Stumbling from crisis to scandal – Conservative education failing our children

Academy fraud, teacher burnout, child poverty, knife crime, exam cheating, sexual harassment, obesity, headteacher greed, period poverty, postcode lottery, child mental health, social entrenchment – after 4 Tory Education Ministers, the school system nears collapse

20 Apr 2019  Skint schools ‘losing out to academy chiefs salaries and smart cars

5 Apr 2019  Ministers have U-turned on 33 attempts to force schools to become academies

4 Apr 2019  Britain’s schools are at breaking point

3 Apr 2019  Mother sues over daughter’s suicide attempt in school isolation booth

1 Apr 2019  Number of primary school children at referral units soars

26 Jan 2019  Gibb jeered over his defence of school funding

25 Mar 2019  New data shows 17,723 schools have had School Cuts since 2015/16

25 Mar 2019  BBC Panorama investigates the Academy School scandal

13 Jan 2019  Education spending slashed by £7bn since 2011 with children ‘paying price for austerity’, says Labour

11 Jan 2019  England’s schools still feeling budget crunch, analysis finds

7 Dec 2018  Eight schools send as many pupils to Oxbridge as three quarters of the rest of UK schools, report finds

Image result for class division education cartoon

5 Dec 2018  The private takeover of schools like this is well under way: 7,000 have gone

4 Dec 2018  Ofsted condemns ‘disjointed’ special educational needs provision

3 Dec 2018  Campaigners criticise £50m fund for grammar schools expansion

1 Dec 2018  Austerity-hit schools face devastating £4.5bn pensions bombshell

29 Nov 2018  Government falls short of teacher training targets in most secondary school subjects

28 Nov 2018  Right-wing think tank accused of promoting tobacco and oil industry “propaganda” in schools

21 Nov 2018  Fat-cat heads are profiteering from academies

19 Nov 2018  Six things we learned about embattled academy trusts

15 Nov 2018  Councils face £536m shortfall in Send budgets, says LGA

6 Nov 2018  The academy trusts whose GCSE students keep disappearing

1 Nov 2018 The current Tories are the first government to reduce real terms education spending since records began

19 Oct 2018  Tory school cuts are depriving kids of sport as figures show alarming drop in school PE hours

16 Oct 2018  Principal closes college for staff and students to march on Westminster

4 Oct 2018  DFE school funding claims face watchdog investigation

Wear Red - Nick Gibbs Education spending claim

3 Oct 2018  Theresa May’s evil choice for schools: They’ll have to axe staff to afford teacher pay rises

28 Sep 2018  Tory starvation of school budgets has sold out the future, say head teachers on protest march

Image result for headteacher march photo

15 Sep 2018  Low-cost, no-frills Durham private school attacked by teachers

11 Sep 2018  Academies fail, parents despair – but the Tories say there’s no going back | Faiza Shaheen

10 Sep 2018  Academy chain accused of misusing government funds

10 Sep 2018  Profits before Pupils? The Academies Scandal

5 Sep 2018  Special needs funding at crisis point, say school leaders

21 Aug 2018  Poorer children more likely to be at failing schools, new study reveals

16 Aug 2018  Private schools don’t act like charities, so let’s strip them of the benefits (which the Tories will never do!)

30 Jul 2018  It’s worse than Carillion: our outsourced schools are leaving parents frozen out

22 Jul 2018  The great academy schools scandal

12 Jul 2018  English schools funding has fallen faster than in Wales, says IFS

30 Jun 2018  Tory education reforms ‘fuelled inequality in schools’

6 Jun 2018  Academy head steps down after being awarded £50k pay rise as teachers forced to ration paper

30 May 2018  Teachers ‘need help’ tackling poverty impact on education

29 May 2018  From lewd comments to upskirting: female teachers speak out about sexual harassment

29 May 2018  ‘Mock slave auction’ school in surprise Ofsted inspection

29 May 2018  1 in 5 Stockton children obese when they leave primary school

28 May 2018  Tens of thousands of girls in London have experienced period poverty

our children

23 May 2018  Tories’ £50million grammar schools handout ‘is unlikely to bring benefits’ says damning study

22 May 2018  Dear Damian Hinds, your academy policy is whim and dogma

17 May 2018  Not enough children learning and playing outside

13 May 2018  Burned out: why are so many teachers quitting or off sick with stress?

13 May 2018  75% of Theresa May’s £50m gift to grammar schools will go to Tory districts

8 May 2018  ‘We Could Be The Next Windrush Scandal’: The UK-educated students barred from student loans

8 May 2018  New funding system leaves schools worse off, say headteachers

7 May 2018  A million more UK children in poverty than in 2010 – study

5 Mar 2018  Coca-Cola to stop factory trips for schoolchildren amid obesity crisis

2 May 2018  Sexual harassment in schools

23 Apr 2018  Ministers urged to ban fast food outlets from opening near schools

23 Apr 2018  Kids forced to EDs for mental health a “national scandal”

save our schools

17 Apr 2018  How school expulsions could be fuelling the rise in youth violence

13 Apr 2018  Families crowdfund legal action against special needs budget cuts

13 Apr 2018  Suspended Essex trust head teacher’s Ofsted duties ‘on hold’

10 Apr 2018  Pupils throw objects, cut car brakes and smash windscreens, teachers say

9 Apr 2018  It’s been three weeks since the Exeter racism scandal and investigations are still on-going

8 Apr 2018  By axing early years help, we give our children a mountain to climb | Frank Cottrell Boyce

5 Apr 2018  RNIB chief executive quits over Commission and Ofsted investigations

3 Apr 2018  Teachers prepare to strike in protest at ‘immoral’ exams for four-year-olds

3 Apr 2018  NEU survey shows workload causing 80% of teachers to consider leaving the profession

31 Mar 2018  Teachers suffer ‘groping, upskirting and being propositioned for sex’

31 Mar 2018  School strikes could be on the cards as teachers back action over pay

22 Mar 2018  Number of children in poverty surges by 100,000 in one year

15 Mar 2018  Cuts to drama teaching in schools are a scandal, says Lenny Henry

14 Mar 2018  Education Secretary forced to admit that school spending is not going up

14 Mar 2018  How I turned school around after sex lair headteacher scandal

14 Mar 2018  These are all the MPs who voted for a cruel cap on free school meals from low income families – unless it’s Northern Ireland

9 Mar 2018  Investigation launched after Sutton Hospital nursery is rated ‘inadequate’

8 Mar 2018  Schoolgirl claims period poverty still a ‘serious issue’

7 Mar 2018  Sexism needs to be challenged in schools, not just workplaces

5 Mar 2018  Shrewsbury teacher facing suspension over website claims

if you keep

1 Mar 2018  Tatler-recommended £10,000-a-year GBH nursery school teacher

26 Feb 2018  Joint BBC/Humanists UK investigation: abuse at illegal religious schools

24 Feb 2018  University vice-chancellors claimed almost £8m in expenses in two years

23 Feb 2018  ‘Fat cat’ academy bosses face challenge over pay

23 Feb 2018  Ofsted launches investigation after claims that Montessori nursery restrained naughty children in a ‘strap chair’

21 Feb 2018  Knole Academy and the Scandal of Exorbitant Headteacher Pay in Kent and Medway

18 Feb 2018  Shocking scale of sexual abuse at UK boarding schools revealed by ITV documentary

14 Feb 2018  WATCH: Schools minister refuses to take his own times tables check

11 Feb 2018  Thousands of teachers caught cheating in tests as MPs demand transparency from exam boards

8 Feb 2018  A million children could miss out on free school meals after Universal Credit change’

7 Feb 2018  Cash crisis forces secondary schools in England to cut 15,000 staff

2 Feb 2018  Kent headteacher ‘fears another Rotherham scandal’

31 Jan 2018  Think Carillion was bad? Wait until you hear about the financial scandal engulfing our children’s academies

31 Jan 2018  Teacher retention: Government ‘failing to get a grip’

29 Jan 2018  Number of fast-food shops close to schools rises by two-thirds

29 Jan 2018  Revealed: Children as young as four caught in school armed with knives

sixth form

27 Jan 2018  Top academy schools sound alarm as cash crisis looms

25 Jan 2018  Headteacher of Archway’s St Aloysius’ College suspended after being arrested on suspicion of fraud

25 Jan 2018  Extremes in results of multi-academy trusts casts doubt on system

24 Jan 2018  Education department board member resigns over men-only charity dinner scandal

23 Jan 2018  Bradford academy staff ordered to repay fraud money

24 Jan 2018  Child poverty heat map reveals ‘shocking’ picture of modern Britain

18 Jan 2018  Is your ’30 hours free childcare’ really free?

17 Jan 2018  Two thirds of teachers lack mental health training, survey suggests:

17 Jan 2018  Failing academy trusts asset-stripping schools, MPs warn ministers

16 Jan 2018  ‘I left teaching and needed counselling after reaching breaking point’

16 Jan 2018  Islamic primary school had books written by banned extremist, Ofsted report finds

12 Jan 2018  Social mobility is going backwards in Britain – and schools have to fight this lack of social justice every day

10 Jan 2018  Theresa May’s cabinet ministers now five times more likely to be privately-educated than British public

9 Jan 2018  Toby Young resigns from the Office for Students after backlash

3 Jan 2018  Here are all the sexist tweets Toby Young has just deleted

22 Dec 2017  Primary support staff bear the brunt of pupil violence

19 Dec 2017  How period poverty finally became a political scandal

19 Dec 2017  Let’s say Auf Wiedersehen to England’s embarrassing tuition fees

14 Dec 2017  Sexism, segregation, squalor: Religious schools are undermining British values, says regulator

14 Dec 2017  Investigation into the circumstances surrounding the monitoring, inspection and funding of Learndirect Ltd – National Audit Office (NAO):

12 Dec 2017 Are we ignoring an epidemic of sexual violence in schools?

3 Dec 2017  40,000 children trapped in ‘zombie’ academy schools

29 Nov 2017  MP blames lack of funding for county’s social mobility issues

28 Nov 2017  The scandal of hungry children in London

teacher fair pay

23 Nov 2017  MP escorted out of failing Bright Tribe academy

23 Nov 2017  Children with mental health problems ‘guaranteed’ treatment in four weeks (but not until 2022)

16 Nov 2017  Cutting workload isn’t enough to stop teachers leaving schools

13 Nov 2017  Student loans fraud exposed by Panorama

12 Nov 2017  Plymouth University at centre of ‘fraudulent’ degrees scandal

11 Nov 2017  Take heart – the monstrous academy system is running out of road | Fiona Millar

3 Nov 2017  Exclusive: Top-earning academy bosses revealed

2 Nov 2017  Child poverty in Britain ‘set to soar to new record’

31 Oct 2017  Classroom violence – statistics UK

31 Oct 2017  Schools failing to discuss knife crime due to stigma fears, says London mayor

26 Oct 2017  Children with mental health problems waiting 18 months for help

26 Oct 2017  Born to Fail? Social Mobility, A Working Class View

24 Oct 2017  Protest against school cuts as teachers and parents descend on Parliament

23 Oct 2017  Will failing academies pave the way for greater local authority involvement?

22 Oct 2017  Ending ‘Period Poverty’: The Ground Breaking Campaign…. that found it’s voice in  Leeds

21 Oct 2017  Collapsing academy trust ‘asset-stripped its schools of millions’

20 Oct 2017  What it’s like being black and working class at Cambridge

18 Oct 2017  How is it that in 2017 sexism means that girls find school an unsafe and threatening environment?

9 Oct 2017  Government too slow to respond to rapes and sexual assaults in schools

8 Oct 2017  Child-on-child sexual assaults soar, police figures reveal

2 Oct 2017 REVEALED: Banned sex scandal teacher now ‘sacked’ from new job – with police in Bermuda

1 Oct 2017  The £12bn cost of the North East’s PFI projects revealed

27 Sep 2017  Headteachers warn parents: there is not enough money to fund schools

9 Sep 2017  Failing academy trust to pull out of 21 schools

6 Sep 2017  School’s campaign to rebuild itself after scandal of former head

5 Sep 2017  Former Cambridgeshire headteacher guilty of sex and drinking at school

4 Sep 2017  The lie that is ’30 hours free childcare’

2 Sep 2017  Just how corrupt does a free school have to be, to be seen as unacceptable?

2 Sep 2017  Exam cheating scandal: How a lovestruck pupil’s boast sparked investigation

1 Sep 2017  Trojan horse: the real story behind the fake ‘Islamic plot’ to take over schools

1 Sep 2017  Exclusive: Scandal of plan to waste £75m on temporary free school sites

24 Aug 2017  Three top private schools are under investigation after exams ‘cheating’ scandal

22 Aug 2017  Taxpayers to stump up £66m for school which cost £20m to build

8 Jul 2017  Almost a quarter of teachers who have qualified since 2011 have left profession

7 Jul 2017  Home education doubles, with schools left to ‘pick up pieces’ when it fails

24 Jun 2017  Ministers in abrupt U-turn over fire safety in schools

21 Jun 2017  Scandal of underfunding of schools continues

16 Jun 2017  Government urged to show it ‘has teeth’ as academy scandals stack up

4 Jun 2017  Most school support staff have been assaulted by pupils

3 Jun 2017  The scandal of Oasis Academy, Isle of Sheppey

11 May 2017  Hundreds of knives seized in 18 months at UK schools, figures show

21 Apr 2017  Hundreds of schools held hostage over PFI contracts, as investigation reveals one paid £2,000 for a new sink

19 Apr 2017  One of the biggest scandals in Ofsted’s history’

10 Apr 2017  Police launch fraud inquiry at Baverstock Academy

10 Apr 2017  Andrew Lloyd Webber calls for more pressure on schools to teach the arts

5 Apr 2017  A third of Sure Start children’s centres in England lost, says Labour

30 Mar 2017  Is Ex-Education Minister Nicky Morgan the biggest hypocrite in politics?

16 Mar 2017  Child poverty in UK at highest level since 2010, official figures show

10 March 2017  Ofsted launches investigation into ‘scandal’ of schools gaming the system –

28 Feb 2017  National Governance Association – ‘Considerable number of Multi Academy Trusts are failing to improve’ say MPs  –‘Considerable-number-of-Multi-Academy-Trusts-are-f.aspx

28 Feb 2017  Shabby schools ‘failing students and teachers’

27 Feb 2017  Exam board faces £50,000 Ofqual fine for handling of qualifications fraud case

21 Feb 2017  Teacher shortages to ‘hit crisis point’ by 2020, MPs warn

21 Feb 2017  Why teachers are leaving the profession in their droves

14 Feb 2017  Auditor questions financial future of scandal-hit Perry Beeches Academy Trust

9 Feb 2017  Damning report attacks firms which built fault-ridden Scottish schools

3 Feb 2017  Academies count the cost of fraud

1 Feb 2017  Academy school chain rocked by media scandals to invest up to £1 million on comms

24 Jan 2017  One in 10 nursery schools in England face closure within months

11 Jan 2017  Rabbi on unregistered Jewish schools: ‘I’m confident there’s no scandal waiting to break out’

14 Dec 2016  Elite UK school caught in ‘cash-for-places’ scandal

17 Nov 2016  ‘National scandal’ as some CCGs spending as low as £2 per child:

10 Nov 2016  A generation of UK children will suffer in poverty. Suddenly that’s normal | Frances Ryan

4 Nov 2016  Small school scandal deepens as academy trust found running sixth form with fewer than 20 pupils

17 Oct 2016  Exclusive: MPs urged to mount probe into Bradford school fraud scandal

12 Oct 2016  School in dock over headteacher’s affair with child sex offender

11 Oct 2016  UK childcare is the most expensive in the world

5 Oct 2016  Jim and Margaret Cuthbert: Edinburgh schools fiasco suggests another flaw in the logic of PFI

13 Sep 2016  ‘Widespread’ sexual harassment and violence in schools must be tackled – News from Parliament – UK Parliament

12 Sep 2016  The UK is failing its girls: sexism and catcalling in schools

8 Sep 2016  Police called to 20,000 violent incidents in schools – including primaries

26 Aug 2016  Calls for more schools oversight in wake of scandal in Birmingham

23 Aug 2016  Prestigious girls’ grammar school caught in A-level cheating scandal after ‘exam shared on social media’

2 Aug 2016  Bradford free school fraud sparks calls for public inquiry

28 Jul 2016  Social mobility doesn’t exist – and grammar schools are part of the problem

1 Jul 2016  Ex-Education Minister Michael Gove could be caught up in a sex scandal which might HELP his PM chances

no forced academy

29 Jun 2016  Dance school in fraud prosecution by Trading Standards

28 Jun 2016  Number of UK children living in poverty jumps by 200,000 in a year

28 Jun 2016  £4m fraud at another of Gove’s favourite academy chains

23 Jun 2016  Fast food deliveries to schools should be banned, children say

21 Jun 2016  School support staff facing high levels of violence and abuse, says UNISON

16 Jun 2016  DfE fails to rebroker 70 per cent of failing academies

15 Jun 2016  Sponsors lose control of 119 failing academies

13 May 2016  Court action could be on the cards for Edinburgh schools scandal

9 May 2016 Structural issues found at PFI school in Stirling

26 Apr 2016  Asbestos Scandal in UK Schools Blamed on Government

12 Apr 2016  It’s not just Scotland’s schools. The whole PFI racket is crumbling

27 Mar 2016  Schools asbestos ‘scandal’ still threatening lives – report

23 Mar 2016  Teachers protest against academy plan

18 Mar 2016  Five teachers reveal what it’s like to work in an academy | Sarah Marsh

13 Mar 2016  Unruly pupils ‘excluded by failing academies to boost standards’

6 Mar 2016  Inside the abandoned Liverpool school costing £12,000 a day

4 Mar 2016  PFI Firms: Multi-million pound profits from ‘flipping’ contracts

26 Feb 2016  Five Reasons For the UK’s Worst-Ever Teacher Shortage

12 Feb 2016  Youth mental health neglect a ‘moral scandal and enormous economic mistake’, says LSE report

2 Feb 2016  ‘It’s a national scandal: the looming exams crisis reveals how ambivalent the government is about teachers and schools’

29 Jan 2016  Four in 10 teachers ‘attacked by pupils’

4 Dec 2015  Toxic PFI legacy is pushing schools towards financial ruin

20 Oct 2015  Revealed: eight ways sexism is taking place in schools

24 Aug 2015  Jamie Oliver admits school dinners campaign failed because eating well is a middle class preserve

25 Jun 2015  UK has 2.3m children living in poverty, government says

25 March 2015  Why the government quietly buried news of a big Academy schools scandal yesterday

21 Jan 2015  School religion row sparks council review

15 Oct 2014  Child poverty levels in UK mapped out by new research

1 Sep 2014  Britain’s Elite Boarding Schools Are Facing an Explosion of Abuse Allegations

16 Jul 2014  Selling our schools – Gove’s Trojan Horse

15 Jul 2014  Nicky Morgan: ‘Fed up’ with teachers not taking responsibility

4 Jun 2014  Cameron orders an end to extraordinary feud between Theresa May and Michael Gove over failure to tackle Islamic extremism in schools

10 May 2014  Child abuse scandal at schools St Paul’s and Colet Court continues to grow

13 Apr 2014  Scandal of Merseyside school children who don’t know own name

6 Apr 2014  Kings science academy scandal raises questions over free schools policy

Gove out

3 Apr 2014  Three arrests over ‘fraud’ at flagship academy schools

19 Mar 2014  Parents shocked by school sex scandal

4 Mar 2014  Childcare costs are a national scandal – and it is sending working mums into the black market—3206403#ICID=sharebar_twitter

10 Feb 2014  Generation Stress: Scandal of our depressed kids as thousands of under-10s are treated for mental health problems

7 Feb 2014  Al-Madinah free school ordered to shut down secondary wing

21 Jan 2014  Just how corrupt does a free school have to be, to be seen as unacceptable?

15 Jan 2014  Violence in UK schools: what is really happening?

6 Jan 2014  Sure Start closure figures DELETED from Government website as part of ”data cleansing” exercise

22 Sep 2013  Private Finance Initiative: Kent maintained schools face £100 million levy to support academies

11 Jul 2013  Chair of governors at Moor End Academy quits in sex scandal

5 Jul 2013  Parents to hear progress from scandal-hit Eastbury Primary School in Barking

10 Jun 2013  Fire at London Islamic school: Four teenagers arrested over blaze at

9 May 2013  Abuse scandals: Britain’s elite music education in crisis

27 Apr 2013  Scandal of the university students who get fewer than 100 hours’ teaching a year

15 Feb 2013  ‘Dump f***ing everyone’: the inside story of how Michael Gove’s

15 Feb 2013  Horsemeat scandal: traces found in school dinners and hospital meals

14 Feb 2013  Abuse scandals probe widens: The man who may hold key to UK’s biggest paedophile network ever

7 Jan 2013  Violent school pupils attack 900 London teachers a year

26 Sep 2012  Michael Gove Appointment of Anti-North Policy Wonk Tim Leunig Sets Alarm Bells Ringing

10 Sep 2012  Channel 4 Dispatches survey reveals failure of school meals strategies

22 Mar 2012  Ten things they don’t tell you about academies

27 Feb 2012  The schools crusade that links Michael Gove to Rupert Murdoch

8 Dec 2011  Exam boards scandal: the economic pressures that broke the system

11 Jul 2011  How Rupert Murdoch is drawing Michael Gove into the News International phone hacking scandal

Gove and Murdoch



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