Jeremy Hunt – who said he loved the NHS while working to destroy it

Jeremy Hunt did such a good job insulting and alienating doctors and nurses, managers and patients, that he was promoted to the job requiring exemplary diplomatic skills, selling the British Brexit deal to Johnny Foreigner … and he’s continuing where he left off!

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29 Mar 2019  Jeremy Hunt thinks it would be ‘moral bankruptcy’ NOT to arm Saudi Arabia. Sorry, what?

29 Mar 2019  Houthi leader attacks UK’s Jeremy Hunt over efforts to relax Saudi arms ban

1 Mar 2019  If Jeremy Hunt wants to build peace in Yemen he must stop arming Saudi Arabia

23 Feb 2019  Jeremy Hunt’s latest gaffe: Slovenia was ‘Soviet vassal state’

2 Jan 2019  Jeremy Hunt to investigate ‘morally repugnant’ rescue fees for forced marriage victims

23 Dec 2018  Of all the names we could call Jeremy Hunt, let ‘prime minister’ not be one

31 Oct 2018  Hare-brained Hunt wants to hire business leaders as ambassadors. Remember when ‘free’ schools hired untrained teachers?

30 Jul 2018  8 Jeremy ‘the new Boris’ Hunt gaffes

23 Jul 2018  UK public will blame EU for no-deal Brexit, says Jeremy Hunt

24 Jun 2018  Tory Jeremy Hunt humiliated on live TV as he disagrees with HIMSELF over Brexit

3 Oct 2017  Jeremy Hunt Says “Arrogance” Of EU Commission Has Changed His Mind On Brexit

30 Jul 2018  Jeremy Hunt makes ‘terrible mistake’ about his own wife during debut in China

27 Jun 2018  Brexit: As Jeremy Hunt attacks businesses the global economy is starting to catch a chill

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27 Jun 2018  Letters: Politicians like Jeremy Hunt are ridiculous to even think it’s ‘inappropriate’ for business owners to be concerned about Brexit, let alone say it

20 Jun 2018  Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt apologise for ‘deeply troubling’ deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospital

18 Jun 2018  Jeremy Hunt refuses to explain where the extra £20bn for the NHS will come from

27 May 2018  Labour demands government apology for controversial NHS restructuring

11 May 2018  Jeremy Hunt scuttles to avoid disability question

8 May 2018  Jeremy Hunt defends hour’s training given to breast cancer helpline staff

2 May 2018  Breaking video: Hunt admits ‘incompetence’ cost hundreds of womens’ lives

18 Apr 2018 – Jeremy Hunt got ‘bulk discount’ on seven flats from Tory donor

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13 Apr 2018  Labour to report Jeremy Hunt to watchdog over luxury flats scandal

6 Apr 2018  Jeremy Hunt is facing a fresh Commons ambush over nursing bursary cuts

26 Mar 2018  The media has kept quiet about Jeremy Hunt’s NHS pay rise lies. So here’s the truth.

18 Mar 2018  Three more legal challenges: making Jeremy Hunt & NHS England accountable

21 Feb 2018  Jeremy Hunt announces review of vaginal mesh scandal

29 Jan 2018  Stephen Hawking is taking Jeremy Hunt to court over back-door NHS privatisation

8 Jan 2018  Jeremy Hunt is poised to flog the last of the NHS

4 Jan 2018  Doctors up and down Britain have been brutally exposing Jeremy Hunt’s lies about the NHS crisis

19 Dec 2017  ‘Jeremy Hunt must fix this scandal – the £100m for Virgin’s coffers should go to NHS patient care.’ Jonathan Ashworth

29 Oct 2017  Jeremy Hunt is confronted with a NHS nurse. His reaction is priceless

11 Oct 2017 – Jeremy Hunt admits false claims over mental health

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3 Oct 2017 – Jeremy Hunt ridiculed for claiming Tories ‘set up’ the NHS

24 Sep 2017  Jeremy Hunt to replace GPs with far less qualified, cheaper alternative, ‘Physician Associates’

13 Sep 2017  Nurse-turned-MP Karen Lee takes on Jeremy Hunt over NHS crisis

19 Aug 2017  Jeremy Hunt is left humiliated after trying to takedown Stephen Hawking’s scientific analysis

1 Aug 2017  Jeremy Hunt has repeatedly failed to meet pledges on mental health care

27 Jun 2017  Jeremy Hunt attacked by MPs over NHS letters scandal

30 Apr 2017  Jeremy Hunt tries to explain why he got 11% pay rise & NHS staff got a real-terms pay cut

8 Feb 2017  Jeremy Hunt goes ‘bright red’ after being called out by Corbyn

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9 Jan 2017  Jeremy Hunt ditches four-hour target as A&E crisis deepens

1 Sep 2016  Jeremy Hunt Responds To Brexit Bus NHS Claim

22 Aug 2016 These leaks show Jeremy Hunt’s deception over the seven-day NHS

11 Aug 2016  Government Petition: Consider a vote of No Confidence in Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary  339,925 signatures

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19 May 2016  UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt Car Crash Interview With Jon Snow

26 Apr 2016  Jeremy Hunt doesn’t understand junior doctors. He co-wrote a book on how to dismantle the NHS

20 Apr 2016  Jeremy Hunt’s accused of ‘digging up dirt’ on doctors thanks to this e-mail leak

26 Feb 2016  Jeremy Hunt called ‘a liar’ by junior doctor live on Question Time

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12 Feb 2016  Jeremy Hunt – timeline of incompetence & shame

10 Feb 2016  Jeremy Hunt co-authored book calling for NHS to be replaced with private insurance

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30 Oct 2015  Jeremy Hunt angers junior doctors by saying some are paid ‘danger money’

22 Oct 2015 – Lies of the Week with Jeremy Hunt

17 Oct 2015  Junior Doctor Smashes Jeremy Hunt’s Media Lies

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17 Oct 2015  Doctors contracts protest: Jeremy Hunt accused of ‘peddling vicious lies’

12 Oct 2015  Dear Mr Hunt

19 Jul 2015  Jeremy Hunt has been accused of ‘breaching patient confidentiality’

13 Apr 2015  Jeremy Hunt Is Clueless About NHS Funding

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17 Nov 2014  ‘Selling off NHS for profit’: Full list of MPs with links to private healthcare firms

Note – 28. Jeremy Hunt

MP for South-West Surrey. Received donations of £32,920 from U.S-based hedge fund CEO Andrew Law. Mr Law is the CEO of Caxton Associates who as of November 2011, owned a market value of $217.659 million in healthcare. He is also funder and board member of Social Finance Ltd, a company which invents new ways to bring finance into public services, and is pioneering the first Social impact Bond for the NHS. Andrew Law has given £1,229,677 to the Conservative party.

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3 Aug 2013  Millionaire Tory minister Jeremy Hunt learns lover’s lingo…costing taxpayer £4,000

26 Jun 2013  Jeremy Hunt’s Comments On Abortion ‘Completely Ignorant’ Say Doctors

8 May 2013  Fury as sports secretary Jeremy Hunt links Hillsborough with hooliganism

6 Oct 2012  Jeremy Hunt attacked from all sides after abortion comments

31 May 2012  Leveson Inquiry: ‘I did not hide behind a tree’, says Jeremy Hunt

12 May 2012 – Jeremy Hunt should quit over ‘hacking advice’ email, says Ed Miliband

27 Apr 2012  Jeremy Hunt, the Murdochs and a scandal that will not die

27 Apr 2012  Jeremy Hunt avoided £100,000 tax bill in deal just days before rate rise

26 Apr 2012  Jeremy Hunt fights for survival as new dossier on BSkyB handed over

19 Sep 2010  Row after Tory peer’s daughter is given job in culture secretary Jeremy Hunt’s department

10 Dec 2009  MP Jeremy Hunt to repay £9,500 for ‘misinterpretation of rules’


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