Two female leaders do not make the Conservative Party feminist

Some recent history of Tory misogynist remarks, sexist assaults and anti-women policies

8 Fen 2019  Tory MP who blocked upskirting bill halts FGM protection law

3 Feb 2019  9 excuses Tory candidate Shaun Bailey gave for his comments about women

12 Dec 2018  Tories restore whip to MPs suspended over claims of sexual misconduct so they can take part in Theresa May no-confidence vote

23 Nov 2018  Andrew Griffiths faces no further action from Tory chiefs over his 2,000 sex texts

22 Nov 2018  McVey flees DWP without answering key questions on WCA deaths ‘cover-up’

21 Nov 2018  WASPI women to march on Westminster

20 Nov 2018  ‘When the UN says British austerity is misogynistic, we should listen’

6 Nov 2018  This isn’t pension equality. This is a clear injustice to older women


Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) protesters

5 Nov 2018  WASPI: a guide to the women campaigning for pension equality

10 Oct 2018  Shaun Bailey: Tory London mayoral candidate is SEXIST as well as RACIST, it seems

7 Oct 2018  Tory MP who sent creepy ‘Daddy’ texts to barmaid could be kicked out the Commons

27 Sep 2018  Why did the government sneak out data proving their violence against women and girls strategy is failing?

18 Jul 2018  Leadsom – May knew Griffiths accused of groping when she appointed him

22 May 2018  John Bercow reported to Commons watchdog over ‘stupid woman’ claims

11 May 2018  Have we already forgotten the huge number of Tories who were suspended amid allegations of racism and abuse?

2 May 2018  ‘Hostile Environment’ immigration policy sees abused women without support and deported

5 Apr 2018  Can You Be A Feminist & A Conservative? The Rise Of Women On The Right

2 Apr 2018  A massive 36-tweet thread exposing the extraordinary scale of Tory racism and abuse is going viral for very obvious reasons

1 Apr 2018  Government’s Easter pay rise is not all it’s cracked up to be

27 Mar 2018  Boris Johnson admonished for ‘sexism’ after calling female MP by husband’s name

21 Mar 2018  Unions offer ‘WASPI’ campaign support

United front: Members of the Dumfries WASPI group

20 Mar 2018  Sure Start funding halved in eight years, figures show

19 Mar 2018  ‘I wasn’t protected at all’: why women are made vulnerable by zero-hours contracts

15 Mar 2018  NHS pressures leave one woman a week unable to access abortion

8 Mar 2018  ‘Mrs May, you’ve got to pay’: Waspi women march through Glasgow to protest pension injustice

2 Mar 2018  Boris Johnson’s white privilege: imagine he was a black woman

23 Feb 2018  Yarl’s Wood women feel desperate, says Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti at Yarl's Wood

26 Feb 2018  The BarnetPhoto Eye: Misogyny in the Barnet Conservatives – Would you s…

18 Feb 2018  Domestic violence protesters crash BAFTA red carpet to call “Time’s Up” on Theresa May

14 Feb 2018  ‘I’ll buy their families’: Arrogant young Tories run riot at boozy bash ‘groping women and abusing pub locals’

9 Feb 2018  Waspi fury as minister rejects state pension age increase rethink

6 Feb 2018  Poorest areas face biggest cuts to children’s services

5 Feb 2018  Period poverty: Scotland poll shows women go to desperate lengths

1 Feb 2018  Tory toff Jacob Rees Mogg suggests his nanny gives him permission to lift up his own toddler

30 Jan 2018  Councillor said Presidents Club groping reports are “hilarious”

25 Jan 2018  Presidents Club chair David Meller donated cash to Michael Gove’s Tory leadership bid

25 Jan 2018  Britain’s #MeToo moment is taking down some of the most powerful men in the country:

23 Jan 2018  Fawcett Society – new report on how legal system is failing women

21 Jan 2018  Thousands join Women’s March in London for gender equality

10 Jan 2018  CON-PERV-ATIVES: 10 times the Tories were caught out on misogyny

9 Jan 2018  Outrage as Saffron Walden MP appears to defend “misogynistic” Toby Young

5 Jan 2018  These Boris Johnson articles about ‘hot totty’ and ‘tank-topped bumboys’ show why he defended Toby Young

5 Jan 2018  Female Labour MPs accuse Toby Young of ‘virulent misogyny’

27 Dec 2017  Number of domestic violence victims without legal help soars

24 Dec 2017  Damian Green accuser says the sacked MP ‘crudely edited’ her text messages

15 Dec 2017  Councillor jailed for three years after attacking wife with a mallet

14 Dec 2017  Furious women storm out of Commons chamber yelling ‘shame on you’ at Tory minister in protest over pensions

11 Dec 2017  Zero hours workers subject to more sexual harassment

5 Dec 2017  Tory policies have hit women hardest – it’s no wonder they are turning to Labour

4 Dec 2017  Dereham deputy mayor guilty of ‘head-butting’ former partner

18 Nov 2017  A thousand nurseries close as free childcare scheme falters

17 Nov 2017  Women and disabled people hit hardest by years of austerity, report confirms

16 Nov 2017  Universal Credit cuts will hit women, ethnic minorities and poor families the most, say researchers

11 Nov 2017  Tory MP says female journalists are behaving like ‘wilting flowers’ over harassment accusations

10 Nov 2017  Gender pay gap widening for women in their 20s, data shows

10 Nov 2017  Suspended Tory MP hits out at party’s handling of harassment claims

5 Nov 2017  7 facts about period poverty in the UK

5 Nov 2017  Tory whip steps down as more MPs are caught up in harassment scandal

4 Nov 2017  The dam of sexual harassment may have broken, but Gavin Williamson and his pet tarantula prove the web of toxic masculinity still exists

2 Nov 2017  One-third of councils close contraceptive care services after spending cuts

2 Nov 2107  35,000 people demand government action to prevent contraception crisis in the UK

2 Nov 2017  Michael Fallon forced to quit after cabinet colleague Andrea Leadsom accused him of inappropriate comments

1 Nov 2017  ‘Date rape drug’ used in Commons

30 Oct 2017  Complicity in the sexual abuse of women is built in to the heart of our politics

30 Oct 2017  Cabinet minister Michael Fallon engulfed in Tory sex pest scandal after confessing to ‘unwelcome hand on knee’

29 Oct 2017  #DontLoseHope: East End Sisters Uncut fights back against closure of women-only hostel in Tower Hamlets

29 Oct 2017  Mark Garnier investigated by Cabinet Office over sex toy errand

29 Oct 2017  Welsh MP accused of sending sexual texts to woman who had applied for a job

28 Oct 2017  Gove sparks outcry for Weinstein joke that ‘trivialises sexual assault’

25 Oct 2017  Senior Tory: women should be MPs “if they are attractive”

23 Oct 2017  Tory candidate and close friend of Guido Fawkes on young women: Isolate, Inebriate, Penetrate

16 Oct 2017  The figures that show how the government has slashed funding for women’s refuges

13 Oct 2017  Tory MP apologises over ‘unauthorised’ statement defending Harvey Weinstein

9 Oct 2017  Pro-life MP Jacob Rees-Mogg drops shares in abortion pill company

6 Oct 2017  Government too slow to respond to rapes and sexual assaults in schools

2 Oct 2017  Labour MP slams ‘misogynistic’ Tory MP over ‘gorgeous EU women’ remark‘misogynistic’-tory-mp-over-‘gorgeous

2 Oct 2017  The Conservatives may have a female leader, but the party still needs more women

21 Sep 2017  Call to scrap the two child limit and ‘rape clause’

15 Sep 2017  Osborne’s comments about wanting PM ‘chopped up’ condemned

6 Sep 2017  Survivors Of Domestic Violence Are Still Locked Out of Democracy

6 Sep 2017  Rees-Mogg slammed for opposing abortion, even in the case of rape

6 Sep 2017  Thousands of nursing staff to protest outside parliament over pay

5 Sep 2017  Diane Abbott more abused than any other MPs during election

1 Sep 2017  ‘Thousands of explicit images found on Damian Green’s computer’

7 Aug 2017  Nearly 4 in 10 of England’s maternity units forced to close temporarily in 2016, new figures reveal

24 Jul 2017  Boss vows to close the pay gap as BBC women stage a rebellion

15 Jul 2017  If Philip Hammond thinks driving a train is so easy ‘even a woman can do it’, maybe a career change is in order?

14 Jun 2107  WASPI state pension campaign group latest action

9 Jun 2017  Feminists ‘devastated’ Philip Davies re-elected to Shipley seat

2 Jun 2017  Why It Matters That Theresa May Hasn’t Condemned This Conservative Candidate’s Views On Rape And Female Sexuality

31 May 2017  Tory candidate’s blogposts on rape ‘absolutely shocking’

30 May 2017  Ensure women are not hardest hit by economic downturn

30 May 2017  Lily Allen says Theresa May’s campaign slogan is ‘misogynistic’

27 May 2017  Feminists occupy Holloway Prison to demand more domestic violence services

Sisters Uncut activists on the roof of old Holloway Prison visitor's centre, 27/05/2017.

17 May 2017  Insecure work and zero-hour contracts hit ill women the hardest

14 May 2017  Tory MP tells schoolgirl ‘why don’t you F off back to Scotland’

13 May 2017  Ex-councillor charged with murdering his wife at their French B&B

9 May 2017  Theresa May accused of sexism after ‘girl jobs’ joke on The One Show

6 May 2017  A very British sexism

27 Apr 2017  A vote for Theresa May is not a vote for women

24 Apr 2017  Does @theresa_may’s ‘right-hand man’ shout “shut up bitch” to Cooper? #GE2017

23 Apr 2017  Government attacked for ‘regressive’ rape clause by Equality and Human Rights Commission

19 Apr 2017  #GE2017: Theresa May is No Sister of Ours

10 Apr 2017  British Prime Minister Crumbles Amid Sexist Bullying

3 Apr 2017  A tampon tax is bad enough. Using it to fund anti-abortionists is a disgrace | Suzanne Moore

27 Mar 2017  Conservative social club pays out £35k in ‘sexism’ row with three female members

25 Mar 2017  ‘Death by a thousand cuts’ – Fourth Wave: LFA protest austerity on International Women’s Day—Fourth-Wave-LFA-protest-austerity-on-International-Women%E2%80%99s-Day

10 Mar 2017  Theresa May’s efforts on domestic violence are welcome – but she must tackle misogyny in her party

9 Mar 2017  Tory cuts have removed one of the escape routes for women facing domestic violence

7 Mar 2017  Domestic violence services are in crisis. Why?

21 Feb 2017  Tory MPs rally to defend Donald Trump from racism and sexism allegations

13 Feb 2017  “Are Tories becoming the sexist racist pigs of Parliament?”

12 Feb 2017  David Davis branded ‘disgusting’ by Labour MPs over leaked texts

31 Jan 2017  Tory MP apologises for ‘woofing’ at female MP during Donald Trump debate

23 Jan 2017  Women’s March London: Protestors against May, not just Trump

Protesters chant as they arrive in Trafalgar Square during the Women's March in London, England, on Jan. 21, 2017.

21 Jan 2017  I Want To Talk About Sex With Simon Hoare MP

13 Jan 2017  This Tory MP decided to make sexist jokes instead of debating sex education in schools

16 Dec 2016  Tory MP talks for over an hour in bid to derail domestic violence bill

15 Dec 2016  Funding Cuts May Result In ‘More Unplanned Pregnancies And Abortions’

13 Dec 2016  ‘Sexist’ Tory MP appointed to women’s rights committee

12 Dec 2016  Council cuts hitting women’s contraceptive services, data shows

1 Dec 2016  In ‘Austerity Britain’ a study shows it’s women of colour who pay the highest price

24 Nov 2016  Report reveals state is failing victims of domestic violence murders

21 Nov 2016  ‘Sexist’ government cuts ignore equality laws, says women’s group

12 Nov 2016  Birmingham women campaigning for state pension equality


24 Oct 2016  In solidarity with UFFC; why deaths in custody are a feminist issue

9 Oct 2016  Justice Denied: TUC Report finds women and children have been disproportionately affected by the devastating impact of LASPO

15 Sep 2016  Zero-Hours Contracts Come Back Under Scrutiny

10 Sep 2016  Activists surround Yarl’s Wood detention centre with wall of noise

Protesters campaign for the shutdown of the detention centre

8 Sep 2016  Refuges under “critical threat” due to UK policy says Scottish Women’s Aid

18 Aug 2016  Senior Tory Grant Shapps received payoff during bullying scandal

17 Aug 2016  Six allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour were made against ‘Tatler Tory’ Mark Clarke

12 Aug 2016  Feminist zealots want women to have their cake and eat it, says Tory MP

19 Jul 2016 Truss camp accuses Tory panel chair of misogyny

13 Jul 2016  Were you lying Theresa?

8 Jul 2016  Don’t confuse the Conservatives’ embrace of female leaders with feminism

29 Jun 2016  UNISON women join protest against pension inquality

24 Jun 2016  Boris Johnson ‘Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts’

8 Jun 2016  “We are the suffragettes”:  Sisters Uncut chain themselves to Parliament at government art

28 Apr 2016  Equality watchdog warns junior doctors’ contract is potentially illegal

27 Apr 2016  ​What a conservative mp’s ‘sex scandal’ tells us about whorephobia and misogyny

15 Apr 2016  Apparently women “should be pleased” by male MPs’ misogyny

14 Apr 2016  MP at centre of ‘sexism’ row finally responds to media reports about him

12 Apr 2016  Senior Bradford Tory suspended over speech ‘endorsing misogyny and anti-Semitism’

1 Apr 2016  People are calling David Cameron’s national living wage tweet an April Fool’s joke

1 Apr 2016  Doctors outraged over contract ‘discriminating against single women’

22 Mar 2016  Tampon tax petition victory with 320,088 signatures

17 Mar 2016  WANTED: George Osborne, for failing to protect domestic violence services

2 Mar 2016  The Tories said they’d double free childcare, but they’ve actually just cut it

17 Feb 2016  Tories blow £4.95 million of public money on ‘propaganda’ for George Osborne’s so-called ‘Living Wage’

5 Feb 2016  Tory Smear Campaign: ‘Playing dirty’ Tricks with Women’s Lives

12 Jan 2016  The Government ‘hid’ a report revealing the full impact of cuts to children’s centres

26 Nov 2015  Austerity puts disabled women at greater risk of domestic violence

24 Nov 2015  Women and gender in the Conservative party archive

21 Nov 2015  Tories ‘failed to act’ on claims of assault and harassment

9 Nov 2015 “Free-bleeding” women protest tampon tax in front of U.K. Parliament

7 Oct 2015  Protesters storm red-carpet premiere of UK women’s rights film ‘Suffragette’

7 Aug 2015  Welfare reforms: the impact on women

10 Jul 2015  Public health cuts could cost NHS extra and cause more unplanned pregnancies

6 Jul 2015  Women ‘hit hardest by benefits cuts’

18 Jun 2015  Austerity is forcing more women into unintended pregnancy – defend womens’ access to abortion! –

5 Jun 2015  Convicted ex-councillor collapses in court

13 May 2015  New health minister opposed to abortion urged to reconsider stance

10 Mar 2015  Tories bullying North women MPs for their accents

24 Feb 2015  Rachel Reeves hits out at ‘misogynistic dinosaur’ Tory MP for pregnancy comments

28 Jan 2015  Made in Britain: how the UK became a worse place for women to work

11 Nov 2014  Women: you’ve lost out on £1.2m because of unequal pay

26 Oct 2014  The list of 66 A&E and maternity units being hit by cuts

28 Aug 2014  If the Tories scrap the Human Rights Act, women will suffer

5 Aug 2014  Closing domestic violence refuges is the most dangerous thing of all for women

27 Jul 2014  Defence secretary accused of calling columnist a ‘slut’

15 Jul 2014  Conservative backlash against Cameron cabinet reshuffle begins

12 Apr 2014  Tory councillor apologises for ‘rape’ comment

26 Mar 2014  Tory councillor in sexism row after tweeting glamour photo

8 Mar 2014  Tax and benefits changes hit women almost four times harder than men

4 Mar 2014  Tory Booted Out, After Comparing Burkas To Bin Bags

17 Feb 2014  Sexism soars in Michael Gove’s Department for Education after it almost HALVES funding on equality and diversity

2 Feb 2014  ‘Silly girl’: Tories in sexism row over ousted MP – Westminster

6 Dec 2013  Women MPs ‘face sexist gestures’ in the Commons

3 Dec 2013  Legal aid cuts are devastating to women, especially those suffering abuse

13 Nov 2013  Half of NHS regions cut maternity funding despite baby boom

10 Oct 2013  Bernard Jenkin: Every Tory must change sexist attitudes towards women

8 Oct 2013  Maternity cuts widen the equality gap

18 Sep 2013  Continued cuts to sexual health services resulting in significant costs

2 Sep 2013  The women of Greenham Common taught a generation how to protest

Greenham common

24 Aug 2013  ‘Tories Are More Sexist Than Ukip’

8 Jul 2013  Boris Johnson gaffe: Why do women go to university? To find men to

15 May 2013  Independent midwives – and home births – are under threat

3 May 2013  London councillor Brian Coleman admits assaulting female café owner

8 Mar 2013  The impact of legislation on women’s lives – The British Library

6 Mar 2013  Resign call after Weymouth councillor’s Facebook outburst

5 Mar 2013  ‘We need sexism training’ Tory MP admits – Westminster

2 Mar 2013  Oona King, Tessa Jowell, Angela Eagle and others on sexism at Westminster

17 Feb 2013  Croydon Tory agent’s misogynistic “romantic” weekend

1 Sep 2012  Nadine Dorries attacks ‘sexist’ David Cameron

7 Feb 2012  David Cameron apologises for sexism in an attempt to woo back women voters

2 Feb 2012  Callous Tory Peter Lilley: Extra benefits for mums-to-be are a waste

28 Nov 2011  “She can clean my toilet for £12”, says misogynistic student Tory campaign

11 Jun 2011  Slutwalk London: ‘Yes means yes and no means no’

London Slutwalk from Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square, Saturday June 11th 2011

10 May 2011  Derby council leader Harvey Jennings in assault arrest

27 Apr 2011  Cameron’s ‘Calm down, dear’ is a classic sexist put-down | Cath Elliott

1 Apr 2011  David Willetts blames feminism over lack of jobs for working men

16 Mar 2011  Tory candidates to stand after Facebook ‘sexism’

9 Feb 2011  Welsh Tory candidates in sexism storm over ‘jokes’ on Facebook

24 Jan 2011  Tory MP Dominic Raab hits out at ‘obnoxious bigotry’ of feminists

30 Dec 2010  Legal aid cuts will disproportionately affect women – The F-Word

27 Aug 2010  Sexism claim as councillor quits ruling body

4 Jun 2010  Sexist slurs at OUCA event

1 Nov 2009  Tory woman attacks ‘misogyny’ of grassroots party members

9 Sep 2009  Councillor quits Conservative party over ‘discrimination’ claims

22 Aug 2009  Tory constituency chairman apologises for comments on attractive women MPs

2 Jul 2009  Top Tories ‘ran web hate campaign’

15 Jun 2009  Grotesque racism and sexism: the truth about Oxford’s Conservative Association

27 May 2009  Ex-Tory candidate sued for sex discrimination

30 Jan 2009  “It’s not sexist, it’s a statement against political correctness” aka don’t mess with my male privilege – The F-Word

18 Dec 2007  Redwood’s date rape comments infuriate campaigners

10 Nov 2005  ‘Patronising’ Davis fails to impress women of Tory party

9 Sep 2005  May: ‘Conservatives are male, white … and sexist’

12 Jan 2005  Deselected Tory attacks ‘sexist’ party chiefs

7 Dec 2004  Bullied, patronised and abused – women MPs reveal the truth about life inside Westminster


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