From Tory Law and Order to Conservative Crime and Chaos – a chronicle of institutional failure

Note:  Theresa May was Home Secretary from 12 May 2010 to 13 July 2016 before being promoted to Prime Minister as a reward for reducing UK policing, probation service, prisons, youth service and criminal justice to varying states of chaos and collapse

25 Apr 2019  Tory Police Minister admits cuts to police numbers are fuelling knife crime rise

8 Apr 2019  Police chief warns his force can no longer ‘protect citizens’ as he blames Tory cuts

1 Apr 2019  ‘Scapegoating teachers and other workers will not solve violent crime’ says teachers’ union

5 Mar 2019  The scale of sexual abuse in prison means “no child” should be locked up, reformers say

4 Mar 2019  Backlash as May rejects link between stabbings and police numbers

1 Mar 2019  ‘Dangerous’ part-privatisation of probation services costing taxpayers extra £467m, watchdog finds

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16 Feb 2019  Probation services firm collapses after ‘disastrous’ Grayling privatisation

26 Jan 2019  ‘Disproportionate’ use of stop and search powers is ’alienating communities’ and ‘destroying trust’

25 Jan 2019  Rich criminals can ‘buy freedom’ because CPS can no longer afford top lawyers

25 Jan 2019  Put Tories in the dock for criminal cuts to our legal system which help the rich

24 Jan 2019  Crime figures: Violent crime recorded by police rises by 19%

12 Jan 2019  Grayling under fire as serious crimes committed on parole soar by 50%

21 Jan 2019  Money to prevent crime cut by more than half since the Tories came to power

24 Nov 2018  Police Scotland link robbery rise with UK benefits changes

16 Nov 2018  Watch: This morning Theresa May denied she had ever told the police to “stop crying wolf”. This is a blatant lie, see for yourself. How much longer will broadcasters tolerate this shameless lying from Tory politicians?

3 Dec 2018  Nearly 900 youth worker jobs axed since 2016, new analysis claims

16 Nov 2018  Met’s ‘gang matrix’ breached data laws, investigation finds

9 Nov 2018  Home Office loses track of hundreds of foreign criminals including rapists and murderers, records show

6 Nov 2018  Tory minister accuses police of exaggerating job losses due to budget cuts

5 Nov 2018  Nine charts on the rise of knife crime in England and Wales

Chart showing how most perpetrators of knife crime in England and Wales are over 18

30 Oct 2018  Police to sue government unless it backs down over cuts

25 Oct 2018  Police at risk of becoming “irrelevant” as neighbourhood presences are stripped back due to Tory cuts, MPs warn

25 Oct 2018  Prison violence soaring as assaults on staff rise 27% in a year

24 Oct 2018  Modern slavery victim trafficked to UK at age of three and subject to decades of sexual exploitation told to ‘go home’, MPs hear

23 Oct 2018  Police chiefs warn of fewer officers after Treasury shrinks budgets further

18 Oct 2018  Knife crime hits record high in England and Wales as violence soars, statistics reveal

Murder victims London 2018

Image result for 2018 knife crime  photo

18 Oct 2018  Sharp fall in disability hate crime referrals by police

16 Oct 2018  Rise in hate crime offences recorded by police

13 Oct 2018  May vowed to reform stop and search – but it’s getting worse for black Britons

13 Oct 2018  Tory cuts see thousands of police officers signed off with mental health issues

9 Oct 2018  Government accused of getting prison policy ‘completely wrong’ as watchdog issues scathing attack on another jail

8 Oct 2018  Lawless Britain: Where are the Police?

8 Oct 2018  Union chief: Prisons are crumbling, violent and understaffed

4 Oct 2018  Police Commissioner: ‘I genuinely believe the Prime Minister is delusional…’

4 Oct 2018  Sajid Javid’s department facing legal action over ‘derisory’ pay rise for cops

17 Sep 2018  Private police could soon be patrolling the streets of Mansfield

14 Sep 2018  Prison Officers Association calls shock immediate walkout of ALL members over ‘unprecedented violence’

Nottingham prison officers during the walkout over violence against them.

13 Sep 2018  HMP Bedford inmates ‘effectively control’ jail

11 Sep 2018  Police funding: Ministers ‘unaware of cuts impact’

11 Sep 2018  Arrest rates fall as police force ‘finds it difficult to deliver’ due to budget cuts

5 Sep 2018  Austerity has left the police apologising to crime victims – three officers explain why

3 Sep 2018  The Tories are planning yet more barriers to justice

2 Sep 2018  Local police stations copping it with 600 shut due to Tory cuts – with some forces seeing over half closed

2 Sep 2018  More prison chaos:  Hundreds of prison officers sacked for smuggling contraband into jail, new figures reveal

30 Aug 2018  Third of prison officers who quit leave within a year of starting, figures show

28 Aug 2018  Home Office offered bonuses to Windrush firm, documents reveal

28 Aug 2018  Violence against elderly soars to new high

25 Aug 2018  5 reasons why prison privatisation must stop

26 Aug 2018  Tory cuts of 7,000 neighbourhood police officers in three years ‘putting public at risk’, Labour warns

25 Aug 2018  Prison officers claim every British jail may face crisis like Birmingham

20 Aug 2018  Prison violence ‘explosion’ blamed squarely on Tory cuts – by the nation’s chief inspector

17 Aug 2018  Cuts to legal aid and courts make a mockery of equal access to justice | Letters

15 Aug 2018  Police union accuses Theresa May of ‘stabbing the police in the back’ in the wake of the Westminster attack

4 Aug 2018  Prison Island: A new report on prison expansion in England, Wales and Scotland

3 Aug 2018  Victims ‘increasingly failed by authorities’ as confidence in criminal justice system falls, research shows

31 Jul 2018  By slashing youth services, the Tories have betrayed a generation

26 Jul 2018  Prison violence crisis as assaults and self-harm rise 16% in a year

25 Jul 2018  Police custody deaths reach highest level for a decade

23 Jul 2018  10 reasons crime is rising, according to a former police officer

23 Jul 2017  Anti-Muslim hate crime in the UK is at an all-time high, study shows

26 Jun 2018  How have traffic police cuts hit UK roads? We talk to the experts

11 Jun 2018  Increased security at HMP Birmingham after riot

Image result for birmingham prison riot photo

5 Jun 2018  Cressida Dick says it would be ‘naive’ to think police cuts haven’t hit rising levels of violent crime

5 Jun 2018  Rape Crisis responds to CPS report on disclosure of evidence in rape cases

4 Jun 2018  Courts chaos: ‘It is just ludicrous, a system in tatters’

3 Jun 2018  Legal aid crisis denying justice to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants

24 May 2018  Carroll ‘massively disappointed’ by £200,000 fraud trial collapse

16 May 2018  Sister of murdered teen shot in the head slams police cuts after nobody caught

6 May 2018  Privatised police:  UK’s first private police force to go nationwide after London success

2 May 2018  Nearly 100 women die in prison over 11-year period due ‘glaring failures’ by government, says report

Image result for women deaths in prison photo

2 May 2018  Law Society says Windrush crisis shows need for legal aid to be reintroduced for immigration cases

2 May 2018  Domestic abuse victims are ‘trapped’ in violent situations because of the government’s hostile environment policies, report finds

1 May 2018  Thousands of people against plans to cut council’s youth service

28 Apr 2018  Six people have died at HMP Birmingham in 2018

27 Apr 2018  Structural racism at heart of British society, UN human rights panel says

27 Apr 2018  Five inmates die in seven weeks at HMP Birmingham run by G4S

26 Apr 2018  Rise in knife crime shines spotlight on youth services cuts

24 Apr 2018  Tories accused of “totally misleading the public” over prison staffing crisis

22 Apr 2018  In Britain now, the richer you are, the better your chance of justice

19 Apr 2018  Chaos in UK courts as protests by lawyers leave clients undefended

Image result for protests by UK lawyers 2018 photo

17 Apr 2018  Criminal defence solicitors may be extinct in five years, says Law Society

17 Apr 2018  Police numbers down, violent crime up – the key facts you need to know

16 Apr 2018  Aylesbury prison riot: Young offenders trash wing and throw paint in protest at ‘lack of showers’

12 Apr 2018  Under fire CPS boss to quit after ‘disastrous’ rocky reign and crises

9 Apr 2018  Police cuts ‘likely contributed’ to rise in violent crime, leaked report reveals

8 Apr 2018  Legal costs halt thousands of domestic violence cases

7 Apr 2018  Have youth service cuts led to more crime?

5 Apr 2018  Cut youth services and violent crime will rise – is that really so hard to see?

Image result for youth service cuts photo

4 Apr 2018  UK funding cuts hit crime fighting, chief police constable warns

4 Apr 2018  Rooftop protest at prison sparks emergency alert

29 Mar 2018  Lawyers call for strike over ‘relentless government cuts’ to legal aid

28 Mar 2018  Theresa May secretly slashes 7,000 local police despite claims they were safe from Tory cuts

22 Mar 2018  Police taking days to respond to 999 calls as budget cuts bite

21 Mar 2018  Theresa May accused of repeating ‘lies’ over police spending in parliament

21 Mar 2018  Revealed: The Government Outsourced a Scandal-Hit Kids’ Jail to a Struggling Company

21 Mar 2018  Privatisation of probation threatening to become ‘contracting disaster’ putting public at risk

20 Mar 2018  London youth services suffering ‘shocking’ decline, AM warns

Image result for youth service cuts photo

20 Mar 2018  Poorest people in society ‘excluded’ from getting legal aid, finds damning report

20 Mar 2018  Youth service cuts reach £145 million since 2011 – are we turning a corner?

18 Mar 2018  Amey Guilty Of Unfair Dismissal Of Prison Maintenance Whistle Blowers

13 Mar 2018  Amey Liverpool Prison scandal

6 Mar 2018  ‘I tried killing myself twice’: Former inmates reveal ‘deeply harmful’ impact of Holloway prison closure

2 Mar 2018  Probation Service sell-off is ‘a colossal failure’

20 Feb 2018  “The mounting list of scandals must be seen as systemic failings by the government, not one-off incidents”: BID hold G4S to account.

18 Feb 2018  Rape cops scandal: Cases will never again be closed after Northumbria Police probes own detectives

10 Feb 2018  The probation service is in meltdown

9 Feb 2018  Probation company failings drive up UK reoffending

9 Feb 2018  Government allowed Carillion staff to work in prisons without mandatory suicide prevention training

7 Feb 2018  Tesco’s £250m fraud trial collapses

6 Feb 2018  British justice is in flames. The MoJ’s fiddling is criminal

3 Feb 2018  Private probation firms fail to cut rates of reoffending

1 Feb 2018  Cuts to blame for criminal trial disclosure crisis

1 Feb 2018  Prison staff failings contributed to death of 21-year-old woman who took her own life behind bars

29 Jan 2018  Business cyber crime up 63%, UK stats show

26 Jan 2018  “National scandal” in Britain’s jails as assaults on staff and prisoners hit records highs

25 Jan 2018  Rise in recorded crime is accelerating in England and Wales

Image result for rise in crime january 2018 photo

25 Jan 2018  Police officer numbers hit record low as reported crime rises by 14% in England and Wales

25 Jan 2018  Huge rise in Merseyside crime reports as Tories blasted for ‘policing on cheap’

24 Jan 2018  Ex-police chief’s warning as ‘crime goes through the roof’

19 Dec 2017  Salford fraud case collapsed amid corruption claims

16 Jan 2018  Justice ministers under fire for failing to act on Carillion prison contracts

13 Dec 2017  Ten sentenced for smuggling drugs into prisons by drones

12 Dec 2017  White people more likely to be carrying drugs when stopped and searched

1 Dec 2017  The Battle To Reverse Legal Aid Cuts Is Stepping Up A Gear

21 Nov 2017  The prison where violence has doubled and officer numbers halved since privatisation

14 Nov 2017  Mayors ‘implore’ chancellor to end worrying police cuts in Budget

9 Nov 2017  Britain’s police budgets to lose £700m by 2020, amid rising crime

31 Oct 2017  99.5 per cent decrease in people receiving state help to appeal benefits changes after legal aid cuts

24 Oct 2017  Trauma, Death and Profits – Youth Prisons in the UK

19 Oct 2017  Fraud increased again this year as more crime takes place online

17 Oct 2017  Hate-crime fall despite rise in reported attacks after Brexit vote

16 Oct 2017  Officer at women’s Surrey prison under investigation over sex claims

21 Sep 2017  Probation companies handed cash windfall despite explosion in reoffending

20 Sep 2017  Chris Grayling’s probation reforms have been a disaster for the service

Image result for probation service crisis photo

16 Sep 2017  One million public sector worker jobs axed in seven years as education, police and Armed Forces hit

8 Sep 2017  Revealed: 59 Met police officers sacked or punished for racism

3 Sep 2017  Massive riot breaks out at one of the UK’s biggest prisons

1 Sep 2017  G4S hit by new scandal over immigration detention centre: Private companies should not be doing this sort of work

22 Aug 2017  Tory cuts mean London must lose 4,000 police despite threat of terror attacks …

9 Aug 2017  Rise in crimes by offenders on probation is an indictment of privatisation

3 Aug 2017  Mum of a murdered teen says there are failings in probation service

2 Aug 2017  Governors ‘devastated’ by ‘complete decline of prison service’

2 Aug 2017  Tory government ‘sneaks out’ plan to privatise the collection of court fines

2 Aug 2017  Prisons in crisis due to ‘perverse’ government overhaul

Image result for UK prison service crisis photo

31 Jul 2017  CPS staffing crisis means late letters to victims

27 Jul 2017  5 startling statistics that show just how chaotic prisons have become

27 Jul 2017  Prisoners released by mistake at record high

23 Jul 2017  Riot squad descend on UK prison to deal with ‘disturbance’

22 Jul 2017  Prison UK: An Insider’s View: YOI Aylesbury: The Inside Story

21 Jul 2017  Knife crime rises by almost a third in Nottinghamshire

20 Jul 2017  Shotgun crime has gone up 44% in the UK in a single year

18 Jul 2017  Our prison system is at breaking point – that’s why we need to put fewer people in jail

18 Jul 2017  Police failing to disclose crucial evidence about defendants, report finds

28 Jun 2017  Khan warns youth services cuts are fuelling rise in knife crime

Image result for knife crime  photo

23 Jun 2017  Police chief warns over forces’ ability to cope with riots after years of cuts

23 Jun 2017  Pressure on police forces sees officers contemplating suicide, says senior detective

5 Jun 2017  Simple numbers tell story of police cuts under Theresa May

5 Jun 2017  Jeremy Corbyn is right: the Tories have cut 20,000 police officers since 2010

25 May 2017  Theresa May’s Cuts to The Police Make Her The Real Threat To National Security

25 May 2017  Manchester cop tells Theresa May cuts WILL lead to terrorism. May said he’s ‘scaremongering’ & ‘crying wolf’ …

24 May 2017  Violent and dangerous places: the rise in prison suicides in England and Wales

20 May 2017  ‘The police service is living hand to mouth’

10 Apr 2017  Domestic violence victim numbers ROCKET but cases reaching court FALL cases-rocket-12874370#ICID=sharebar_twitter

20 Mar 2017  ‘Lives at risk’ from probation service failings

20 Mar 2017  The cuts are taking youth clubs back to their Victorian roots

Image result for youth club closure  photo

2 Mar 2017  Watchdog says police cuts have left forces in ‘perilous state’

16 Feb 2017  Fail, fail, and have another government contract

13 Feb 2017  Undercover Panorama report reveals prison chaos

26 Jan 2017  Prison suicides rise to record level in England and Wales

19 Jan 2017  Millions slashed from youth service budgets in potentially ‘devastating’ cuts across London

16 Dec 2016  Winson Green prison riot: Inmates chant “we want food” as plumes of smoke emerge over prison wall

Dec 2016  Justice in free fall: a report on the decline of civil legal aid in England and Wales–a-report-on-the-decline-of-civil-legal-aid-in-england-and-wales

7 Nov 2016  Bedford jail prisoners riot over lockdowns ’caused by staff shortages’

12 Aug 2016  Youth services heading towards collapse, says union

12 Aug 2016  Youth services cut by £387m in six years

26 Jul 2016  Hate crime levels are rising in England and Wales. How bad is it where you live?

Image result for hate crime   photo

21 Jul 2016  Police officer numbers drop by nearly 20,000 since 2009

10 Jun 2016  Legal aid cuts have ripped the heart out of our justice system

9 Jun 2016  Five more arrests and another critical inspection report for G4S child prisons

23 May 2016  G4S suspends 5 staff over alleged attempts to massage 999 response figures

4 May 2016  Thousands of court cases adjourned due to failures in interpreting services

28 Apr 2016  Murders and suicides in prisons in England and Wales hit 25-year high

4 Feb 2016  Tories quietly slash police fund after George Osborne promised ‘no cuts at all’

29 Jan 2016  Michael Gove’s devastating legal aid cuts challenged, by hundreds of lawyers

28 Jan 2016  Nearly 3,000 serious offences committed by reoffending criminals last year

6 Jan 2016  Prosecutions are in crisis – how can the DPP suggest otherwise?

5 Dec 2015  HMP Northumberland: From near prison riots to staff ‘drunk’ on duty at Christmas

18 Nov 2015  Now’s the time to boycott companies that profit from detention

17 Nov 2015  Why suicide is on the increase among the UK’s police and firefighters

Image result for UK police suicide  photo

15 Nov 2015  Criminal justice in times of austerity

31 Oct 2015  Teens protest against youth service cuts

21 Oct 2015  Multi-million pound fraud case collapses after Defence press for disclosure

15 Sep 2015  Is CPS on ‘brink of collapse’?

3 Sep 2015  West Midlands Police facing ‘catastrophic’ budget cuts

31 Aug 2015  Police force could lose 22,000 jobs under new spending cuts

7 Aug 2015  Stop and search is a disgrace across the UK – not just in our cities | Kehinde Andrews

19 Jul 2015  The current criminal legal aid crisis: a timeline

22 May 2015  Children suffer racist abuse and ‘degrading treatment’ by guards high on drugs at G4S Rainsbrook prison

7 May 2015  The ongoing fiasco of privatised court interpreting services

27 Apr 2015  Theresa May says the Tories will continue cuts to police budgets if elected

2 Mar 2015  ‘Headbutt the bitch’ Serco guard,  Yarl’s Wood, a UK immigration detention centre

Image result for yarls wood protest  photo

23 Feb 2015  Many deaths of mentally ill in custody ‘avoidable’

22 Jan 2015  Prison suicides in England and Wales at ‘seven-year high’

2 Jan 2015  ‘Child-sex abuse victims in Rotherham still not getting enough support’

17 Dec 2014  Police budgets slashed by £300m despite top officers’ warnings

20 Nov 2014  Police cuts: Tories to axe another 34,000 cops and police staff

13 Nov 2014  How Capita and the Big Four rake in millions from the police

25 Sep 2014  Legal aid cuts: ‘The forgotten pillar of the welfare state’ –  a special report

Image result for legal aid cuts  photo

2 Sep 2014  Probation Service faces staff exodus

15 Aug 2014  Cuts Lead To Mass Closures Of Youth Clubs

13 Aug 2014  Social work faces knock-on effect from youth service cut backs

13 Aug 2014  Violence at HMP Doncaster ‘four times greater’ than other jails

13 Aug 2014  Doncaster prison: Serco to blame for disastrous deterioration

10 Aug 2014  Cuts to youth services ‘will lead to poverty and crime,’ say unions

27 Jul 2014  Woman was ‘murdered by her ex-lover after cuts to probation service’

5 Jul 2014  Child abuse files lost at Home Office spark fears of cover-up

2 Jul 2014  Why Are So Many British Prisoners Killing Themselves?

7 Mar 2014  Legal aid cuts: lawyers v the crown

5 Feb 2014  INQUEST calls on government to set up an independent review into deaths of children and young people in prison

Image result for UK deaths in prison 2014  photo

23 Jan 2014  Oakwood prison disorder was full-scale riot, says officer

22 Jan 2014  Court interpreting firm Capita fined thousands

19 Dec 2103  Serco agrees to repay £68.5m after tagging scandal

20 Nov 2013  G4S and Serco overcharging scandal just got worse

14 Nov 2013  The realities of outsourcing: court interpreters mean miscarriages of justice

Image result for UK court interpreter crisis  photo

14 Nov 2013  Fake criminal scandal wipes millions off value of Serco

2 Nov 2013  Maidstone Prison ‘Riot’ Brought Under Control

29 Jul 2013  UK justice workers walk out in protest against privatisation

18 Jul 2013  Police forces will struggle to make further cuts, says watchdog

17 Jul 2013  Behind the frontline: How cuts to staff are stretching the nation’s police force

28 Jun 2013  Broken bones and stab wounds: rising violence at G4S-run Birmingham jail

22 Apr 2013  Victim Support head warns funding changes could kill charity

1 Apr 2013  Legal aid cuts ‘will create advice deserts’

Image result for legal aid cuts  photo

25 Mar 2013  Youth clubs shut down as councils slash spending on their future

31 Jan 2013  Reoffending rate increases

15 Jan 2013  Police pay: starting salaries ‘to be cut by a fifth’

3 Jul 2012  Chaos in the courts as justice system rushed to restore order

4 Apr 2012  Eight months after the English riots: young lives blighted by punitive sentencing

23 Mar 2012  Court chaos as interpreter service goes private

6 Mar 2012  Police, magistrates and prisons by G4S. Is this what the British people want?

2 Mar 2012  Ford Open Prison riot: Men jailed over £5m damage

16 Dec 2011  Youth services will not be ringfenced from budget cuts

14 Sep 2011  Jailed rioters targeted by existing inmates

18 Aug 2011  Prison population reaches record level in wake of riots

29 Jul 2011  Knife crime and gang violence on the rise as councils reduce youth services

21 Jul 2011  Thousands of officers to go as police budget cuts hit

14 Jul 2011  Burglaries up 14% on last year, annual crime figures show



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