Pensioner poverty, social care crisis, WASPI outrage, care home abuse, pension scams … older voters who trust the Tories to look after them might want to think again

30 Oct 2019  Tories still to decide on approach to social care crisis that ruined Theresa May’s election campaign, health secretary admits

29 Sep 2019  Women are being driven to the brink by Britain’s social care crisis

17 Sep 2019  Lack of money will stymie government fuel poverty review

6 Sep 2019  Pensions crisis: millions at risk of retiring into poverty

2 Sep 2019  Pay staff more to help ‘fix’ social care crisis, says Health Foundation

15 Aug 2019  Thousands sign petition to call on PM to ‘fix the social care crisis’

12 Jul 2019  The social care system is in crisis.  Here’s how to fix it.

28 Jun 2019  Letters warning over-75s that free TV licence will be axed have already gone out

26 June 2019  Social care chiefs: funding crisis puts tens of thousands at risk

26 Apr 2019  Social care at ‘crisis point’ as fewer people getting the care they need, study finds

11 Feb 2019  MP slams broken promise to pensioners

Pension payout as percentage of average wage

10 Feb 2019  This week, the Tories announced that 115,000 couples could lose out on £588 a month through pension credit changes. Don’t let them get away with it. Share this  via @UKLabour 

30 Jan 2019  Tories challenged over ‘outrageous’ pension credit cut via @Welfare_Weekly

28 Jan 2019  Pension scams: some victims have lost more than £1m to fraudsters

10 Jan 2019  Thousands of pensioners failing to claim over £1,000 a year in state benefits via @Welfare_Weekly

20 Dec 2018  Life as a Waspi woman: I feel hopeless. I sometimes have to choose whether to feed myself or my dog

Image result for waspi poster

10 Dec 2018  One in six pensioners are now living in poverty, new report finds

10 Dec 2018  UK care home industry facing ‘unprecedented crisis,” says Knight Frank

12 Nov 2018  UN investigates UK Extreme Poverty via @UnityNewsUK

1 Nov 2018  Work and Pensions Secretary brands Ken Loach’s film ‘monstrously unfair’, spectacularly missing the point

30 Oct 2018  It’s freezing out! How long until we hear of the first cold-weather death of a pensioner? via @MidWalesMike

30 Oct 2018  Video: reaction of MPs to WASPI women protest shows why Establishment is afraid via @skwawkbox

Image result for waspi demonstration

9 Oct 2018  Robbing your pension to pay for your health: Philip Hammond’s latest attack on working people via @MidWalesMike

7 Oct 2018  A video dismantling Jacob Rees-Mogg’s claims about care workers reaches more than 100,000 views

3 Oct 2018  While all eyes are on the conference, the Tories have sneaked out a plan to punish pensioners

30 Sep 2018  Shocking Tory pension cock-up means NHS to face £2.7Bn of ADDITIONAL CUTS via @EvolvePolitics

8 Sep 2018  ‘The Government has stolen money that is rightfully ours’

12 Aug 2018  Jeremy Corbyn confirms his support for the WASPI Campaign

3 Aug 2018  Wealthiest Brits handed nearly half of pension tax relief, shocking research reveals via @Welfare_Weekly

27 Jul 2018  BT blames human error as it reveals £500m pension deficit gaffe

22 Jun 2018  Eight UK company pension schemes warned on rogue adviser threat via @financialtimes

16 Jun 2018  £1bn needed to stave off crisis, say social care bosses

16 May 2018  Poorest pensioners to lose hundreds of pounds a year in ‘new bedroom tax’

8 May 2018  Tories set to repeat #DementiaTax fiasco, drop weight on elderly without fixing youth problems via @skwawkbox

21 Apr 2018  DWP sent Windrush pensioner £33,000 bill for disability benefits via @Welfare_Weekly

15 Apr 2018  Tories reject calls to aid women hit by state pension age increase via @Welfare_Weekly

30 Mar 2018  Pension Age Increase Hypocrisy in Parliament via @UnityNewsUK

26 Mar 2018  FCA announces crackdown after pensions mis-selling scandal

25 Mar 2018  A&E patients could be routinely left waiting DAYS for treatment after Jeremy Hunt sneakily scraps CRITICAL waiting time target via @EvolvePolitics

24 Mar 2018  Waspi women aren’t the only ones losing out via @UnityNewsUK

24 Mar 2018  Charity condemns ‘rising tide of pensioner poverty’ via @Welfare_Weekly

22 Mar 2018  A disabled man’s video diary has just exposed the crisis in our social care industry

20 Mar 2018  Even senior DWP employees were never told they would be penalised by the pension age increase via @MidWalesMike

Image result for pensioner poverty in the uk

18 Mar 2018  ‘Deeply troubling’ post-2010 fall in older people claiming disability benefit, analysis shows via @johnpringdns

14 Mar 2018  “Get pensioners to pick fruit and vegetables in the fields” says Tory minister

10 Mar 2018  Tories have made a million fewer pensioners eligible for cold weather payments than when they took office via @MidWalesMike

10 Mar 2018  Charity faces claims of ‘abusive’ behaviour over care home closure meeting  via @johnpringdns

8 Mar 2018  The UK’s retirement bill went up more than £1 trillion in five years

3 Mar 2018  The Tories just revealed their pension plans, we’ll be lucky to be alive to get on

28 Feb 2018  Why millions of workers are retiring in pensioner poverty  via @raconteur

28 Feb 2018  Tories oversee 272% rise in removing essential home care funding for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s sufferers via @EvolvePolitics

25 Feb 2018  The strikes in universities are about more than just pensions

15 Feb 2018  Steel pensions scheme victim to ‘major mis-selling scandal’ – BBC News

31 Jan 2018  Women hit by pension age change ‘can take up apprenticeships’ via @Welfare_Weekly

31 Jan 2018  1 in 4 pensioners struggling to make ends meet under Tories, research shows via @Welfare_Weekly

31 Jan 2018  State pension age rise to affect over 50,000 of Theresa May’s constituents via @Welfare_Weekly

30 Jan 2018  Care home closures set to rise as funding crisis bites  via @Welfare_Weekly

28 Jan 2018  Care Home Neglect Complaints Up 13% Since 2011 via @Welfare_Weekly

18 Jan 2018  Tories planning to hand private firms ’10-15 year NHS contracts’ to stop Labour from renationalising via @EvolvePolitics

9 Jan 2018  Shocking 97% of eligible carers missing out on state pension boost via @Welfare_Weekly

1 Jan 2018  Pension savings ‘under threat’ from cold call scams via @Welfare_Weekly

1 Jan 2018  OECD: UK has lowest state pension of any developed country via @Welfare_Weekly

12 Dec 2017  UK government warned over sharp rise in child and pensioner poverty  via @Welfare_Weekly

22 Nov 2017  Are whistleblowers now too frightened to reveal when NHS patients and care home residents are in danger? via @MidWalesMike

20 Nov 2017  1 in 4 pensioners to use heating allowance for food and Christmas presents  via @Welfare_Weekly

12 Nov 2017  Twelve hours in A & E  showed me just how broken the NHS really is

28 Oct 2017  UK pensions among the worst in the developed world, study finds

2 Oct 2017  NHS ‘two-tier’ system pressures accused of causing ‘preventable deaths’ as private care soars

27 Jul 2017  CQC figures reveal hundreds of care homes have gone two years since last inspection  via @johnpringdns

10 Jul 2017  The shocking truth about social care that Theresa May’s government won’t want you to see

6 Jul 2017  Video: Grahame Morris’ face eloquent as Tory Minister insults #WASPI women via @skwawkbox

21 Jun 2017  I’ve worked my whole life – now I’m relying on food banks

15 Jun 2017  Care regulator faces questions over inspection failings at abuse homes  via @johnpringdns

21 May 2017  Damian Green’s car crash interview on Marr reveals the true cost of the Tory manifesto for pensioners

Image result for pensioner poverty in the uk

7 May 2017  Corbyn Leicester rally: Labour leader pledges to reverse privatisation of energy, rail, health and social care services via @EvolvePolitics

23 Apr 2017  This story from a poverty-stricken pensioner is exactly why Corbyn MUST win via @EvolvePolitics

15 Apr 2017  Ministers are trying to use a sticking plaster to patch up Britain’s social care emergency

2 Apr 2017  The government claims to care about pensioners. But they will suffer the most when the latest NHS axe falls

8 Mar 2017  WASPI women protest in London over pension changes

20 Dec 2016  A compassionate country treats its elderly with respect – the Social Care crisis shows how heartless we’ve become via @EvolvePolitics

14 Dec 2016  Corbyn reminds the PM just who created the social care crisis, and she doesn’t like it at all

Image result for pensioner poverty in the uk

30 Sep 2016  Poorest pensioners to lose hundreds of pounds a year in ‘new bedroom tax’

21 Sep 2016  Care homes are going to dangerous lengths to make work easier

26 Mar 2016  Tories propose end of retirement, scrapping pensions and volunteers to replace NHS doctors

17 Oct 2014  ‘Scandalous’: 1.6m UK pensioners living in poverty – report — RT UK News

13 May 2014  Charity warns 50,000 Welsh pensioners in ‘severe’ poverty

3 May 2014  Tory and Lib Dem MPs exempt themselves from changes to state pension age via @ThomasPride

12 Mar 2014  Coalition cut councillor pensions by £7m – but raise MPs’ pensions by £20m

9 Feb 2014  DWP considers privatisation of pensioners via @ThomasPride

5 Nov 2012  Directors’ ‘Platinum Pension Pots’ Continue To Rise

29 Oct 2012  Public-sector pensions: are they REALLY unaffordable? via @skwawkbox

2 Oct 2012  Council support drops while care home admissions rise, says report via @johnpringdns

1 Nov 2011  EHRC calls for government to close ‘legal loophole’ on home care  via @johnpringdns


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