Conservatives NOT the “Greenest Government Ever”!

Here is some evidence of the Conservative Government’s environmental record, when the UK need to be producing less fossil fuels not more …

16 Mar 2019  Government rejects EAC call to end oil and gas exploration in the Arctic – News from Parliament – UK Parliament

15 Mar 2019  Do UK politicians support the climate strike? Party leaders respond “The Conservative party was invited to participate, but declined”

10 Mar 2019  UK oil and gas production forecast raised

24 Feb 2019  Ban Ki-moon tells Britain: stop investing in fossil fuels overseas

24 Jan 2019  UK set to ditch overfishing safeguards, despite ‘green Brexit’ promise

22 Jan 2019  Government ‘tried to bury’ its own frightening report on climate change

5 Nov 2018  UK officially has the worst air pollution in the whole of Europe

30 Oct 2018  Environmental groups condemn lack of action on wildlife declines and climate change in Budget

29 Oct 2018  Budget 2018: Green economy reacts

10 Oct 2018  The Tories have made fracking as easy as building a garden wall

10 Oct 2018  With only ’12 years left to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown’, Michael Gove skips a crucial climate meeting

8 Oct 2018  Does today’s climate report change the arguments on UK fracking?

7 Aug 2018  Lawyers say Gove proposals for Brexit environmental watchdog are useless

27 Jul 2018  UK fracking go-ahead further chills the renewables sector

Frack 1

27 Jul 2018  ‘As we suffer in the heatwave and Greece burns, the Tories are signing off a fracking bill that is laughable’

26 Jul 2018  MPs say ministers must stop turning a blind eye to climate change

25 Jul 2018  Government accused of allowing caged badgers to die of thirst in heatwave, as cull continues

25 Jul 2018  MPs unaware of popularity and cost competitiveness of onshore wind farms

24 Jul 2018  Dismay at Government’s fracking decision

24 Jul 2018  Environment must be protected with legally binding targets to avoid crisis after Brexit, MPs urge

24 Jul 2018  Government give Cuadrilla the go-ahead to start fracking at Lancashire site

22 Jul 2018  A No Deal Brexit Would Be Catastrophic For The Environment – But We Aren’t Talking About It

21 Jul 2018  No need to revise health review on fracking impacts, says minister

18 Jul 2018  Fossil Fuel Industry Outspent Environmentalists and Renewables by 10:1 on Climate Lobbying, New Study Finds

18 Jul 2018  Asthma deaths rise 25% amid growing air pollution crisis

Image result for uk air pollution photo

17 Jul 2018  Cuadrilla completes second shale gas well and prepares to frack as hosepipe ban is announced

11 Jul 2018  New Health Secretary Matt Hancock receives an annual £4,000 cash bundle from climate science denier funder

10 Jul 2018  Government needs U-turn over mania for nuclear plants

9 Jul 2018  Dominic Raab: The new Brexit secretary with ties to the UK’s climate science denial network

9 Jul 2018  Government’s Road to Zero plans a ‘major disappointment’ and ‘a step backwards’

28 Jun 2018  Young will pick up climate change bill, advisers warn

27 Jun 2018  UK environment policies in tatters, warn green groups

25 Jun 2018 Transport secretary clashes with climate change experts over dire warning of impact of Heathrow expansion

25 Jun 2018  Government rejects plan for £1.3bn tidal lagoon in Swansea 

23 Jun 2018  Green energy feels the heat as subsidies go to fossil fuels

19 Jun 2018  UK solar power growth halves for second year running

19 Jun 2018  ‘Huge mistake’: Britain throwing away lead in tidal energy, say developers

11 Jun 2018  Chris Packham warns of ‘ecological apocalypse’ in Britain

8 Jun 2018  Britain’s nuclear U-turn puts us in a very lonely club

8 Jun 2018  Heathrow third runway protesters vow to step up campaign

5 Jun 2018  Heathrow’s third runway deemed ‘disastrous’ by environmentalists

15 May 2018  Fears UK Could ‘Cheat’ as Climate Change Excluded from Brexit Watchdog Remit

12 May 2018  Peers to rebel over ‘toothless’ post-Brexit green watchdog

9 May 2018  Secret UK push to weaken EU climate laws ‘completely mad’

2 May 2018  Growth in independent renewable energy projects slumps by 20 per cent in a year as government support falls

30 Apr 2018  New communities secretary “Brokenshire’s previous employer — law firm Jones Day — has advised and represented numerous shale gas companies in the United States”

8 Apr 2018  MAPPED: How climate science deniers prop-up the Tory-DUP pact threatening the Good Friday Agreement

29 Mar 2018  Government ‘running out of time’ to deliver green Brexit, warns environmental coalition

23 Mar 2018  The government just abandoned plans for a diesel scrappage scheme

6 Mar 2018  Caroline Lucas: Tories’ strategy to reduce plastics is inadequate

5 Mar 2018  Theresa May wants to have her cake and eat it with housebuilding too

16 Feb 2018  Greens Animals Spokesperson slams Gove for broken badger cull promises

22 Jan 2018  Fears for future of UK onshore wind power despite record growth

11 Jan 2018  Farming charity releases top ten food safety concerns posed by US-UK trade deal

7 Jan 2018  ‘Hunting Act must be strengthened so it can achieve what it was intended to do’

26 Dec 2017  Countryside Alliance warns Tories  they risk losing heartlands in ‘naive’ push for animal rights

19 Dec 2017  The Theresa May government’s nuclear obsession is a betrayal of democracy

11 Dec 2017  Former Environment Secretary Promotes Post-Brexit ‘Special Relationship’ with US Climate Science Deniers

23 Nov 2017  No subsidies for green power projects before 2025, says UK Treasury

20 Nov 2017 The Tories have voted that animals can’t feel pain as part of the EU Bill

24 Oct 2017   BBC apologises over interview with climate denier Lord Lawson

3 Oct 2017  Environment secretary says cutting greenhouse gas emissions must not come ‘at expense of economic growth’

1 Aug 2017  Fossil fuel subsidies result in health costs six times as high

26 Jul 2017  Phasing out diesel and petrol cars is a woefully tiny step towards cleaner air

3 Jul 2017  Campaigners accuse Conservatives of failing to protect England’s green belt

14 Jun 2017  The Verdict’s In – Fox Hunting Played Major Election Role

12 Jun 2017  Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s awful voting record on environmental issues

12 Jun 2017  Michael Gove as environment secretary is ‘fox in charge of hen house’

23 May 2017  Tories pledge ‘unprecedented’ support for fossil fuels as it emerges oil bosses have given party almost £400,000

20 May 2017  40,000 Brits die every year from air pollution, yet there’s nothing about it in the Tory manifesto

19 May 2017  What do we think – the Conservative party manifesto

19 May 2017  Tory plans to fast-track fracking ‘risk trampling democracy’

8 May 2017  UK Coal Industry Gets Hundreds of Millions in Subsidies Each Year

20 Apr 2017  Green Investment Bank sell-off described as a disaster by critics

19 Apr 2017  Britain is subsidising the fossil fuels industry to the tune of millions

19 Apr 2017  Three ways the fossil fuel industry influences the UK political system – and three things you can do

18 Apr 2017  Greenpeace fined under Lobbying Act in ‘act of civil disobedience’

13 Apr 2017  Tories blamed for solar power crisis as new installations plummet by 80 per cent

22 Mar 2017  Slash EU regulations on wildlife protection and drug safety trials after Brexit, Michael Gove urges

1 Mar 2017  Tories’ dirty exemption opens door for fracking in national parks

28 Feb 2017  Government tries to puts itself above environmental law

26 Jab 2017  Mapped: How Fracking Lobbyists From UK and US Have Infiltrated Parliament

1 Aug 2016  Greenpeace: Tory donors will pocket post-Brexit subsidies

10 Jun 2016  More than half of jobs in UK solar industry lost in wake of subsidy cuts

8 Dec 2015  Heavily polluting ‘diesel farms’ to make millions from subsidies, IPPR warns

12 Nov 2015  UK becomes only G7 country to increase fossil fuel subsidies

23 Oct 2015  The Tories are trying to kill off our renewable energy boom

18 Aug 2015  Figures published by the IMF in 2015 show the UK provides more subsidies for fossil fuels than…

24 Jul 2015  The nine green policies killed off by the Tory government

23 Jul 2015  Government kills off flagship green deal for home insulation

10 Jul 2015  UK scraps zero carbon homes plan

31 Mar 2015  Tim Yeo Just Called Out ‘Old, White, Male’ Tories For Not Accepting Climate Change

13 Mar 2015  Labour and Conservatives clash over badger cull policy

4 Mar 2015  MPs slam ‘capacity market’ scheme for raising energy costs

17 Nov 2014  Britain’s ‘energy policy’ – carried out by Tories, made by UKIP?

2 Sep 2014  Two secret funders of Nigel Lawson’s climate sceptic organisation revealed

29 July 2014  Fracking will reduce Tory chances of winning the election, says Greenpeace –

20 Jul 2014  I was sacked by David Cameron to appease ‘the green blob’, says Paterson

15 Jul 2014  Liz Truss: A not-very-green environment secretary

23 May 2014  Fracking in Tory heartlands ‘in national interest’, says Michael Fallon as report reveals 4.4bn barrels of oil

5 Jul 2013  Michael Gove abandons plans to drop climate change from curriculum

14 Apr 2013  Wind farm developers face new wave of opposition from MPs

14 Feb 2013  Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial think-tanks

20 Nov 2012  MP Peter Lilley has received more than $400,000 in oil company share options

13 Nov 2012  SCANDAL: there’s a toxic plot in the Conservative party

25 Oct 2012  Climate change sceptic Peter Lilley joins Commons energy committee

21 Oct 2012  Fears grow over Conservatives’ links to fossil fuel lobbyists

4 Nov 2011  Nature Watch: Wildlife sites unprotected in planning law

16 Feb 2011  Forests sell-off abandoned as Cameron orders U-turn




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