Amber Rudd – serial liar, millionaire tax evader, backed by Nazi-saluters – ideal Tory Prime Minister material!

Labour video about Amber Rudd

Amber Rudd pileus

24 Jan 2019  Rudd accused of misleading MPs on universal credit by exaggerating jobcentre visits

4 Dec 2018  DWP boss Amber Rudd is being rinsed on Twitter. Again.

30 Nov 2018  Hastings (Amber Rudd’s constituency) people with illness and disabilities hardest hit by benefit ‘crisis’, says expert

20 Nov 2018  Rudd’s response to UN Poverty report shows just how right it is

19 Nov 2018  New DWP boss Amber Rudd dismisses ‘extraordinary political’ UN poverty report

17 Nov 2018  McVey has gone but Amber Rudd’s welfare record is just as bad

17 Nov 2018  These are the reasons why Amber Rudd taking over the DWP is utterly puke-inducing

16 Nov 2018  May slaps Windrush generation in face as Rudd brought back into Cabinet

Amber Rudd UC

2 Nov 2018  Amber Rudd says parts of Home Office ‘did not have a grip’ on Windrush immigration policy

22 Jul 2018  Amber Rudd is my MP. Her latest publicity stunt is hilariously embarrassing.

30 Apr 2018  Sky try to credit Cooper – but Abbott, Butler, Lammy real architects of Rudd’s downfall

30 Apr 2018  Amber Rudd played the blame game over Windrush and lost

Image result for amber rudd poster photo

30 Apr 2018  Video: Abbott’s response to Sky’s biased attempt to excuse Rudd raises blisters

29 Apr 2018  Tory Chair Lewis slip ends Rudd’s career. Abbott applies finishing touch

29 Apr 2018  Amber Rudd’s chances go from bad to worse, as she loses a potentially devastating High Court battle

28 Apr 2018  Theresa May and Amber Rudd lied. Secret deportations of Windrush citizens to continue next week

28 Apr 2018  Rudd claims that although she knew, she didn’t know that she knew

27 Apr 2018  Secret Home Office document leak categorically proves that Amber Rudd KNOWINGLY LIED about immigration targets

26 Apr 2018  A message to Rudd from her constituency

ar hr jp.png

25 Apr 2018 –  Amber Rudd admits she “should have realised sooner” Windrush was systemic problem

17 Apr 2018  Amber Rudd is clueless about how many people she’s deported in the Windrush scandal

9 Apr 2018  Rudd knew police cuts ‘likely’ cause of crime rise – when she said they weren’t

9 Apr 2018  Tory Home Secretary hilariously denies reading HER OWN research after it exposes BLATANT Tory incompetence

Image result for amber rudd poster photo

9 Mar 2018  Home Secretary Amber Rudd campaigned with Nazi saluting activist in Hastings

14 Feb 2018  Rudd, May accused of withholding child abuse evidence ‘for national security’

25 Oct 2017  A top government adviser has broken ranks to call out Amber Rudd’s latest Orwellian plan

10 Oct 2017  Torture survivors were wrongly imprisoned – but that’s no surprise with Amber Rudd

21 Sep 2017  An immigration lawyer says Amber Rudd could end up in jail for defying the courts multiple times

30 Aug 2017  How a heroic pilot ruined Amber Rudd’s summer holiday, with thousands cheering on

Amber Rudd

15 Jul 2017  Roasting for Rudd over police pay rise

14 Jul 2017  Amber Rudd is hiding information from us. So a former ambassador has broken the silence.

23 Jun 2017 – Amber Rudd’s first sentence on BBC Question Time was a lie

6 Jun 2017  Guest post: new Battle of [depressing] Hastings – Rudd /

4 Jun 2017  Watch Home Sec’ Amber Rudd shut down candidate at hustings over ISIS arms sales to Saudi

1 Jun 2017  Amber Rudd knows all about the magic money tree. Hers is a tax haven in the Bahamas

Image result for amber rudd poster photo

31 May 2017  Amber Rudd Really Is that Horrible:

31 May 2017  This is how many lies Amber Rudd told in her first 34 seconds on the BBC debate

29 May 2017  Rudd shame: exploits Manchester for a cheap smear GE17

25 May 2017 – On BBC Question time, Home Secretary Amber Rudd denies police cuts were a factor in Manchester terrorism

27 Feb 2017  Amber Rudd mentions ‘fake news’; until she proves her claims, she’s peddling it

17 Jan 2017  Ex- investment banker, director of 2 offshore companies

12 Jan 2017  Amber Rudd speech on foreign workers recorded as hate incident

Image result for amber rudd poster photo

31Oct 2016  The real reason Rudd won’t allow an Orgreave inquiry

5 Oct 2016  Revealed: Amber Rudd’s father was involved in business she ran despite being declared unfit

5 Oct 2016  Amber Rudd forces firms to reveal foreign workers but REFUSES to reveal her own donors

5 Oct 2016  Nine immigration charts Conservative ministers are ignoring

4 Oct 2016  Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd involved in string of firms that went bust and owed millions

22 Sep 2016  Leak reveals Amber Rudd’s links to offshore investment funds

21 Sep 2016  Tory MP Amber Rudd had ample opportunity to declare her tax haven directorships – she must resign

6 Sep 2015- Should Tory Ministers – Amber Rudd, the climate change secretary, and now George Osborne – have declared an interest?


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