at PMQs   via @TheCanaryUK

13 May 2018  Tory MP Ken Clarke admitting Theresa May’s election manifesto was complete rubbish!  Via  @PeterStefanovi2

9 May 2018  Labour accuse Tories of ‘shameless capitulation to press barons’ after vote against Leveson 2 inquiry – Politics live

1 May 2018  A List Of Alleged Conservative Lies, Corruption, and Incompetence

29 Apr 2018  Tory Chair Lewis slip ends Rudd’s career. Abbott applies finishing touch

25 Apr 2018 – True scale of homelessness almost 10 times higher than official figures suggest, report warns

Image result for UK homelessness poster photos

25 Apr 2018 – The prime minister says the UK leads the world on climate action, but Foreign Office officials dedicated to the issue have plunged since 2016

25 Apr 2018 –  Amber Rudd admits she “should have realised sooner” Windrush was systemic problem – Politics live

23 Apr 2018 – Government knew for years that Windrush generation hurt by ‘hostile environment’

Image result for windrush scandal poster photos

18 Apr 2018 – Documentary evidence May’s 2009 Windrush landing-card claim was false  via @skwawkbox

18 Apr 2018 – Andrew Neil slams Tory campaign of “lies and disinformation” against Jeremy Corbyn  via @psbook

4 Apr 2018  Jeremy Corbyn has called Theresa May out on yet another Tory lie

3 Apr 2018 – Video: Johnson: ‘Porton Down said categorically no doubt’. PD CEO: ‘No we didn’t’

2 Apr 2018 – The Lying Kings: The Ferret finds Tories are worst for false claims

29 Mar 2018 – Tory rail chief Chris Grayling accused of ‘lying’ in furious electrification row

23 Mar 2018 – More Libel From Tories? Javid Tweets Lies & Smears

22 Mar 2018  – Tories will break pledge to rehouse Grenfell survivors, says Javid

Image result for grenfell lies poster photos

1 Mar 2018 – Jacob Rees-Mogg caught out for lying about Jeremy Corbyn on live TV

28 Feb 2018 – All the times Boris Johnson flat-out lied

26 Feb 2018 – Conservative peer calls out McVey for lying to MPs about Motability  via @ian_espana

25 Feb 2018 – Lying Tory Ben Bradley just tweeted his apology to Jeremy Corbyn – the resulting carnage will live in Twitter infamy forever   via @EvolvePolitics

19 Feb 2018 – LISTEN: BBC host lets Tory MP’s blatant lies about Jeremy Corbyn go completely unchallenged [AUDIO]  via @EvolvePolitics

19 Feb 2018 – All That Is Solid …: Lies, Damned Lies, and Tory Politics

15 Feb 2018 – Corbyn compares Tory ‘smears’ to ‘lies’ that inspired killer Darren Osborne

12 Feb 2018 – Esther McVey lies again – and to Work and Pensions Committee

8 Feb 2018 – AAV: Tory Brextremist Daniel Hannan is absolutely crap at lying

16 Jan 2018 – Boris Johnson claims Brexit can deliver even more than £350m a week to NHS

13 Jan 2018 – Esther McVey: Already the lies and cover-ups have started via @MidWalesMike

12 Jan 2018 – Tory ‘lies’ to Question Time after claiming there are more NHS beds than ever

10 Jan 2018 – Health minister in row over patients sleeping on hospital floor quits

6 Jan 2018 – Shameless Javid caught lying about homelessness via @MidWalesMike

4 Jan 2018 – Doctors up and down Britain have been brutally exposing Jeremy Hunt’s lies about the #NHSCrisis  via @EvolvePolitics

21 Dec 2017 – Why don’t all ministers resign for lying? The mystery of the sackable offence

9 Dec 2017 – Gove is ignorant or lying: we can’t rip up future EU deal @InFactsOrg

6 Dec 2017 – David Davis accused of ‘blatant lying’ and contempt of Parliament over Brexit impact papers … and … 7 times David Davis boasted about the Brexit reports he now claims don’t exist

22 Oct 2017 – Liam Fox stands by claim that Brexit trade deal will be ‘easiest in human history’

17 Oct 2015

Doctors contracts protest: Jeremy Hunt accused of ‘peddling vicious lies’

16 Oct 2017 – “Women’s refuges have seen their budgets slashed by nearly a quarter over the last seven years, despite Theresa May’s pledge to boost funding for women escaping violent” partners

11 Oct 2017 – Jeremy Hunt admits false claims over mental health  via @FactCheck

6 Oct 2017 – “Mr Johnson’s parents called on Mr Shapps to resign for “telling lies” and failing to take the bullying claims seriously”

3 Oct 2017 – Jeremy Hunt ridiculed for claiming Tories ‘set up’ the NHS

25 Jul 2017 – More on the ‘lie’ behind the unemployment numbers

18 July 2017 – Chris Grayling Is Lying Through His Teeth Over HS2, Claims Campaigner @LBC

23 Jun 2017 – Amber Rudd’s first sentence on BBC Question Time was a lie

via @nw_nicholas

18 Jun 2107 – Another Angry Voice: Exposing the copy n’ paste Tory lies about the Grenfell Tower fire

9 Jun 2017 – They lied and lied and lied: why the Tories are the real party of chaos | David Shariatmadari

6 Jun 2017 – The Scottish Tories Have Been Accused Of “Lying To Voters” On Their Leaflets  via @JamieRoss7

1 Jun 2017 – GE2017: David Davis in car crash interview over Tory campaign lies

1 Jun 2017 – Stop calling Jeremy Corbyn an IRA terrorist sympathiser, it’s simply not true

25 May 2017 – On BBC Question time, Home Secretary Amber Rudd denies police cuts were a factor in Manchester terrorism

20 May 2017 – David Gauke Lies : “we built more houses than Labour”

18 May 2017 – Conservative party manifesto launch, factchecked @FullFact

11 May 2017 – For the last time, Labour did not bankrupt the country! @thepileus

6 May 2017 – 20 promises the Tories have broken since being elected two years ago

29 Apr 2017 – AAV: 30 things you should know about the Tory record

29 Apr 2017 – Tories lie about so many things – why should we believe them about Jeremy Corbyn?  via @MidWalesMike

16 Mar 2107 – Theresa May caught telling lies about Tory election fraud

13 Mar 2017 – Liam Fox denies sending tweet – sitting in front of giant picture of said tweet

9 Mar 2017 – The Tories are “telling lies” when they deny having “cheated” election law to win crucial seats in the General Election, two whistleblower ex-activists have said.

8 Feb 2017 – Vote Leave director admits they won because they lied to the public via @LondonEconomic

30 Oct 2016 – Theresa May lied and lied again to become PM | Nick Cohen

3 Oct 2016 – We fact checked Sajid Javid’s claims about the Tories’ housebuilding record

22 Aug 2016 – These leaks show Jeremy Hunt’s deception over the seven-day NHS | Rachel Clarke

19 Jul 2016 – Boris Johnson grilled on past ‘outright lies’ at uneasy press conference

1 Jul 2016 – Boris Johnson peddled absurd EU myths – and our disgraceful press followed his lead

27 Jun 2016 – Boris has been sacked for lying before, so why are we so surprised?

14 Jun 2016 – Brexiteers Michael Gove and Boris Johnson guilty of ‘nauseating cynicism’ over the NHS | News, Press release | News | UNISON National

22 May 2016 – A Tory minister Penny Mordaunt just ‘flat out lied’ about Turkey joining the EU

13 Mar 2016 – (Despite what they say) The Conservatives have been the biggest borrowers over the last 70 years  via @richardjmurphy

6 Dec 2015 – 10 policy promises broken by David Cameron

7 Oct 2015 – Fact-checking Theresa May’s claims in her anti-immigration speech–bkBI6fBBPl

16 Mar 2015 – Grant Shapps: just how gullible does he think voters are?  | Suzanne Moore

16 Mar 2105 – Eleven grammar school myths, and the actual facts

4 Mar 2015 – Plebgate PC wins £80k damages in Andrew Mitchell libel action

25 Feb 2015 – Firefighters’ Fury: If the Government Can Lie to Its Own Backbenchers, What Hope for the Rest of Us?

25 Nov 2014 – A list of official rebukes for Tory lies  via @RevolutionBreeze

13 Nov 2013 – The pre-election pledges that the Tories are trying to wipe from the internet

22 Oct 2015 – Lies of the Week with Jeremy Hunt  via @juniordrblog

21 Oct 2013 – Esther McVey Lied – Only 10% of DLA Awards Are Based On Just Filling In A Form  via @johnnyvoid

2 Apr 2013 – “no more top down reorganisation of the NHS”  David Cameron’s NHS re-organisation

4 Oct 2011 – Cats, lies, and family ties: Theresa May, human rights and wrongs at Tory Party conference  via @Right_To_Remain







4 thoughts on “EXPOSED – a catalogue of Tory baloney, cover-ups, deceit, duplicity, fabrication, fakery, falsehoods, hoaxes, hogwash, humbug, lies, myths, red herrings, shams, whoppers”

  1. One you may have missed,
    28 March 2018 PM May told Parliament that, “over 50 people had been treated at Sailbury A&E..”

    Salisbury A&E said, “Three people have been treated”


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